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arism, when you yourseïves applied the smoking torch. You have raised the wind, now you must "ride the whirlwind."

But what party continues agitation upon the Slavery question? Who sends message after message into both Houses of Congress, falsifying the great truths of history-denouncing the people of the free States, falsely charging them with numerous derelictions of duty? Who sends Governors to Kansas to enforce the brutal laws of a bogus Legislature upon the squatter sovereigns of that Territory? What party is now moving heaven and earth to force Slavery into Kansas, against the will of the people of that devoted Terto which both sections of the Union were a party? I leave the people and the country to answer these questions.

"Roll back this swelling tide of Republicanism. If you ritory, and in direct violation of an old compact, lesire to save the Union, you must overwhelm it."

This sounds very much like Caleb Cushing's 'crushing out." The distinguished gentleman calls upon his political friends to "overwhelm Republicanism." Yes, gentlemen, if you "desire to save the Union, you must overwhelm it." But how did the descendants of "Molly Stark," he unterrified yeomanry of the glorious old Granite State, respond to this call. Who was 'overwhelmed" in New Hampshire? Was it the "swelling tide of Republicanism?" No, sir! No, sir! It was "sectional Democracy"-the legions of the forlorn hope of all that remains of that once honored and respectable party, led on by General Pierce-that was "overwhelmed." The honest people of that patriotic State "overwhelmed" them, buried them up, and with the funereal rites perished the last fading hopes of Franklin Pierce of a re-election to the Presidency Who was "overwhelmed" in Rhode Island a few weeks since, and who in Connecticut a few days since? Was it the "swelling tide of Republicanism?" No, sir; it was this same sectional Democracy"-a party that has gone so far South, that it has even lost sight of the "North star."

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Mr. Chairman, we are deliberately told by the Administration party, that if the Missouri Compromise is restored, and Kansas made free-that if the old compact of 1820 is substantially carried out-it "will be an end of the Union." You make the issue, gentlemen-we accept it. It is a part of the mission of the Republican party to make Kansas a free State; and gentlemen on the other side of the House have chosen Kansas as the great battle-ground of Freedom, and there we meet you. The designs and purposes of the Republican party upon this vital question are like the "laws of the Medes and Persians," unalterable. Our Southern brethren, more than thirty years ago, for a consideration paid in hand, solemnly agreed that the vast and fertile regions of Kansas and Nebraska should forever be free territory; and we mean to hold you to the contract.

The great Republican party has taken its position. Its banner has been unfurled, and now proudly floats in the breezes of heaven, while upon its folds are inscribed in golden capitals of living light-NO MOP "XTENSION OF THE FOOT-PRINTS OF SLAVERY 9 Atte TERRITORY. Around this banner are r the patriotic from all sections in the Union. D

But, again, the Republicans are denounced as "agitators! agitators!!" Sir, who began this agitation? The very party who now denounce it. Yes, gentlemen Democrats, you fired "the fagot pile,' and now, when its roaring flames send their ghastly, lurid glare in every direction all over the whole Union, you turn round and denounce your innocent neighbor with incendi- | death."

But one spirit animates the great army of Freedom. Their watchword is "Onward! onward!" their battle cry, the soul-stirring words of the immortal Henry-"Give me liberty, or give me





THE Publishing Association of Washington intend to stereotyp the Speeches delivered in Congress during the present session, an other Documents, suitable for use in the coming Presidential Cam paign. In order to facilitate their circulation as much as possible the Association will furnish and mail them, singly, to such name and post offices as may be desired, at one dollar per hundred for doe uments of eight pages, and two dollars per hundred for document of sixteen pages, free of postage. For packages of one hundred, c more, sent at the cost of purchasers, documents of eight pages, sixty two cents, and documents of sixteen pages, one dollar and twenty five cents.

Persons sending us ten dollars and upwards can have the amour placed to their credit, and copies of each Speech or Document issue by the Association during the Campaign will be sent to their addres or to such names as they may direct, in such quantities as may be de sired, until the money sent is exhausted. Address


Washington, D. C.

BUELL & BLANCHARD, Printers, Washington, D. C.

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