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will be given, entitling the owner to the sum of 2s. 6d.; the money to be distributed in the same manner, as that arising from the prize tickets.

10. To shew clearly, what improvement in work a girl has made during the course of the year, she is to give on each examination day, a small specimen; which will be preserved, and compared with what she produces on the succeeding examination days. For girls under eight years of age, the specimen is to consist of straw platt, of seaming, hemming, stitching, marking the initials of their own names, darning, and making a button hole. Specimens of writing must also be preserved, and a note speci fying improvement in reading, spelling, &c. The scholars who have not attended a full year, will, on the day appointed, be examined along with the other scholars, as to their progress in every branch of their learning. If they produce as good specimens of work, and perform their other exercises as well as can reasonably be expected from the opportunities of improvement which they have had, they will be entitled to the different prizes, and to the annual ticket on the terms above mentioned.

11. As those girls who have attended the

school regularly for several years, and behaved well, may obtain a considerable sum of rewardmoney; and more, perhaps, than is quite necessary for them the first year they go to service, and as some girls who leave school, do not go to service, or become apprentices; a part of the reward-money will in such cases, be retained by the ladies, and given to them on their marriage, or when they seem most to need it. If they continue to behave well they will be allowed five per cent. interest for it. Should they not receive the whole of their reward money, before they attain the age of twenty-one, they may then dispose of the remaining part, in what manner they think proper.

12. Every girl who can read the prayer book, and knows how to make a proper use of it at church, will have one given to her by the ladies; or if she has one already, she will receive from them a present of some other book, about the same price.

13. The day before the anniversary of the Campsall Female Friendly Society, a straw bonnet and a coloured neck-handkerchief, will be given to every girl who has been diligent, earned as much as could reasonably be expected,

and taken care of the clothes she has received during the preceding year. The same present will be made to all the new scholars as an en

couragement to them to behave well.

10th April, 1805.



General Rules.

1. THE* support of these schools is by annual sermons only.

2. The instruction of the scholars is committed to such gentlemen and ladies, usually attending this chapel, as are approved of by the ministers, and are nominated by them to be superintendants of the scholars; which superintendants are assisted by a master and mistress.

3. The government of the schools is vested in the ministers, chapel wardens, and gentlemen. superintendants; who hold a meeting at the vestry, the last Tuesday evening in every month, at six o'clock, to regulate all matters connected therewith.

4. The children who apply for admission

*These Regulations have not been published in the Society's Reports, but are now first printed with permission of the Rev. Mr. Cecil.

must be able to read; and those are preferred, whose parents, or nearest relatives, usually attend this chapel.

5. Children are admitted into the schools at those monthly meetings, held on the last Tuesday in March, June, September, and December.

6. An annual sermon is preached to the scholars on May-day; after which a meeting is held of the ministers, chapel wardens, and superintendants, when books are given to the scholars, of a value proportioned to their good behaviour during the year, and adapted to their age and capacity.

7. Besides these annual rewards, Cheap Repository and other small Tracts, of the value of five shillings, are provided annually for each superintendant, to be given as occasional rewards among the deserving scholars. As they pass through the schools, they are furnished with proper Catechisms, and a Prayer Book, and, if they behave well and improve, with a Psalm Book, and a Bible; and, when they leave the schools, if they do it with credit to themselves, a larger Prayer Book and Bible are presented to them.

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