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Birmingham New Meeting, Testimonial to Rev. S. Bache 476

Dr. Raphall, of Birmingham

The Lord's Supper..

Death of D. C. Baird, Esq., of Ingalba

Rev. W. Jillard Hort, of Cork....

Farewell Soiree to the Messrs. Catcheside & Hedley

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B. Bailey's Day and Sunday Primer ......

W. Vidler's First Book for Sunday Schools

Travers Madge's Sunday School Penny Magazine

Maclellan on Temperance..

Bury Total Abstinence Society Report

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Green on Death Punishment

J. C. Woods on Religious Meditation

Howorth on Our Older Sunday Scholars

Henry Ware, Jun., Prose Works......

Wright's Popular Introduction to the Bible....

Mrs. Couper's Beechwood Farm

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Southern Unitarian Fund

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WHAT is Christianity; Christianity as taught by Christ, Christianity as inculcated in the history and instructions of Jesus of Nazareth; in precept and example, in spirit and act, in prayer and performance, in the life, death, and resurrection of the Author and Finisher of our faith? What is Christianity as therein taught? Not the commandment of Man; not the tradition of Elders; not the elaborated philosophy of human wisdom, or the inspiration of mere human genius, or the promptings of human intuition, or the condensation of the byegone experiences of the world; not a cumbersome Formula of ceremonial observance, bowings and crossings, sprinkling and incense, procession and invocation, melancholy and moping, sadness and sackcloth; not bodily genuflections, fleshly mortifications, penance, maceration, and prostration, whether internal or external, of mind or form; not subserviency to sacerdotal craft, or blind obeisance to sacerdotal authority; not the utterance of vain repetitions in the worship of we know not what, as if echoing sound would extort accordance with human entreaties; not darkness, confusion, vindictiveness, anathema, hatred, malice, and all uncharitableness. All these, and more, much more of a similar character may have been, yea actually have been called, say rather miscalled Christianity, and enforced on human belief and practice by dint of human authority, in place of the holy, wise, benevolent, and divine original, which they counterfeited and carricatured, travestied and profaned; but they are its perversions, its corruptions, not its sanctifying and life-giving truths. Why? Because they curse where Christianity would bless, they distort

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