Renegotiating Ethics in Literature, Philosophy, and Theory

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Jane Adamson, Richard Freadman, David Parker
Cambridge University Press, 10 дек. 1998 г. - Всего страниц: 294
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Is it possible for postmodernism to offer viable, coherent accounts of ethics? Or are our social and intellectual worlds too fragmented for any broad consensus about the moral life? These issues have emerged as some of the most contentious in literary and philosophical studies. In Renegotiating Ethics in Literature, Philosophy, and Theory a distinguished international gathering of philosophers and literary scholars address the reconceptualisations involved in this 'turn towards ethics'. An important feature of this has been a renewed interest in the literary text as a focus for the exploration of ethical issues. Exponents of this trend include Charles Taylor, Bernard Williams, Iris Murdoch, Cora Diamond, Richard Rorty and Martha Nussbaum, the latter a contributor and a key figure in this volume. This book assesses the significance of this development for ethical and literary theory and attempts to articulate an alternative postmodern account of ethics which does not rely on earlier appeals to universal truths.

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Deepening the self The language of ethics and the language of literature
Martha Nussbaum and the need for novels
The concept of dread Sympathy and ethics in Daniel Deronda
Against tidiness Literature andversus moral philosophy
What differences can contemporary poetry make in our moral thinking?
Moral luck in Paris A Moveable Feast and the ethics of autobiography
The unseemly profession Privacy inviolate personality and the ethics of life writing
The patient writes back Bioethics and the illness narrative
Literature power and the recovery of philosophical ethics
The literary imagination in public life
Ethics in many different voices
Common understanding and individual voices
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