The News magazine, ed. by T. Smith

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Thomas Smith (head master of the Classical sch, Peterborough)
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Стр. 17 - The whole Law relative to the Duty and Office of a Justice of Peace ; comprising also the Authority of Parish Officers.
Стр. 33 - Thy master's house, — from all of these my exiled one must fly ; Thy proud dark eye will grow less proud, thy step become less fleet, And vainly shalt thou arch thy neck, thy master's hand to meet. Only in sleep shall I behold that dark eye, glancing bright; — Only in sleep shall hear again that step so firm and light; And when I raise my dreaming arm to check or cheer thy speed, Then must I, starting, wake to feel, — thou 'rt sold, my Arab steed!
Стр. 33 - THE ARAB'S FAREWELL TO HIS HORSE. MY beautiful, my beautiful, that standest meekly by, With thy proudly arched and glossy neck and dark and fiery eye ! Fret not to roam the desert now with all thy winged speed ; I may not mount on thee again : thou'rt sold, my Arab steed.
Стр. 233 - You would smile to see the concern she is in, when I have a cause to plead ; and the joy she shows when it is over. She finds means to have the first news brought her of the success I meet with in court, how I am heard, and what decree is made. If I recite...
Стр. 222 - Hereafter, thro' all times, Albert the Good. Break not, O woman's-heart, but still endure ; Break not, for thou art Royal, but endure, Remembering all the beauty of that star Which shone so close beside Thee that ye made One light together, but has past and leaves The Crown a lonely splendour.
Стр. 33 - Ah ! rudely then, unseen by me, some cruel hand may chide Till foam-wreaths lie like crested waves along thy panting side, And the rich blood...
Стр. 156 - Kingdom, or that he ought not to enjoy the same, here is his Champion, who saith that he lieth, and is a false traitor; being ready in person to combat with him, and in this quarrel will adventure his life against him on what day soever he shall be appointed.
Стр. 94 - A something, light as air — a look, A word unkind or wrongly taken — Oh ! love, that tempests never shook, A breath, a touch like this hath shaken.
Стр. 89 - Ah, did I not tell you that you would be shaken to death ? ' inquired the black man, when I was creeping along on my stomach. But I gave him no reply. Indeed, I was ashamed ; and I now write this as a warning to all strangers who are inclined to ride in English stage-coaches, and take an outside seat, or, worse still, horror of horrors, a seat in the basket. " From Harborough to Northampton I had a most dreadful journey. It rained incessantly, and as before we had been covered with dust, so now we...
Стр. 33 - Away! the fevered dream is o'er ! I could not live a day, and know that we should meet no more; They tempted me, my beautiful ! for hunger's power is strong — They tempted me, my beautiful ! but I have loved too long.

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