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Cold Weather-Communion - Cholera-Rattlesnakes - Sickness -Oppres-
A Night in an open House and heavy Shower - Morning Ride
Fourth of July - Pro-Slavery Rage - Visit at Dr. B.'s- Rumors of War--
Assault upon Mr. C.-"Fish's" Company,

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Broils-Leavenworth Herald-Camp Meeting - Gov. Shannon - Hunga-
rian Doctor -Gov. Shannon at Westport - Western Emigrants - Free
Negro-Gov. Shannon Visits Lecompton-Delegate Convention at Topeka
- Convention at Lawrence-Rumors of Invasion,

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Prairie Fires - Cold-Constitutional Convention-Military Supper - Mr. C.
ill-General Sickness Returned Emigrants - Death of Dow - Branson
Rescue Meeting at Lawrence,

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Judge Lecompte at November Court-Grand Mass Convention at Leavenworth
-News from the Border-Woodson's Despatch - Reinforcements at Law-
rence- - Enemy's Camp-Missouri Despatches-Meeting at Lawrence
Gen. Clark shoots his Friend-Strong Defences will save Bloodshed — Mc-
Crea's Escape,.
. 112


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Gov. Shannon's Proclamation-"Sheriff Jones" at Lawrence A Vermonter
-Pro-Slavery Men leave Town - Our Men drilling - Guard fired upon
-The Messrs. P. escape from Missourians - Western Neighbors - Messen-
gers to Gov. Shannon-A Dream,

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tions- Terrible Night - Generals R. and L. visit Franklin - Dissatisfaction
of the Invading Army-The Treaty - Dinner - Meeting at Council-Room
-Rumor from the Camp-Commission of Generals R. and L. - Peace
Party-Released Prisoners - Present Lull,


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Election for State Constitution - Affray at Leavenworth - Funeral of Barber
-S. and T. taken to Lecompton · Convention at Lawrence Severe
Weather-Destitution Outrage at Leavenworth - Kickapoo Pioneer -
Little Boy-Clear Morning — Odd Sleighs-Attack at Easton — R. P.
Brown killed - Men driven from their Homes - Death of Major Robinson
- Ride after a Mule - New Plans of the Enemy-Kickapoo Pioneer - The
Interposition of God - Provisions - A Winter to be remembered,


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Cabins in the Forts-Firing-Our People-Atchison's Letter-
Endurance - The Probability of Attack — Indians - A Wedding- Eastern
Newspapers Correspondence. of Gov. Shannon and Maj. Clark — Presi-
dent's Message- The Twenty-second of February-River open - Legisla-
Rumors of Arrest - Religious Societies-Osawattomie - Hampden
--Topeka --Wabousa -- Manhattan - Council City State Officers -- Sharpe's
Rifles taken at Lexington-Corner-stone of Unitarian Church laid- Our
House finished- Calls on Settlers - Receptions,

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May-party at Hotel-New Outrages - The Committee of Investigation at
Tecumseh - Visit at Topeka - Big Springs — Washington — Incidents —
Tecumseh-A Friend's Cabin - Boarding House - Buford's Men -- Judge
Lecompte's Charge to Grand Jury- A Writ of Attachment for Gov. Reeder-
The Marshal's Proclamation-Pro-Slavery Letters - Continual Outrages
upon Free-State Men in the Territory and in Missouri,

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Rumors of the threatened Attack - Letters to the Governor and Marshal, with
their replies-
-Miller arrested Gov. Shannon's Reply to the Messrs.
Eldridge-Jones and Stewart killed - The Sacking of Lawrence,

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· Gov. Shannon and Col. Sumner

- The Investigating Committee - Westport and Kansas City - W. Donelson
-Missouri Women- -A furious Man - Leavenworth-Conversation of
Western Women - Lawrence - Hopkins killed,

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grants disarmed and sent back Gay, the Indian Agent, killed - Bu-
chanan Ratification Meeting More Prisoners

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Camp moved to protect it― Log Prison-Cheerfulness "Law-and-order"
Men Barricades Dispersion of Legislature, .



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