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Grand Master, The (Provincial)

(illustrative of the Engraving Arabian Stallion, The-138

--137 Arabian Horse, The, as distin: Guy May; or. Born to Bad Luck guished from the Barb, or

167, 245, 330, 401 African Arab—by Philippos259

Canine Detectives—by A. H. B.

A B 1 « Here's Sport indeed !" - by -18, 89, 288, 451°

Lord William Lennox-36,113, Cricket, A long Story about—by

191, 267, 346, 440 Frederick Gale-337, 419

Horseman, The - From Major Curling-by Wanderer—51

Dwyer's Seats and Saddles,

Bits and Bitting-145

Hunt Difficulties, The, in Kil

kenny and CambridgeshireDay, A, on the Dart (illustrative

121 of the Engraving)-376

Hunting Gossip-by Cecil-368
Hunting Song-by E. C. Han.

bury Williams-35

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Foxes versus Rabbits (illustrative

of the Engraving)=70

Jenny Lind, a Prize Hackney Mare, the Property of Mr. Henry Overman, of Weasenham, Norfolk (with Plate) 450

Glimpse, A, at Bimshire-by a

Man on the Sick-list-283

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