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High Commission in taking action upon recommendations of First Pan American Financial Conference in regard to establishing closer and more satisfactory financial and commercial relations between Central and South American republics and United States. Jan. 12, 1916. 25 p. Foreign Affairs Committee.

Report to accompany H. R. 8235. Jan. 17, 1916. (H. rp. 45.) Foreign Affairs Committee.

H. R. 8235. Feb. 7, 1916. 1 p. (Pub. No. 15.) State Dept. International Joint Commission on Boundary Waters between United States and Canada: Hearings in re levels of Lake of the Woods and its tributary waters and their future regulation and control, Sept. 7-14, 1915. 511 p. Paper, 35c. State Dept.

Hearings and arguments on applications of St. Croix Water Power Co. and Sprague's Falls Manufacturing Co., Ltd., for approval of obstruction, diversion, and use of waters of St. Croix River. 1915. 195 p. 1 tab. Paper, 15c. Order and opinion, filed Jan. 29, 1916. 13 p. Paper, 5c. State Dept.

International Peace Tribunal. Letter addressed to John F. Shafroth by Oscar T. Crosby relative to. Jan. 17, 1916. 7 p. (S. doc. 245.) Paper, 5c.

Korea, Report submitting certain correspondence between representatives of the United States and Korea relative to the occupation of Korea. Feb. 23, 1916. 21 p. (S. doc. 342.) State Dept.

Maritime Canal Co. of Nicaragua, Letter inclosing report of operations of. Dec. 6, 1915. 2 p. (H. doc. 433.)

Merchant Marine. Report upon maintenance of a lobby to influence legislation on ship-purchase bill. Jan. 5, 1916. 2 pts. in 1, 16 p. (S. rp. 25, 2 pts.) Special Committee to Investigate Alleged Ship Purchase Lobby. Mexico, Information relative to affairs in, with accompanying papers.

, Feb. 17, 1916. 55 p. (S. doc. 324.) Paper, 5c.

Military policy. Statement of proper military policy for United States, September, 1915. 29 p. (Issued as an appendix to report of Secretary of War.] War College Division, War Dept.

Munition plants, private. Address on peril of, delivered at World's Peace Conference held at The Hague in 1913, by G. H. Perris. 7 p. (S. doc. 312.) Paper, 5c.

Narcotics. Compilation of Treasury decisions relating to act of Dec. 17, 1914, issued Feb. 2-Nov. 5, 1915. 41 p. Paper, 5c.


National defense. Address of Lindley M. Garrison, Secretary of War, New York City, Jan. 17, 1916. 8 p. War Dept.

Statement made by Secretary of War to Committee on Military Affairs, Jan. 6, 1916. 20 p. War Dept.

Confidence of neutral nations. Hearing, Jan. 13, 1916. 20 p. Military Affairs Committee.

Hearings on bills for reorganization of army and for creation of reserve army. Statement of Lindley M. Garrison. pt. 1, 58 p. Military Affairs Committee.

-- Hearings on S. J. Res. 91 creating joint subcommittee to investigate conditions relating to national defense. Statement of Francis G. Newlands. 1916. 7 p. Military Affairs Committee.

- Hearings on bills for reorganization of army and for creation of reserve army. 1916. 1053 p. il. 1 tab. Military Affairs Committee.

Speech delivered before National Security League on Jan. 22, 1916, at Washington, D. C., by Henry Cabot Lodge. 11 p. (S. doc. 263.) Paper, 5c.

Address delivered before 16th Annual Meeting of National Civic Federation, Jan. 18, 1916, Washington, D. C., with letter on same subject to National Security League, dated Jan. 19, 1916, by Samuel Gompers. 15 p. (S. doc. 311.) Paper, 5c.

Naturalization, Commissioner of. Annual report for fiscal year 1915. 35 p. Naturalization Bureau.

Naturalization law, Syllabus of, aid to public-school teachers in instruction of aliens in requirements of naturalization law. 1916. 10 p. Naturalization Bureau.

Naval warfare. Report of Secretary of Navy on building of four warships, of type, power and speed which, based on knowledge gained from war in Europe, are best suited for war on the sea, and also value and uses in naval warfare of aeroplanes, dirigibles, balloons and submarines. Dec. 14, 1915. 5 p. (H. doc. 389.) Paper, 5c.

Navigation laws, Comparative study of principal features of laws of United States, Great Britain, Germany, Norway, France, and Japan, with bibliography. 1916. 190 p. il. Paper, 20c.

Neutrality. Washington's policies of neutrality and national defense. Address delivered before Washington Association of New Jersey, at Morristown, N. J., Feb. 22, 1916, by Henry Cabot Lodge. 12 p. (S. doc. 343.) Paper, 5c.

Pan American Financial Conference. Actas del primer Congreso


Financiero Panamericano convocado de acuerdo con la autorización del Congreso de los Estados Unidos de América, y reunido bajo la dirección del William G. McAdoo, Secretario de Hacienda del Propio País, Washington, del 24 al 29 de Mayo de 1915. 760 p. il. Treasury Dept.

