Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Том 11

Передняя обложка
Charles Dudley Warner
International Society, 1897
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Стр. 4634 - Now, what I want is Facts. Teach these boys and girls nothing but Facts. Facts alone are wanted in life. Plant nothing else, and root out everything else. You can only form the minds of reasoning animals upon Facts : nothing else will ever be of any service to them. This is the principle on which I bring up my own children, and this is the principle on which I bring up these children. Stick to Facts, sir...
Стр. 4524 - ART thou poor, yet hast thou golden slumbers ? O sweet content ! Art thou rich, yet is thy mind perplexed ? O punishment ! Dost thou laugh to see how fools are vexed To add to golden numbers, golden numbers ? O sweet content ! O sweet, O sweet content ! Work apace, apace, apace, apace ; Honest labour bears a lovely face ; Then hey nonny nonny, hey nonny nonny ! Canst drink the waters of the crispe'd spring ? O sweet content!
Стр. 4354 - HOW doth the city sit solitary, that was full of people ! How is she become as a widow ! she that was great among the nations, And princess among the provinces, how is she become tributary!
Стр. 4402 - The loss of these tastes is a loss of happiness, and may possibly be injurious to the intellect, and more probably to the moral character, by enfeebling the emotional part of our nature.
Стр. 4427 - Nature's productions should be far "truer" in character than man's productions; that they should be infinitely better adapted to the most complex conditions of life, and should plainly bear the stamp of far higher workmanship?
Стр. 4635 - If you please, sir, I am very fond of flowers," returned the girl. " And is that why you would put tables and chairs upon them, and have people walking over them with heavy boots ?" "It wouldn't hurt them, sir. They wouldn't crush and wither if you please, sir. They would be the pictures of what was very pretty and pleasant, and I would fancy " "Ay, ay, ay! But you mustn't fancy," cried the gentleman, quite elated by coming so happily to his point.
Стр. 4636 - You are not to have in any object of iise or ornament what would be a contradiction in fact. You don't walk upon flowers in fact; you cannot be allowed to walk upon flowers in carpets. You don't find that foreign birds and butterflies come and perch upon your crockery; you cannot be permitted to paint foreign birds and butterflies upon your crockery.
Стр. 4393 - As for myself, I believe that I have acted rightly in steadily following, and devoting my life to Science. I feel no remorse from having committed any great sin, but have often and often regretted that I have not done more direct good to my fellow creatures.
Стр. 4618 - And under reef foresail we'll scud : \vast! nor don't think me a milksop so soft, To be taken for trifles aback; For they say there's a Providence sits up aloft, To keep watch for the life of poor Jack!
Стр. 4401 - My mind seems to have become a kind of machine for grinding general laws out of large collections of facts...

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