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B. One rush, two rush,


Pray thee, fine lady, come under

bush. my

[A passes under the arch, followed by the whole string of children, the last of whom is taken captive by B and C. The verses are repeated, until the whole are taken.]


ELEVEN Comets in the sky,
Some low and some high;
Nine peacocks in the air,

I wonder how they all came there.
I do not know and I do not care;
Seven lobsters in a dish,

As fresh as any heart could wish;
Six beetles against the wall,

Close by an old woman's apple-stall;

Four horses stuck in a bog,

Three monkeys tied to a clog;

Two pudding-ends would choke a dog,

With a gaping, wide-mouthed, waddling frog.


[A Scotch version of the song already given at p. 109.]

LAZY dukes, that sit in your neuks,

And winna come out to play;

Leave your supper, leave your sleep,
Come out and play at hide-and-seek.
I've a cherry, I've a chess,
I've a bonny blue glass,

I've a dog among the corn,
Blow Willie Buckhorn.

Three score of Highland kye,

One booly-backed,

One blind of an eye,

An' a' the rest hawkit.

Laddie wi' the shelly-coat
Help me owre the ferry-boat;
The ferry-boat is owre dear,
Ten pounds every year.
The fiddler's in the Canongate,
The piper's in the Abbey,

Huzza! cocks and hens,

Flee awa' to your cavey.


THERE were three jovial Welshmen,
As I have heard them say,

And they would go a-hunting
Upon St. David's day.

All the day they hunted,

And nothing could they find,

But a ship a-sailing,

A-sailing with the wind.

One said it was a ship,

The other he said, nay;

The third said it was a house,

And the chimney blown away.

And all the night they hunted,
And nothing could they find,
But the moon a-gliding,
A-gliding with the wind.

One said it was the moon,
The other he said, nay;
The third said it was a cheese,
And half o't cut away.


[Song set to five fingers.]

1. THIS little pig went to market;

2. This little pig staid at home;

3. This little pig had a bit of bread and butter;

4. This little pig had none;

5. This little pig said, Wee, wee, wee!

I can't find my way home.


[A game at ball.]

CUCKо, cherry tree,

Catch a bird, and give it to me;
Let the tree be high or low,

Let it hail, rain, or snow.


I CAN make diet bread,
Thick and thin;

I can make diet bread,
Fit for the king.


[The following lines are sung by children when starting for a


Good horses, bad horses,
What is the time of day?
Three o'clock, four o'clock,

Now fare you away.


[The following is the Oxfordshire version of the game of the Confessional, as shown in shadows on the wall.]

FATHER, O father, I'm come to confess,

Well, my daughter, well!

Last night I call'd the cat a beast.

Shocking, my daughter, shocking!

What penance? my father, what penance?
What penance! my daughter, what penance!
What penance shall I do?

Kiss me.


[The Kentish version of the same game.]

Good morning, father Francis.

Good morning, Mrs. Sheckleton. What has brought you abroad so early, Mrs. Sheckleton?

I have come to confess a great sin, father Francis.
What's it, Mrs. Sheckleton ?

Your cat stole a pound of my butter, father Francis!
O, no sin at all, Mrs. Sheckleton.

But I kill'd your cat for it, father Francis.

O a very great sin indeed, Mrs. Sheckleton, you must

do penance.

What penance, father Francis?

Kiss me.

O no, O yes, O no, O yes, &c. ad libitum.

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