Panama Canal. Measurement of Vessels for imposing tolls. Hearings, Jan. 11-Feb. 11, 1916. 55 p. Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

Report to accompany H. R. 9818. Feb. 11, 1916. 3 p. (H. rp. 173.) Paper, 5c.

Statement by Panama Canal authorities on measurement of vessels, Dec. 17, 1915. 26 p. Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.

Panama City. Protocol between United States and Panama, determination of amount of damages caused by riot at Panama City, July 4, 1914; signed Panama, Nov. 27, 1915. 5 p. (Treaty series, 620.) [Spanish and English.] State Dept.

Passports. Executive order requiring all persons leaving United States for foreign countries to be provided with passports of governments of which they are citizens. Dec. 15, 1915. 1 p. (No. 2288.) State Dept.

Peace, Commission for enduring peace. Hearings on H. R. 6921 and H. J. Res. 32. Statement of Jane Addams and others. Jan. 11, 1916. 17 p. Foreign Affairs Committee.

Peace propaganda investigation. Hearings on resolutions to investigate organizations which have been active in propaganda for or against proposed increases in Army and Navy. Jan. 19, 1916. 32 p. Rules Committee, House. Peace, Treaties for advancement of, between United States and: Chile, signed Washington, July 24, 1914, proclaimed Jan. 22, 1916.

7 p. (Treaty series 621.) [English and Spanish.) State Dept. Ecuador, signed Washington, Oct. 3, 1914; proclaimed Jan. 24,

1916. 7 p. (Treaty series 622). (English and Spanish. State Dept.

Agreements effected by exchanges of notes extending time for appointment of commissions under, between the United States and:

France, signed Nov. 10, 1915. (Treaty series 609A). State Dept.
Great Britain, signed Nov. 3, 1915. (Treaty series 602A). State

Guatemala, signed Nov. 3, 1915. (Treaty series 598A). State Dept.

Paraguay, signed Nov. 16 and 22, 1915. (Treaty series 614A.)

State Dept.
Portugal, signed Nov. 16, 1915. (Treaty series 600A). State Dept.
Spain, signed Nov. 16 and Dec. 20, 1915. (Treaty series 605A.)

State Dept.
Sweden, signed Nov. 16, 1915. (Treaty series 607A.) State Dept.
Philippine Islands, Future political status of. Report to accompany
S. 381. Dec. 17, 1915. 3 p. (S. rp. 18.) Paper, 5c.

Hearings on S. 381 to declare purpose of United States as to future political status of the Philippine Islands. 1915. 95 p. Philippines Committee.

- Government of. Letter from Secretary of War submitting report of Chief of Bureau of Insular Affairs upon his trip to the Philippines. Jan. 12, 1916. 51 p. (S. doc. 242.) Paper, 5c.

Porto Rico, Civil government for. Hearings on H. R. 8501, Jan. 13 and 15, 1916. 44 p. Insular Affairs Committee.

Report to accompany H. R. 9533. Jan. 25, 1916. 3 p. (H. rp. 77.) Insular Affairs Committee.

Hearings on S. 1217. 1916. 102 p. Pacific Islands and Porto Rico Committee.

President of United States. Address delivered at joint session of two houses of Congress, Dec. 7, 1915. 18 p. Paper, 5c.

7 Radiotelegraphy, Important events in. Feb. 1, 1916. 25 p. Paper, 5c.

Trade-marks. British merchandise marks act, 1887, 50 and 51 Vict., ch. 28. 9 p. Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee.






Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. (Lord Mersey, Lord Parker of

Waddington, Lord Sumner, Lord Parmoor, and Sir Edmund Barton)

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This was an appeal from a judgment of the President of the Admiralty Division of the High Court in Prize delivered on December 7, 1914 (31 The Times L. R., 111).

Mr. Maurice Hill, K. C., Mr. R. H. Balloch, and Mr. C. R. Dunlop appeared for the appellants; Sir Edward Carson, K. C., Sir Erle Richards, K. C., and Mr. Theobald Mathew for the Crown.

LORD PARKER, in delivering their Lordships' judgment, said:- This appeal relates to the cargo ex the steamship Roumanian, a British vessel. On August 4, 1914, the day on which war broke out between this country and Germany, she was on a voyage from Port Arthur (Texas) to Hamburg with some 6,264 tons of petroleum belonging to the Europäische Petroleum Union, a German company. On the same day the Admiralty, through the Secretary of Lloyds, suggested to the owners that the ship should be diverted to some port in the United Kingdom, and the owners accordingly instructed the master to go to Dartmouth for orders. The ship arrived at Dartmouth on August 14, 1914.

On August 15 the Board of Trade issued a notice containing recommendations with regard to the treatment of cargoes belonging to an enemy in ships diverted from their original ports of destination. These recommendations appear to their Lordships to be so conceived as to prejudice in no way the liability (if any) of such cargoes to be seized as prize. It was recommended that the cargo should be landed at a dock,

1 Printed in this JOURNAL for July, 1915, p. 746.

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