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to the coasts of the Island, vio vould it once artse in insurrection, and, on the pea hat Fistance tyrants is obedience to God would commiza violesale slaughter of their masters: and hat he conta gion of the example of the mancicated osta the Island cannot be tolerated by the Honretors «E the model Republic. Tel tem that hese benretors, in extending the area freedom tever crzet their own cherished tomestic natitution and tat they are progressing rapidly a he tomestication of the People with whom they are a me to make the State more thoroughly inouet br ul rebel communities. 3y these tatements on nay perhaps suggest to hem pirations uiter a ge sort of liberty than that of which hey have liberta dreamed. But if they are sensible to the gores of such a liberty, teil them that we hail rast ul invasions of that island, which are ne anestet with the emancipation of its save pogniation. v th all the power of which we are nasera.

When the deputies of the rebel rates ad earri these menaces from the Proprietors of the Great Republic, conscious that by an nvasion of the Island they should be dravn nu a vr vi her. well as with the mother country, they abandoned

roject of invasion, and to this tay the greater of the population of the island is in bondage.



One cannot be a Know-Nothing without being subservient to the Slave Power.

WHEN the Slave Power in the Great Republic, by their aggressions on liberty, had aroused the People to a sense of their insecurity, and made them restive under their rule, they began to fear that they had carried their tyrannical attempts to too great a length; and they began to be anxious themselves, lest the People should become too conscious of their proceedings, and should, in a moment of great excitement, rise against them, and overthrow Slavery with a single stroke, Therefore, wise ones among them, foreseeing this possible result, counselled with one another how to avert it. And they said: The People are becoming awake to our plans and are beginning to understand our plots against their freedom. They are combining against us, the only genuine aristocracy, and a great party is growing up, which, unless we take measures in season to prevent it, will make Liberty national, as we would make Slavery. We have used the name and power of Democracy so long to cover our designs, that they are beginning to suspect that the

word is a mere synonym for hypocrisy and deception. We must bestir ourselves and create a new party among them, to divert their attention from the great issue of Slavery or Freedom, and then when we have divided them among themselves, we will slip in, and legislate them all into Slavery, when they are least aware of it. Now there are a great many among them who have a very great and very foolish horror of aliens, and we will avail ourselves of this prejudice to create a secret society, which shall enlist among its members multitudes of their number, and arouse their hostility against these aliens, and turn their attention from us and our doings. We will call this society the Order of Ignorami. The name will be very attractive, for he who assumes it will secretly flatter himself that every one will recognize the bearer of the name as the possessor of some secret knowledge, which it would be very desirable to attain. But the name will really be an open secret to us, indicating that the poor fool who bears. it is ignorantly a mere tool for us to use in our dirty work. There will be another advantage in the creation of such a society, beside setting the People at variance and diverting their attention from the issue of Slavery. The aliens who come to our country strengthen the People against us and our institution. They bring with them a love of a higher liberty than we can tolerate, whatever forms of despotism they may cherish; and they add overwhelming numbers to the ranks of the People, Hitherto we have blinded them to our proceedings

by the cry of Democracy; but now that that is becoming somewhat stale, we must cultivate the prejudices against them of our narrow-minded


In organizing this new party we must mix in the organization just a sufficient number of Slaveholders to manage it, and direct it to our purposes, in case political contingencies should make it powerful; and if ever it should nominate candidates for the two highest offices in the nation, we should take care that one of them be a Doughface and the other a Slaveholder.

Thus the Slaveholders counselled; and after mature deliberation the Order of Ignorami burst into light, a master-piece of Slaveholders' cunning, officered by men of their own class, and mustering in its ranks the most unleavened of the Doughfaces.

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