Lincoln Before Washington: New Perspectives on the Illinois Years

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University of Illinois Press, 15 янв. 1998 г. - Всего страниц: 190
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The New York Times Book Review has called Douglas L. Wilson "the
leading historian on the young and private Lincoln." The provocative
selections in this book address topics as disparate as William H. Herndon
and his informants, Lincoln's favorite poem, his mysterious broken engagement,
the text of his debates with Stephen A. Douglas, and a previously unknown
assault on Peter Cartwright. They also provide a fresh look at some of
the affinities between Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson.
"Impressive! Especially significant is Wilson's comment in his preface
that he has come at Lincoln through the 'back door.' I am convinced that
this approach can bring to light insights that may not appear to the dedicated
Lincoln scholars, who often see Lincoln out of context." -- Robert
W. Johannsen, author of The Frontier, the Union, and Stephen A. Douglas

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Herndons Legacy
William H Herndon and the Necessary Truth
Abraham Lincoln versus Peter Cartwright
Abraham Lincoln Ann Rutledge and the Evidence
An Unfinished Text
Lincolns Declaration
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Douglas L. Wilson is a codirector of the Lincoln Studies Center at Knox College, in Galesburg, Illinois, and the coeditor of The Lincoln-Douglas Debates: The Lincoln Studies Center Edition, Herndon's Lincoln, and Herndon's Informants.

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