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THE plan of this little volume is to give poetry of

all kinds-grave and gay, grand and playful, songs and psalms—trying to give the choicest of each : which, indeed, are always to be found among those best known.

Where the pieces have been shortened, it is generally with full purpose of taking the best lines, but sometimes only for shortness sake, and the small space the only apology.

Dots mark wherever lines are omitted.

Making a collection of poetry is one of the plea. santest of tasks-keeping it long on hand, gathering in from far and near, adding and casting out again ; while, as the collection swells, it grows to be your heart's delight !

Think of the privilege of being able to pick among the most famous and best, and choose what seems of greatest value, storing together grand thoughts and moving words that raise and charm the mind, gathering after the plan of the dainty bee in his search for honey.


December, 1880.

Permission to print their lines has been kindly granted by Cardinal Newman, Dr. Martineau, Dr. Mackay, Dr. Bennett, Mr. F. W. Bourdillon, Mr. Falkener, Mr. Garnett, and Mr. Hare; and to print from their property by Lord Houghton, Mr. A. Ballantine, Mr. G. L. Banks, Mr. J. C. Bowring, Mrs. Fox, Mr. J. E. Taylor, and Mr. A. Walker; and also by the following publishers:-Mr. Chapman, Messrs. Macmillan, Mr. Murray, Mr. Parker, Messrs. Rivington and Co., Messrs. George Routledge and Sons, Messrs. Smith, Elder and Co., and Messrs. Ward, Lock and Tyler.

To all of whom the Editor tenders grateful acknowledgments and thanks. And also to Mr. Garnett, of the British Museum, for much valuable and courteous help in finding the original authors, for lines taken from Percy, Chalmers, and other collections.

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