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moral education, under the watchful eye of the governors, was then committed to instructors, whose kindness and attention do now, and we trust ever will, impress your mind with affection and gratitude.-Happy will it be for the children of the poor in this country, when the advantages of a similar education shall be extended to all of them:-and most unhappy, and most ungrateful, will you prove, if, with those advantages, you do not bring forth the genuine fruits of Christian education,-PIETY, VIRTUE, and INDUSTRY.

When your progress of instruction, and your period of life, had fitted you to be placed out as an apprentice, a proper situation was carefully sought for you; where the good habits, and untainted principles, of your early years might be confirmed and extended. From that to the present time, the provident care of your benefactors has been rather increased than diminished. Frequent investigations with re gard to your conduct and situation, and constant and unwearied attention, on their part to guard against any circumstance which might blight or disappoint your hopes and expectations in life, have conducted you safely through the period of your apprenticeship.

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You do now attend to receive that REWARD your good conduct, and that TESTIMONIAL of it under the seal of this Corporation, which the governors are persuaded you are intitled to, not merely from the certificate of your master or mistress, but from their own knowledge of your conduct and behaviour, during the period of your apprenticeship. The bestowing, however, of that reward, and the signing of that testimonial, would afford but a small and imperfect mark of the interest which they take in your welfare, without the addition of ADVICE and INSTRUCTION, with regard to your future conduct through this world, to a happier and more perfect state of existence.

It should be your FIRST OBJECT in life, to have a conscience void of offence towards GOD, and towards man;-your second, to maintain and support yourself by your own industry and exertions; and to preserve, by decency, civility, and propriety of behaviour, that unblemished character, which you are, at present, so fortunate as to possess.

As to your primary and your pre-eminent duty, we exhort your always to bear in mind, that, in this world of trial, if GOD be for us,


we need not mind what man shall say, or attempt to do, against us. If He is our protector, we may pass with security and peace through the valley of the shadow of death, and through every scene of danger or difficulty. If, on the contrary, He casts us off, we have no other power to look to for succour and protection. To HIM, therefore, address yourself, in fervent and frequent prayer, not only in the church, but in your chamber; and look to him with faith, knowing that his mercy never was withheld from those, who sought him with piety and humility, and who relied on his protection.

If you are duly impressed with your duty to God, you will never fail in the performance of your duty to your neighbour. He who loveth God, will love his brother also:—and he who is obedient to the divine commands, will possess HONESTY, SOBRIETY, INDUSTRY, PRUDENCE, KINDNESS and FORBEARANCE; virtues, which are not only essential to your duty to GoD and to your neighbour, but, as we shall endeavour to explain to you, of the most important and immediate consequence to your present welfare here, as well as to your eternal happiness hereafter.

Without HONESTY, which includes a strict adherence to TRUTH, you must not only relin quish the hope of thriving and being successful in your station of life, but you must look for ward to disgrace and punishment, and probably to an ignominious end. THE MOST ABAN


WITH ATROCIOUS CRIMES.-It is from petty and uncorrected habits of pilfering and falsehood,—it is from allowing our wandering desires to covet some little portion of our neighbour's goods, and then attempting to avoid detection by falsehood or prevarication,—that the foundation of principle in the human heart is corrupted and undermined,—the impression of religious and moral habits gradually effaced, -and the hardened and abandoned criminal, at length, left to expiate, by a public and igno minious death, the crimes which he has perpe trated against his fellow creatures.

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The blessing of honesty (like that of every other virtue) returns with accumulated advantage to the possessor: the influence, however, is directed in its more immediate effect, to others. SOBRIETY, the virtue which we have next to observe upon, is an act of self preser vation; and looks almost exclusively to our


own health and happiness. In its more enlarged sense, it includes an abstinence from every personal irregularity of conduct; and, among other irregularities, from that, against which, with your early instruction and subsequent habits, we trust it will be unnecessary to forwarn you. We mean, that vice, which in young men leads them into improper and criminal connections, and in women is generally attended with every species of degraded and prostituted depravity. Of the victims of unregulated passions, you will find a melancholy list in the annals of Newgate, and you will see many wretched females in the public streets. Happily for you, we repeat, with early religious instruction, and with subsequent care

The preserving and educating of so many children, which without the Foundling Hospital would have been lost to that society of which they are calculated to become useful members, is certainly a great and public benefit. The adoption of an helpless unprotected infant, the watching over its progress to maturity, and the fitting it to be useful to itself and others here, and to attain eternal happiness hereafter, these are no common or ordinary acts of beneficence; but their value and their importance are lost, when compared with the benefits which (without any prejudice to the original objects of the charity) the mothers derive from this Institution as it is at present conducted. The preserving the mere vital functions of an infant, cannot be put in competition with saving from vice, misery, and infamy, a young woman, in the bloom of

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