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Soon, soon it fell; in bitter woe
It sunk into the gulph below,
And found a flaming tomb.


So foolish man betray'd awhile,
By folly's magic witching smile,
Yields to her gay domain;
But soon his sportive days are o'er,
He sinks, alas, to rise no more,

And mourns his fault in vain.


Learn hence, all ye that read these lays,
To fly vain pleasure's idle blaze,
And ev'ry worldly charm;
Where'er ye see the tempting glare,
Remember death is couching there,-
God shield you from the harm.

C. J.


On the latter part of the 11th Chapter of St. Matthew.

How sweet the solace, that his words impart,
What heav'nly balm, to heal the broken heart;
Ye souls distrest, that feel the oppressive lead,
Attend the call, and trust your Saviour God.

Come unto me, the bless'd Redeemer cries,
Come unto me, and here repose your sighs;
Ye souls that labour, crush'd with leaden care,
Forego the sigh, and stay the falling tear;
Ye heavy laden, and with sins opprest,
Come unto me, and I will give you rest:
Ye, that have groan'd, beneath the weight of sin,
Have felt its burden, and its yoke within;
Take then my yoke, 'twill soothe the troubled mind,
And learn of me, for I am meek and kind,
Lowly in heart, as all my life can prove,
Ye burthen'd souls, come lean upon my love;
Nor trust the world, with all its false delight,
My yoke is easy, and my burden light;
Here shall ye find, what earth can never give,-
Rest for your souls, then come to me and live.'

J. S. H.


Register of Entelligence.


Just Published.-ORATIONS FOR THE ORACLES OF God, in four parts.-JUDGMENT TO COME, an Argument, in nine parts. By the REV. EDWARD IRVING, A. M. Minister of the Caledonian Church, Hatton Garden, London, in 1 vol. 8vo. 12s.

In the Press.-A MEMORIAL OF THE LATE REV. N. EVANS, of Wymondham, Norfolk; including a Selection from his Private Correspondence: to which is subjoined, FUNERAL SERMONS, by the Rev. J. HOOPER, A. M. 12mo.

Just Published.-BAXTER'S PRACTICAL WORKS, in 8vo. Vol. 9, price 12s.

A New, beautifully printed, and popular royal 12mo. volume, for the use of Commercial Gentlemen, will appear in a few days, by Mr. WRIGHT, Accountant, Fenchurch-street, entitled-"THE NEW MERCANTILE ASSISTANT, AND GENERAL CHEQUE BOOK," cnutaining Nine copious and distinct Sets of Tables-The first Series (which contain more than One Hundred Tables) are Calculations by Reduction, on a novel and simple principle; exhibiting, at one view, what any commodity, purchased in the aggregate, i. e. by the Ton or Cwt. costs per single lb. stone, or qr. any number of lbs. or stones, or qrs.; or vice versa. The eight other Tables relate to the Public Funds, Life Annuities, Wine and Spirits, Hay and Corn, &c. &e. all peculiarly simple, and adapted to the purposes of Commerce, and as a cheque in the Counting-house



Prayer Book and Homily Society.-The Annual Sermon for this Society, was preached on Wednesday Evening, May 7th, by the Rey Henry Budd, A. M. Minister of Bridewell Precinct, &c. from 2 Peter i. 15. The Annual Meeting took place next day at noon, at Stationers' Hall, the Right Hon. Lord Bexley in the Chair. The total income of the Society for the past year, amounted to 20827. and its expenditure to 1977. In moving and seconding the usual motions, the meeting was addressed by the Bp. of Gloucester, Adın. Lord Gambier, Lord Calthorpe, the Earl of Gosford, Ald. Sir C. S. Hunter, W. W. C. Wilson, Esq. M. P., Z. Macaulay, Esq. and the Rev. Messrs. Burn, Budd, Treschow, and Basil Woodd.

The collections both days amounted to upwards of 627.

The first stone of a new church, St. Mary's, was laid at Greenwhich, on Tuesday, June 17th, by her R. H. the princess Sophia Matilda. The Bp. of Oxford read an exhortation on the occasion. A splendid procession of clergy, &c. preceded the ceremony.

Baptist Society for Promoting the Gospel in Ireland-The Ninth Anniversary of this Society was held at the City of London Tavern, Bishopsgate-street, on Friday last.-The great room began to fill at 6 o'clock in the morning. (Breakfast was served in the Coffee Room.) At 7 o'clock the seats were all occupied. A few verses of a hymn were sung, and the Rev. W. Shenston offered up prayer.

