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IT is now fifteen years since the first edition of this treatise was published. The last edition has been out of print more than a year; and I feel encouraged to send forth a sixth, especially as I have had various testimonies to the book having answered the end I had in view in writing it.

It was written in the first instance to meet the assertion made by the late Professor Baden Powell, that 'all geology is contrary to Scripture,' which I found was troubling many minds. I endeavoured to shape my argument in such a way as, not merely to be a reply to this mischief-working declaration, but to be a perpetual antidote to any other assertions of the kind which might emanate from the pen or lips of scientific or would-be-scientific men.

Since the first edition appeared, Professor Powell's Order of Nature, his Essay on Miracles' and Mr. Goodwin's on 'The Mosaic Cosmogony,' both in Essays and Reviews, Dr. Colenso's Pentateuch, Mr. Darwin's Origin of Species, and Sir Charles Lyell's Antiquity of Man, have been given to the world; and, with other minor productions, have been replied to in my successive editions, as far as they concern my argument.

And now, in the present edition, the following more recently published works are added: Professor Huxley's Place of Man in Nature, his Lay Sermons, Lectures, and Addresses, his and Professor Tyndall's Address and Lecture before the British Association at Liverpool, Sir John Lubbock's Prehistoric Times and his Origin of Civilization and Primitive Condition of Man, and Mr. Darwin's Descent of Man. The consequence is, that numerous additions have been inserted throughout, both in the text and in the notes. Several books not enumerated above are passed in review, or their suggestions made use of with acknowledgment. I regret that three excellent books-Dr. Beale's Protoplasm, his Mystery of Life, and Mr. St. George Mivart's Genesis of Species-came to my notice while these sheets were passing through the press, too late for me to make use of them. The part in which I treat on the Unity of the Human Race,

or All Men of One Blood, has been much expanded. Three new illustrations of my leading principle have been added, and largely treated; viz. the Origin of Man, the Origin of Life, and Design as indicating creation. In short, no pains have been spared to bring the treatise down to the present state of Science and the controversies of the present time, as far as they appertain to the subject I have taken in hand.

The book has been thus increased by about half the amount of matter which the last edition contained; but the price remains as before.


Calcutta, 1871.

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