Sexual Behavior in the Human Female, Том 1

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Ishi Press International, 2010 - Всего страниц: 842
There are two Kinsey reports, one for the human male and one for the human female. This is the Second Part of "The Kinsey Report," the part that deals with the Human Female. This Report on the human female addresses the hot topics of when do girls start having sex and what percentage of all married women commit adultery. (The surprising answer is: About the same as the percentage of married men who commit adultery.) Because the Kinsey reports are lengthy, they have each been divided into two volumes here. Volume One of this book, "Sexual Behavior in the Human Female," is about the scope of the study, the problems of sampling, the sources of the data, and the types of sexual activity including pre-adolescent behavior, masturbation, nocturnal sex dreams, petting, pre-marital coitus and marital coitus. Volume Two deals with Extra-marital coitus, homosexual contacts, sex with animals, physiology of sexual response, psychology of sexual response and hormonal factors in sexual response, including studies on the castration of human males. Although this book was published in 1953 and it is assumed that our sexual mores have vastly changed since then, attempts to repeat the study by Dr. Kinsey have come up with about the same results. Here, it is important to note that although this part of the Kinsey Report was published in 1953, it shows statistics derived from interviews taken years earlier of females describing events of their youth. For example, it shows what percentage of females born before 1900 had engaged in sexual intercourse or in petting to orgasm by age 20. This basically shows the sexual practices of the World War I era. It does show the expected increase, that there was more sex during the Roaring Twenties than during the World War I era, but the increase was not dramatic and just a few percentage point. During the eras covered by the Kinsey Report, birth control pills were not yet developed or just in the process of being developed and the first effective drugs to cure venereal diseases were not available or were just becoming available. Also, abortions were illegal. With the changes in the modern era, it seems surprising that the sex rate and the adultery rates have not soared, although of course nobody really knows for sure. It is also important to remember that Kinsey was a zoologist. He constantly compares sex in humans to sex in animals and finds them to be about the same. For example he finds that cows, horses, dogs and pigs engage in petting sort of activities just as do humans.

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