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Admiralty-Office, Jan. 25. 1781.

"Captain Boflon, of his majesty's fhip
Alexander, fell in on the 13th inftant (the
Laird, E. N. E. E. diftant 74 leagues) with
Le Dague ao French privateer of 30 guns, and
205 min, which he rock, and has brought into
Postmouth; the is a new veffel, and had been
but three days out from St. Maloes "

guns. Capt. T. Frederick, has been taken and
car.ied in'o Cape François, after gallan ly fof-
raining an unequal and deperate conflict th
two French frigates, of 32 guns each, for five
glaff-s. It is faid that Capt. Frederick would
not fuff the Unicorn's colours to be ftruck,
until he was how did by the enemy.
St. Jago de la Vega. 08. 19. At a general
meeting of the habitants of Kingston, on
Saturday last, to take into confideration the
moft speedy and effectual means of relieving
the diftreffes in which the late dreadful form
has involved the leeward part of this island, a
very capital fum was fubfer bed by way of
loan, and every measure adopted which could
add efficacy to their benevolence.

A fubfeription for the fame humane and be-
town; at the head of which, we hear, ftands
nevolent purpofe, is likew fe begun in this
who has fubfcribed the fum of 2000).
the name of his Excellency General Dalling,

By the hips lately arrived at Crookhaven, we are adv-fed, that the Royal Admiral armed Chip was unfortuna ely loft off Goa in Novem ber 1779, in a violent gale of wind, and that all the crew peri hed, excepting three re fans. That the company's thips Britannia and Febo rough had tailed for Madrafs and China, and that the Atlas was preparing for the fame voyage, all from Bombay. The Duke of Graf on not to return home from Bombay, but is ordered for Bengal, as is likewife the Refolution; which a failed from Onore for Madrafs the 15th of May 1779. The Duke of Portland, Bridgewater, London, and York, arrived at Johanna the 15th of June laft, parted company with the Lafcelles, near the line, and Ikewife with the Stormont off the Cape. The Fox and Walpole fafe in Bengal river; the Spanish empire in America, and which The Sandwch, Granby, Haltewel', and Earl}] of Oxford, at Madrafs, bound for China. The True Briton failed from Matris the 20th of February left. The Royal Charlotte, outwerd bound, arrived at St. Helena the 23d of July, and fai ed the 24 h of Auguft lafi for Bombay and China, and that the company's packet, Mercury, was fate arr ved at Bombay

Kingston, Jamaica, Nov. 4. The tollowing account of a revolution that has late y taken place in Quito, the most northerly province in the kingdom of Peru, may be depended upon an authentic.-An event of fuch importance to

verfal defection from the government of the may probably be the fore-runner of an uniCatholic King in that part of the world, is Pregnant with the most happy confequences to with aw the power of Spain from the unthe repofe of Europe, as it must immediately has fufered herself to be engaged.-France, provoked and unjust confederacy in which the unaflifted, will foon be tired of the war, and the American colonics, deprived of the affifance of their great and good ally, mu liften to pre-terms of accommodation, and gratefully accept the benign offers of their offended, bat truly merciful Sovereign.


Charles-Town, September 11, 1785. Whereas feveral memorials have been feated to the commandant for Charles-Town, by funday perfons, feverally fetting forth that they were delirous to renew every mark of al legance and attachment in their power to h's Majesty's períon and government, to which they were most fincerely well affected, and therefore humbly prayed that they might have an opportunity to evince the fincerity of their profeilions. And whereas the faid memorials were referred to gentlemen of known loyalty and integrity, as well as knowledge of the perfons and characters of the inhabitants, in order to report the manner in which the memo-ters, and public difpatches from Santa Fe, for rislifts had heretofore conducted themselves; the royal officers of Caracas, containing an and they having made their report in favour authentic account of that great event; that of many perfons therein mentioned, notice is they had not only thrown off their allegiance, hereby given, that if they will apply at the but had elected a king, whofe refidence was at State-Houfe on the 13th inft. and there, beQuito, with the title of El Rey Caffimeiro fore one of the intendants of the Police, fub-Torreron, and the revolution fo far established, scribe a declaration of their allegiance, they that already money was coined, and laws paffed will receive a certificate which will entitle them under the new government. It was fufpeeled to ufe the free exercife of their trades or pro-the kingdom of Santa Fe was ripe for a fimilar feflions, and the privileges enjoyed by the other revolt." loyal inhabitants of Charles-Town.