J. Butterworth, Esq. M. P. took the Chair. The Report stated:

The employment of persons, natives of Ireland, to read the Scriptures in the Irish language, has proved a happy means for gaining access to the adult part of the population.'

The number of the Sabbath, and Itinerant Irish Readers of the Scriptures is twenty-four.'

The Committee report that there are ninety-two day-schools, and fourteen evening schools, for adults, besides several Sunday schools. There are in Tipperary, Cork, Westmeath, Longford, and Kilkenny, eleven; in Clare and Limerick, seventeen; and in Sligo, Mayo, and Roscommon, Sixty-four. The schools contain about 7,500 children: all these belong to Roman Catholic parents, excepting about 500, whose parents are Protestants.

A placard, announcing that Mary Brown, of Nottingham, would preach on Sunday, June 22, at the chapel, in Grub-street, was, in the previous week, posted about the city. The novelty attracted vast crowds to the spot; and although, the chapel can accomodate 2000 people, it was filled long before the time of service in fact, every avenue was blocked np. The female preacher had on a nankin dress and wore a cap on her head. She expatiated for upwards of an hour on Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because men keep not thy law.'

Baptist Home Missionary Society.-The Annual Meeting of this Society was held at the City of London Tavern. Edward Phillips, Esq. late of Melksham, in the Chair.

The Meeting was opened by singing two verses, of the 67th Psalm, Shine, mighty God, on Britain shine.'

Rev. Joseph Kinghorn, of Norwich, engaged in prayer; the Chairman introduced the business of the Meeting in a very concise, appropriate, and forcible address, and called upon the Secretary, Rev. John Edwards to read the Report.

The Report stated, that this Society now affords assistance to upwards of One Hundred Village Preachers, whose labours are carried on at about Three Hundred and Fifty stations, which are situated in thirty-four counties in England, and seven in the principality of Wales; with which are connected one hundred and eight Sunday Schools. The receipts of the last year amounted to £1059, 18s. 84d. being considerably more than those of any former year. The Rev. F. A. Cox, J. Kinghorne, Dr. Steadman, E. A. Dunn, &c, addressed the meeting.



London Irish Society.-The first anniversary of this Society was held at the King's Concert Room, Haymarket, on Wednesday, April 30th, the Lord Bishop of Gloucester, (President), in the Chair.

The different motions at the public meeting were moved and seconded by the Earl of Gosford and Viscount Powerscourt; Mr. Wilberforce and Lord Calthorpe; Lord Lilford and Alderman Sir C. S. Hunter; Rev. D. Wilson and R. Daly; Rev. B. Woodd and W. H. Trant, Esq.; W. F. Myers, Esq. and Rev. Dr. Thorpe.

Philanthropic Society, St. George's Fields.-Thursday, May 8th, the Anniversary Festival of this Institution was held at the Albion, Aldersgate Street, when about 120 persons sat down to dinner, and Mr. Justice Park took the Chair, in the absence of the Duke of York, who was prevented attending by indisposition. The learned judge was supported by Lord Bolton and Sir W. Clayton. The object of the Society is the prevention of crimes by the admission of the offspring of convicts, and the reformation of criminal children, The receipts of last year amounted to 5,920/. 18s. 6d. and the expences to the same amount. The Chairman and several other gentlemen delivered eloquent addresses in support of the Institution, and a handsome collection was made for it

Sunday School Union.-Tuesday, May 13th, at 6 o'clock in the morning, was held the Annual (Breakfast) Meeting of this Society, at the City of London Tavern, Jos. Butterworth, Esq. in the Chair.

The schools in the South Sea Islands, West Africa, (negroes) and South Africa, encrease and prosper. The New York Female Union embraces 37 schools, 2854 3cholars, and 514 teachers, superintended by a Committee of 30 ladies. The Union for boys, 42 schools, 540 teachers, and 4055 boys.

The Philadelphia Sunday School Union which extends to 13 states, has in its connection 402 schools, 4197 teachers, and 31,297 scholars.

In Canada, a S. S. Union has been formed with which stand connected 28 schools, 2000 teachers, and 1200 children. To this school the London S. S. Union has voted books to the amount of 43. to be sold at reduced prices.

There are 158 scholars in Newfoundland, and 233 in Nova Scotia.

In the West Indies (principally at Antigua) there are 6000 S. S. scholars; and the Committee remark that the four principal Missionary Societies educate no less than 40, 000 at their various settlements; but in Demarara, negroes are forbidden to learn to read.

Of the Domestic statements of the Society we give the followng totals.

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