2012: A Conspiracy Tale

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Troubador Publishing Ltd, 2008 - Всего страниц: 256
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The story takes place in early 2008. It is a time of great political unrest; people are living in constant fear of terrorist attack and are looking to the world leaders to take action. Suspicion of local government runs high and conspiracy rumours abound. Mitchell Webb, CEO of IDSys, and his long-term friend Simon Rockwell are on the brink of securing a contract from Her Majesty's Government for the design, manufacture and supply of Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFIDs) for the protection of the British Public against terrorist attack. It would be the biggest deal in their company's relatively short history. Shortly after being awarded the contract, there is a horrendous terrorist attack on one of England's most famous landmarks and the Government passes legislation for the compulsory introduction of RFIDs, bringing about a series of events that draw Mitch and his colleagues into the biggest conspiracy in history. Little by little, they uncover some unsettling information that makes them question the real motives behind the introduction of RFIDs. The friends soon find themselves in a deadly race against time, facing a powerful and ruthless enemy, culminating in an astonishing discovery about the very origins of life on Earth.

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Bryan Collier was an Electronic Engineer for twenty years, before completing an MBA at Bristol Business School in 2003, when he became a self-employed Business Consultant. In the past, he has worked on Military Electronics at Ferranti, Marconi and BSI. He spent five years at Motorola, in the UK, US and China, working on Mobile Telecommunication Systems before taking voluntary redundancy to concentrate on his business degree. Since gaining his MBA, he has worked as a Business Consultant/Programme Manager for a number of Financial Organisations. He currently lives in the UK with his wife and two cats. His interests include: ancient history, science and quantum physics.

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