"The beginning of Sept letters from the Contador of the Spanish fettlements on El Rio Varena, were received by the roval officere of Puerto Cabello, which foon occafiored a rumour among the people, that the fouthern provinces of New Spain had revolted, and thrown off their allegiance to the Spanish government. About the end of the fame month, the poft from Mora Coyba arrived at Puerto Cabrillo, with a number of private let

South Carolina, Nv 27. On the 20th of St. Jago de la Vega, 0. 5. by a flag of November at a nice called Wormbergh, Cotruce arrived at Morant from Hifpanio's, we lonel Tarleton, with a legion of horse, conlean that his Majefly's fhip Unicorn, of 20 fifting of 190, So foot belonging to a regi

ment of regulars, making in the whole 270, by forced marches, came up with the rear of Sumpter's army, which he immediately engaged, and kled every man of them, then pu foed the main body, which had taken poft on a high hill, near a town named Nourie; the Colonel, with his horfe, drove them from their fituation, killing great numbers of them. The Americans left the r baggage, cannen, mi. litary flores, and provifion waggons, and fled. The meffenger who brought the above news, faid, that Colone! Tarleton had porfied them, and if the day-light had continued long enough, would have destroyed every man of them. General Sumpter had 1000 men, and was much wounded in the fight. It was with thofe troops that he beat Cl. Ferguion.


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Jan. 9. The Lady of Benjamin Keene, Efq; in Leadenhall-fireet. of a daughter, in Charles ftreet.


Mrs. Wilkes, mother of Alderman Wilkes. Jan. 1. Capt. Colpert, at Bach, many years a captain of the guards.

2. The Lady of Lord Folcy, at his houfe in Chret,

P.George Kenyon, Efq, Counsellor at Law, at ele, near Mancheftr.

6. Henry Davidson, Efq; in John-fleet, Bedford-row.

3. James Folter, Eiq; one of the four King's Serjeants, and Chiet jullic in the file of Ely,

5. The Rev. Dr. Lloyd, Char cellor of York, and Portionist of Waddefden, Bucks.

8. Timothy Chapman, Efq; at Lambeth, formerly a timber merchant, at the Bank-fide, Southwark.

9. The Rev. Will am Barry, D. D. Rector of St. Peter's in bristol.

The Rev. Mr. Cook on, at Bath.

James Le Priere, Etq; formerly an eminent filk-weaver, in Pater-nofter-row, Spital fields. 15. Jonathan Hennicker, Efq; Pal-Mall. Chriftopher Edmonds, Efq; at Hornfey, formerly a merchant in Cateaton-ftreer.

11. John Crefiwell, Etq; of Creffwell, in Northumberland.

The Rev. Dr. Chaloner, a Romish priest, and titular Bishop of London, in Queen-fquare. 13. Daniel Pearce, Efq; formerly a druggift

William James Whitaker, Efq; in Sackville Atreet, Piccadilly.

The Hon. William Royd, youngest brother to the late Earl of Errol, at Stains Caffle, in Scotland.

14. Gerard Furft, Efq; formerly a Dantzick merchant in St. Thomas Apofile."

Jofeph L'Eftrange, Eiq; formerly of the county of Suffik.

Sir Henry Cheere, Bart. at his house in St. Margaret's-llreet, Wefiminfer.

Mrs. Barnes, at Mary-le-bone, relia of the late Henry Barnes, E'q; one of the fecondaries of the Court of Common Pleas.

16 Jonathan Whitebread, Eiq; merchant in Ormond-ftrect.

William Matthews, Efq; at his feat at Wraxal', in the county of Somerfet.

19. George Metcalfe, Efq; fenior Solitor of the Cuftoms, of the port of London, at Mereton, Surry.

20. Alexander Underwood, Efq; at Epf m. 21. Dr. William Lew s, F. R. S. at Kingston upon Thames.

23. John Ah, Efq; attorney at law. Admiral Policarpus Taylor, at Norton, in the county of Durham.

John Williams, Efq; one of the judges for the counties of Glamorgan, Brecon, and Radnor, in South Wales.

