50 Years After Brown: The State of Black Equality in America : African Americans' Continuing Pursuit of 14th Amendment Rights

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Kabili Press, 2005 - Всего страниц: 470
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50 Years After Brown: The State of Black Equality in America is an assessment of the state of equality for Blacks in America. Examining equality in the context of the legal successes and policy challenges of Brown versus. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, the U.S. Supreme court case that give African Americans full protections under the 14th Amendment when the high court declared Separate by Equal de jure segregation unconstitutional, this book assesses what equality truly means in America and whether Blacks have achieved it on the fifteth anniversary of the case.

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Samad is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at East Los Angeles College and President of Samad and Associates, an urban affairs, strategic planning firm specializing in urban policy, economic and sustainability development. With Master of Arts degrees from University of Southern California and Claremont Graduate University, Samad is currently completing doctoral studies at Claremont Graduate University's School of Politics and Economics.

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