Are You Lied To About The Bible?: Volume 1

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AuthorHouse, 2003 - Всего страниц: 332
In this his thought-provoking work, "Are You Lied To About The Bible Volume 1" (published by AuthorHouse), Christian Bible scholar Leif Werner sheds light on the most controversial topics of the Scriptures that is God's Word the Bible. Being the first book in a series of Biblical expositions, "Are You Lied To About The Bible" addresses some of today's hottest subjects of Christianity including who were Adam and Eve and Cain, the Rapture, who is Antichrist, where are the dead, the second coming of Christ, the New or One World Order, talking in tongues, the mark of the beast, health God's way and UFOs and more. While many of its themes pertain to the end times the book is not alarmist in tone. Instead, it helps readers gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and better discernment especially in terms of separating truths from lies. "I hope this book will help readers in learning the truth and to live with peace of mind," Werner says. "I am not here to scare anyone but rather to reveal the truth for the reader for truth will set you free from lies and confusion." "Are You Lied To About The Bible" is a treasure trove of fascinating insights and revelations. It will appeal to students of the Bible and religion, history buffs and anyone interested in the most pressing religious issues of today. The Bible says that beginning of knowledge and wisdom start with the love for investigating the Biblical Scriptures which is God's letter to us.

Об авторе (2003)

Leif Werner was born and raised in Sweden and now lives in the United States. He graduated from the National Technical College in Civil Engineering, as well as from the Institute of Environmental Medicine, Division of Toxicology. These are the world renowned research laboratories of the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden. The Institute's faculty members determine the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine every year. Werner's profound scholarly knowledge of the Bible comes from many years of study and with a growing commitment to the study of Biblical Scriptures he has studied with some of the world's leading Bible scholars. He has worked for the Swedish Government in leading position with public and environmental health and in the Middle East for the United Nations. He has written two Biblical scholarship books. Werner is married to artist and professor of art education Leah Reuben Werner, and has two children.

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