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standing the peaceable aspect of the times, has not been unproductive of events which claim a considerable degree of attention. Of these, the expulsion of the Jesuits from Spain and Naples, is not the least extraordinary, nor likely to be the least confiderable in its consequences. The affairs of Poland have attracted much of the general attention of Europe; and, it is to be hoped, are now settled upon an happy and permanent basis. The origin of the late disputes, the past and present state of the Dissidents, and many particularities relative to the hiftory and government of that country, which were requisite to be known, to form a proper judgment of those transactions, were but little considered or understood in this part of the world. We have therefore given our readers all the satisfaction on those heads, which the materials that we could procure would afford, and the plan of our work allow. The subject is indeed peculiarly


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interesting : While our humanity is deeply engaged in the cause of the Dislidents, we cannot but lament the fatality by which a great nation is surrounded in its capital by a foreign army; and the senators of a republic, that was once free and independent, carried off by a military force for a discusfion of their own affairs. This is a subject, that, notwithstanding the rectitude and integrity of the motivcs which guided those transactions, affords a full opportunity for the most deep and serious reflection,


Our home affairs have not been deficient in matters sufficiently interesting. Of these we give such an account as we hope will be agreeable to our readers; and have endeavoured to preserve that impartiality, which it will be always so much our wish to support. . And it shall ever be our greatest happiness, to have any opportunity of shewing the grateful sense we entertain of the repeated indulgence which we have fo conftantly experienced from the Public.

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General aspect of affairs. Present appearances pacific. Some ancient causes

of contention removede France. Holland. General state of the North. Germany. Italy. Expulsion of the Jefuits from Naples and Parma. The interest of ihe court of Rome declining in Italy. Portugal. - Scarcity of corn. Friendly intercourse Jubfifting between the learned.


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