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My Defence is of God. The Lord is my Keeper. I laid me down and flept; I awaked, for the Lord fuftained me: The Lord fhall preferve my going out and my coming in.

He is with me, and will keep me in all Places whither I go, and give me Bread to eat, and Raiment to put on. For by him have I been holden tip from the Womb; he hath fed me all my life long,

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Thou, Lord, only makeft me dwell in Safety, and thy Vifitation preferveth my Spirit.

GOD is the Supreme LORD, DISPOSER, and GOVERNOR of all Things.

• The moft High God is the Poffeffor of Heaven and Earth. All that is in the Heaven and in the Earth is his. The World is his, and the Fulnefs thereof.

P God is the Judge of all, and he reigneth over all. Thine is the Kingdom, O Lord, and thou art exalted as Head above all. All Things ferve thee.

Whatfoever the Lord pleafeth, that doth he in Heaven and in Earth, in the Seas, and in all deep Places.

He hath appointed the Ordinances of Hea ven and Earth; and he doth according to his Will in the Army of Heaven, and among the Inhabitants of the Earth.

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The Counfel of the Lord, that fhall ftand, and he will do all his Pleasure.

All Angels, and Authorities, and Powers, are fubject to him; and his Angels do his Commandments, hearkening unto the Voice of his Word. -The Sun, and the Moon, and the Stars, even all the Hoft of Heaven, the Lord hath divided unto all Nations under the whole Heaven.

w He appointed the Moon for Seasons, and the Sun knoweth his going down.

* He commandeth the Sun and it rifeth not, and he fealeth up the Stars. He turneth the Shadow of Death into the Morning, and maketh the Day dark with Night.

y God thundereth marvellously with his Voice; he directeth the Sound of it under the whole Heaven, and his Lightning unto the Ends of the Earth.

He caufeth the Vapours to afcend; he maketh Lightnings with Rain, and bringeth forth the Wind out of his Treasures.

a He faith to the Snow, Be thou on the Earth; he calleth for the Waters of the Sea, and poureth them out upon the Face of the Earth.

By the Breath of God Froft is given, and the Breadth of the Waters is ftraitned.

Fire and Hail, Snow and Vapour, Wind and Storm fulfil his Word. He turneth them round

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about by his Counfels, that they may do whatfo ever he commandeth them, upon the Face of the World in the Earth: He caufeth them to come, whether for Correction or Mercy.

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The Lord giveth Rain, both the former and the latter Rain in his Season, that Men may gather in their Corn, their Wine, and their Oil: He alfo fhutteth up the Heaven, that there be no Rain, and that the Land yield not her Fruit.

He vifiteth the Earth, and bleffeth the springing thereof: He reneweth the Face of the Earth, and crowneth the Year' with his Goodnefs; fo that the Pastures are clothed with Flocks, and the Valleys are covered over with Corn.

f He caufeth the Grafs to grow for the Cattle, and Herb for the Service of Man, that he may bring forth Food out of the Earth.

He turneth a fruitful Land into Barrennefs, for the Wickedness of them that dwell therein.

h The Lord is the God of all Fleth, and of the Spirits of all Fleth; all his living Creatures, both small and great Beafts, and Things creeping innumerable, wait upon him, that he may give them their Meat in due Seafon. That which he giveth them they gather, he openeth his Hand, and they are filled with Good. When he hideth his Face, they are troubled; when he taketh away their Breath, they die and return to their Duft.

iHe feedeth the Fowls of the Air, and not a Sparrow falleth to the Ground without him.

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The Moft High ruleth in the Kingdom of Men, and giveth it to whomfoever he will.

He is the Governor among the Nations; God ruleth unto the Ends of the Earth.

The Lord is our Judge; the Lord is our Lawgiver; the Lord is our King.

"When the Moft High feparated the Sons of Adam, he divided to the Nations their Inheri tance, and fet the Bounds of the People.

• He appointed the ancient People, and the Things that are coming, and fhall come.

The Lord increafeth the Nations, and de royeth them; He enlargeth the Nations, and ftraitneth them again: And at what Inftant, he fpeaketh concerning a Nation or a Kingdom, to build, and to plant it, or to pluck up, and pull down, and to destroy it, it shall be done.

He changeth the Times and the Seafons He removeth Kings, and fetteth up Kings: God the Judge putteth down one and fetteth up another. By him Kings reign, and Princes decree Juftice, even all the Judges of the Earth.

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5: From him cometh every good and every perfect Gift; neither is there any Evil in the World, and the Lord hath not done it.

He killeth, and he maketh alive; he woundeth, and he healeth: He bringeth down to the Grave, and he bringeth up. Unto God the Lord

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belong the Iflues from Death. If he gather unto himself the Spirit of Man and his Breath, al Flefh fhall perish together, and Man fhall turn again unto Duft.

"The Preparations of the Heart in Man, and the Anfwer of the Tongue is from the Lord. He giveth Wisdom to the Wife, and Knowledge to them that know Understanding: And when it fo feemeth good in his Sight, he hideth Things from the Wife and Prudent, and revealeth them unto Babes.

w The Lord maketh poor, and maketh rich He bringeth low, and lifteth up. Riches and Honour come of him; and in his Hand it is to make great, and to give Strength unto all. He raifeth the Poor out of the Duft, and maketh the barren Woman to be a joyful Mother of Children.

* The Race is not always to the Swift, nor the Battle to the Strong; neither yet Bread to the Wife, nor yet Riches to Men of Understanding, nor yet Favour to Men of Skill; for who knoweth not in all thefe, that the Hand of the Lord hath wrought this?

y The Horfe is prepared against the Day of Battle, but Safety is of the Lord: For he delivereth and rescueth; He maketh Wars to ceafé, and restraineth the Wrath of Man.

2 The Lot alfo is caft into the Lap, but the whole difpofing thereof is of the Lord; in whofe Hand our Breath is, and whofe are all our Ways,

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