24. At his houfe in Deptford road, Lieute nant John Barnet, belong ng to the army.

At Beldorny, in Scotland, Mils Ann Gordon, youngest daughter of the late John Gordon, and lifter to the prefcut Charles Gordon, Lig; of Wardhouse.


Lady's Magazine;

O R,

Entertaining Companion for the FAIR SEX, appropriated folely to their Ufe and Amusement.



1 The Fortunate Sequel, or the Adventures of Ella Worthy

2 Female Corresponden e

3 Fashion in High-Life

4 Memoirs of a Widow

16 Account of the Holland ts, from Sir
William Temple
No. 93.


17 The Marron.




18 Suite d'Hiftoire d'Epaminondas 64 19 Account of the celebrared Marchionefs de Chatelet

5 Trial of 'ord George Gordon


6 The Sylph Husband


7 Eliza's Memor al


8 Thoughts on the Management of Hofpitals


9 Novels and Novel-writers. A Frag





10 Character of the Sopha 11 Critique on Clariffa


12 On Poetry, from the Melanges, &c. 85 13 Account of Harlequin Friday


14 Account of the Seige of Sinope 87 15 Mrs. Percy to Mifs Willis






20 Account of the Royal Suppliants 98 21 POETRY.-On Valentine's DayPrologue to the Scige of Snope-Epilogue to the fame-On her Grace the Duchefs of Norfolk-On reading Mr. Perfect's Addrefs to the Public-A Christmas Tale-The ComplaintThe Apology-Answer to Rebus in our laft-A Rebus 101-104

Foreign News


23 Home News

24 Marriages 25 Deaths





This Number is embellifhed with the following Copper-Plates, viz.

1. An elegant Pattern for a Work Bag. 2. A beautiful Reprefentation of the Princefs Royal, as the appeared at Court op the Queen's Birth-Day. And, 3. A new Song fet to Music by Mr. Hudfor.

LONDON: Printed for G. Robin'on, No. 25, Paternofter-Row, where Favours from Correfpondents will be received.


is with fome reluctance that we muft beg pardon of our correfpondents for not continuing feveral of their pieces. Among perfons of this defcription the Friend; the continuation of Pedro and Segovia; the Marriage interrupted are to be included.-We muft not fay, that we have a multiplicity of compofitions, which are not confiftent with our plan; and that we could wish that fome of our friends, would be more friendly, not to advert that this collection is intended, is determined to be the most delicate, the most modeft of any monthly publication. We originally were launched into the ocean of literature by the ex; and it is our established maxim to publifh nothing that could bring a blush to the cheek of delicacy, nothing that could give cause of cenfure from perfons of the most refined ideas.

Maria Conftantia, is called upon by feveral of her most intimate friends, to publish what the promifed them, in her rural fituation.

The tranflator of Des Touchés Difpateur will give us credit till next month, as our matter in this, is entirely temporary.

The letter we received from an ingenious correfpondent is replete with ufeful intimations, and the critique is full of a umen; but there feems to be a mistake in charging us with translations into French, as we infert nothing of that kind knowingly and can venture to say, that the French we have published is front the most claffical French authors.

It is with fome uneafinefs, that we are to declare it was not in our power, this month, to convey to our readers, an unhappy cafe, tranfmitted by our old friend, Bob Short.

In the profe department, amongst an innumerable variety of other pieces, we are to acknowledge the honour of receiving an Elay, entitled The Generous Lover. The Female Politicians, from Anonymous. Enigmatical Lift of fingle Gentlemen at Rochefer. Enigmatical Lifl of Towns in Oxford/kire, by E. 1 — 9 be Enigmatical Lift of Officers of the Norfolk Militia is miflaid. List of Gentlemen of Hailam, Sufer, by F. C. 8, and other favours too tedious to fpecify.

