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The love of nature's works Is an ingredient in the compound man, Infused at the creation of the kind.

And, though the Almighty Maker has throughout
Discriminated each from each, by strokes
And touches of his hand, with so much art
Diversified, that two were never found

Twins at all points—yet this obtains in all,
That all discern a beauty in his works,

And all can taste them: minds that have been formed

And tutored, with a relish more exact,

But none without some relish, none unmoved.-Cowper.


'THE ZOOLOGIST,' during the past year, has met with most unequivocal success. Contributions have poured in from all parts of the kingdom in a manner, I believe, wholly unprecedented in the annals of any other Natural-History Magazine: indeed, so great, so overwhelming is the supply, that I have lately been unable to publish more than half the communications I have received. In making my selection I have experienced great difficulty, and it cannot be supposed that I have given entire satisfaction. I trust, however, that correspondents whose communications remain unpublished, will consider them delayed, rather than declined. In no instance has the name of the writer exercised any influence on my choice; my aim has been to publish facts as early as possible, but to reserve histories. Thus, in birds, the occurrence of rarities, or any new observation on their migration, nidification, change of plumage, food, &c., has taken precedence of detailed accounts of their appearance and habits, provided these have been previously well ascertained, and accurately described. This course will, I trust, be considered in perfect accordance with my original design, of making 'The Zoologist' the chronicle of Natural-History facts.

I have been truly gratified by the receipt of numerous letters from all parts of the United Kingdom, and from many naturalists on the Continent of Europe, expressing the most perfect cordiality with my undertaking, and entire approbation of the mode in which it is conducted.

I am able to report an increased and increasing sale; both the gross sale of the year, and the average monthly sale, during 1844,

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