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TRIP upon trenchers, and dance upon dishes,
My mother sent me for some barm, some barm;
She bid me tread lightly, and come again quickly,
For fear the young men should do me some harm.

Yet didn't you see, yet didn't you see,
What naughty tricks they put upon me:
They broke my pitcher,

And spilt the water,
And huff'd my mother,

And chid her daughter,

And kiss'd my sister instead of me.


I'LL sing you a song:

The days are long,

The woodcock and the sparrow:

The little dog has burnt his tail,

And he must be hang'd to-morrow.


THE cat sat asleep by the side of the fire,
The mistress snored loud as a pig:
Jack took up his fiddle, by Jenny's desire,
And struck up a bit of a jig.


THE SOW came in with the saddle,
The little pig rock'd the cradle,
The dish jump'd over the table,
To see the pot with the ladle.
The broom behind the butt

Call'd the dish-clout a nasty slut :

Odds-bobs, says the gridiron, can't you agree?
I'm the head constable,-come along with me.


AROUND the green gravel the grass grows green, And all the pretty maids are plain to be seen; Wash them with milk, and clothe them with silk, And write their names with a pen and ink.


[The song of a boy while passing his hour of solitude in a corn-field.]

AWA' birds, away,

Take a little and leave a little,

And do not come again;

For if you do,

I will shoot you through,

And there is an end of you.


THOMAS a Didymus, king of the Jews,

Jumped into the fire and burned both his shoes.


WHAT care I how black I be,
Twenty pounds will marry me ;
If twenty won't, forty shall,
I am my mother's bouncing girl.


A LITTLE old man and I fell out;

How shall we bring this matter about?
Bring it about as well as you can,

Get you gone, you little old man !


BOBBY SHAFT is gone to sea,

With silver buckles at his knee;

When he'll come home he'll marry me,
Pretty Bobby Shaft!

Bobby Shaft is fat and fair,

Combing down his yellow hair;

He's my love for evermore!

Pretty Bobby Shaft!


RIDE, baby, ride,

Pretty baby shall ride,

And have little puppy-dog tied to her side,
And little pussy-cat tied to the other,

And away she shall ride to see her grandmother.
To see her grandmother,

To see her grandmother.


THE rose is red, the violet's blue,
The honey's sweet, and so are you.
Thou art my love, and I am thine;
I drew thee to my Valentine;
The lot was cast, and then I drew,
And fortune said it should be you.


ONE misty moisty morning,

When cloudy was the weather,

There I met an old man

Clothed all in leather;

Clothed all in leather,

With cap under his chin.

How do you do, and how do you do,

And how do you do again?


I LOVE sixpence, pretty little sixpence,
I love sixpence better than my life.
I spent a penny of it, I spent another,
And took fourpence home to my wife.

Oh, my little fourpence, pretty little fourpence,
I love fourpence better than my life;
I spent a penny of it, I spent another,
And I took twopence home to my wife.

Oh, my little twopence, my pretty little twopence,
I love twopence better than my life;

I spent a penny of it, I spent another,
And I took nothing home to my wife.

Oh, my little nothing, my pretty little nothing, What will nothing buy for my wife?

I have nothing, I spend nothing,

I love nothing better than my wife.


Of all the gay birds that e'er I did see,
The owl is the fairest by far to me;
For all the day long she sits on a tree,
And when the night comes away flies she.

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