Amator Cis fo kind as to inform us, that there were feveral errors in the Solution of bis Lin of Ladies in Chelmsford, in our laft; thinks it abfurd to imagine-to be a convenience for opening a door, and therefore that, iuftead of Blatch, the folver of doubts, should think of a Blick: in N'. 3, Reynolds, the laft fyllable is entirely omitted, and it ftands thus, Ry; the numerical figures to the No. 5, and 6, are likewise omitted; N°. 7, is answered Oliver inftead of Guy No. 9, is not answered, &c." Having difcharged the load this worthy corefpondent has laid on our thoulders, we must announce the reception of à a Lift of Ladies mar May-fair from J. Brush. Of Young Ladies at Trowbridge, Wilts, by Anna and Maria. Of Young Ladies at St. Ktor, from P. Of Ladies of Cambridge, by Afolls. Of Young Gentlemen at Stamfors, Lincolnskir. by A Groupe of Gents. Of Young Ladies, Warwickshire, by S. S. Redburs-Milise A Solution to the Lift of Towns in Berk/his page 43, by J. R— K-n, &c.


In the poetic line, we are to return our thanks for a Rebus, by Meanwell An Epitaph, from a Correspondent. To Mifs S. S-, on her playing on the Sinnels November 9, by Mnem. Anjwer to a Rebus, by E. Jorden. to Mifs 7. §— by Damon. On Happiness, by G. B. Celadon and Amira, a Tale, by a Tourig Lady, alias Indiana. Extempore Lines on Winter, by AL Addrefs to Mifs A. -18 Pa, by W. T. Or Valmin's-Day, by Sireph'n, Verfe, by a Lady, figned Rofalinda. Lines on a young Gentleman going Abroad, written by a young Lady at Farnham, from H. R. To a Lady, who refused to fhew fome Verfes for bad compofed to the Memory of a diceafed Friend, by it. To Mifs W. of Kn, by 'r'tas. Epifle to Mifs F. Fn. Acroftic, by J. W. Rebus, by R. J. T. of Ky. Colin, an Eclogue, by E. D. Ferfes written by a Gentleman of Windfor Affembly. On Jeeing Mifi Mr at the Affociation-bal', Pantheon, by Mnemosyne z and a variety of pieces, befides an oblique puff for a publication which the compilers of this Magagazine would blush to recommend.


Lady's Magazine;


For FEBRUARY, 1781.





In a Series of Letters.
By a LADY.

(Continued from Page 8.) LETTER XXI. Lady BAB HARDWICK to Miss SHEL



ETURN, my dear Maria; the fortnight you have been abfent appears an age. You, who had wont to be the fole enlivener of our private parties, are more miffed than would a dozen of a certain infipid fet. My fifter dips far more into fashionable gaities than my inclination prompts me; confequently I am much at home; and, but for the perfuafions of Mrs. Afkew, fhould, I believe, quite imprifon myself till you return from Bath. Your fentimental agreeable, has deferted us. Laugh not, Maria, if I own that we have been infufferably stupid ever fince. I know


Lord Fitzwilliam.

not how it is, but the converfe of those lordly mortals is certainly very effential to the happiness of a family, who are not votaries of diffipation. I fay, "a family," that you may not mifunderftand me: for whatever conclufions my friend may form in the gaiety of her heart, I can affure her, I harbour no fentiments for the amiable Orlando, but fuch as merit, great as his, muft infpire in every bofom: had I ever harboured any, fenfible as I am of his partiality for our little favourite, never would I have given them even a first moment of beholding them toge momentary indulgence; for from the ther, I had a fecret prefentiment, that from experiencing any antipathy to they were created for each other. Far the lovely Ella, on account of the favourable impreffion the feemed to have infpired him with: I felt for her an equal friendfhip Love is ever ag knowledged to be felfish is this a fymptom of that paffion you have fo gaily rallied me upon? No, my dear friend, if I knew my heart, it is divefted of every selfish difpofition: were it even capable of fuch ungenerous fentiments, what food for their fupport? Love, they fay, cannot fubfift without hopes. I have none on the confirm me in the fuppofition I have contrary, every thing contributes to fo long indulged. Mrs. Afkew, good foul, adores her nephew ; nor is the lefs attached to Ella: but the pride

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