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the Elements of Antichriftianifm are no where more plainly and fully laid down than by this unhappy Writer in that Book. And indeed I cannot but be of the Opinion, from the Manner of the Performance of this celebrated Piece of his, that he may well deferve for it to be accounted one of the Prophets and Forerunners of Antichrift: and that when this grand Leviathan shall arife in the World, whofe Arm is his God; and fhall establish his Kingdom, by lifting up the Banner of Maozzim, in Oppofition to that of the Cross of Chrift, and make his Name and Image to be adored by most of the Inhabitants of the Earth; he will be so far from feeming to favour Superstition and Idolatry, that under the Pretence of driving them out of the World, he will labour to banish_all Senfe of Religion, and especially to expose the whole Chriftian Revelation to the utmoft Scorn and Contempt. There cannot, Ithink,be a more certain Characteristick of Antichrijf than this: and the Advances that have been made within ourMemory,and daily are making, by the Apoftles of Satan, for bringing about this End, are fo Notorious to all; as no more need be faid to justifie the Defign of a Treatife which is to promote a fairExamination of the various Phänomena and Signs which now every where appear, and to awaken all Sober-Thinkers carefully to watch against the Evils of the Laft Times,and efpecially against that Antichriftian Leaven which is working powerfully in the Children of Difobedience and Infidelity at this Day,



who are employed to prepare the Way of Antichrift the Great, and to fill up the Myfteby of Iniquity.

I cannot better conclude than with the Vords of a Great Prince, under the afflicting Hand of God, which were written about wenty Years fince, to one of the principal Lords of his Court.

"BE not infenfible of the Plagues with which God is afflicting the greatest Part of Europe: WAR,FAMINE, PESTILENCE, lay all things Wafte; and these Chastisements give us to underftand, that there is a juft Judge Above, who governeth the World, and whom we ought to fear. and what this Penitent King then faid to that ireat Lord his Friend, having pretty fe erely chid him for his Indifference in Reliion, and his frequenting of Balls, Opera's, nd other Diverfions and Amusements, may ow be faid to every one that fhall read hese Sheets, or reflect on the Face of these Times, Be not you the Laff that shall profit by hese wholesom Warnings of Heaven.

* 1792 An det of Parl. was me Es rapeal the pinah Laves a had been made az ccrti halions: but at the same restraining the Cure f

w is our soins Topang The A Word in Seafon.


HE Author is not infenfible that the Publication of fuch a Treatife as this at a Time when the SwORD (the firft of Evils here treated of) is now ready to be fheathed in thefe Parts of the World where it hath fo long and fo cruelly ravaged, will be judged by a great many very Unfeasonable. And fo indeed it would be, were but the Minds of People difpofed to receive the Blef fings of Peace or could they be brought to understand and confider their true Interest: which cannot be expected without strictly purfuing the Methods of Juftice, without either Favour for or Prejudice against Any Perfon or Party whatfoever, and by clofely adhering to the immutable Standard of God's Everlafting Truth, without which no Establishment of Man can long ftand. No doubt had we lived in Nineveh in the Days of Jonah, or in Babylon in the Days of Daniel, there are great Numbers among us that would have thought the Preaching of the former and the Interpretation of the latter hot more Seafonable than This now is. But Nineveh was reprieved from its impending Ruin by Attention to the One: and Babylo which repented not perifhed with its King and fo muft Spiritual Babylon likewife with her King, and all that drink out of her Cup except they repent.

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26. Antichrift and the Falf
Prophet taken and caft int
the Bottomlefs-Pit.

The Conclufion of the whole,

with fome Thoughts about the

Signs of the Times.

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