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Elizabeth and James I. was lately found at Strathbane, in Stirlingshire. Each of them has the head of the sovereign on the one side, and the national arms on the other. The legend on the one is, ELIZAB. D. G. ANG. FR. ET HIB. REGIN.; and, on the reverse, POSVI DEV ADJVTORE MEV. The legend on the other is, JACOBUS D. G. MAG. BRIT. FRA. ET HIB. REX, with the number XII. within the circle; and on the reverse, NEMO SEPARABIT QUOS DEUS COJUNXIT, evidently alluding to the recent union of the crowns. These coins were found in an old piece of wood, which the proprietor was cleaving for fuel. This stump had for many years been made use of, near the common church-yard, as a block for splitting wood, and had afterwards served for a stool in the proprietor's kitchen, without any suspicion having been entertained of the treasure concealed in it. Besides these, we understand, that some gold coins, of considerable value, and a number of half-crown pieces, were found in the same repository, together with a small crucifix.

Leicester navigation is now open as far as Sileby. The first boat from the Loughborough bason came up to Mountsorrel last week; and as the locks above Mountsorrel are finished in the masonry, the time which will be required to fix the gates will be the only term of delay, before the line from Loughborough to Leicester is navigable for general commerce.

A beautiful tesselated floor was lately discovered on the farm of Mr. Water, at the Lea, between Hawood and Pontesbury, in Salop. It is between 13 and 14 feet square,

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consisting of small tesselæ of red brick, whitish marble, and brown, black, and grey stone; and appears to have belonged to the bathing apartments of an elegant Roman villa; mortar floors having been found near it, three feet below its level, with the foundation of such brick pillars as usually supported the floor of the sudatory: numerous fragments of square flues of tunnels of tile, furred within with smoke, are also found; with some pieces of leaden pipe, charred wood, pottery of blackish earth, and a channel or gutter to carry off water, corresponding with the descent of the ground.


19th. Between eleven and twelve, Mr. John Frost was brought out of Newgate, and placed in a coach, apparently very feeble, and rolled in blankets. Mr. Kirby, the keeper, accompanied him to the house of Mr. Justice Grose, in Bloomsbury-square, where he, with two sureties, entered into the recognizance required by his judgment for his keeping the peace. He was then discharged out of custody. As soon as he was at liberty, the multitude took the horses out of the carriage, and drew him along the streets, stopping at every marked place, particularly St. James's palace, Carleton-house, Charing-cross, &c. to shout and express their joy; and in this state they conducted him to his own house in Springgardens, where Mr. Thelwall made a speech, and intreated them to separate peaceably, which they accordingly did.

Mr. Thomas Muir and the rev. Fysche Palmer arrived in the river from Leith, on board a revenue cutter. Orders were sent down for delivering them into the custody of


Duncan Campbell, the contractor for the hulks at Woolwich; and they were put on board the hulks. A second order was sent down to separate them; and they are placed in different hulks at Woolwich; the former in the Prudentia, and the latter in the Stanislaus. They are in irons among the convicts, and were ordered yesterday to assist them in the common labour, on the banks of the river. Mr. Muir is associated with about 300 convicts, among whom he and Palmer

slept after their arrival. Mr. Muir is rather depressed in spirits; but Mr. Palmer appears to sustain his misfortune with greater fortitude.

Philadephia, Nov. 10. The disorder which had so long prevailed in Philadelphia is gradually abating; and, though some small remains of the contagion still exist, there is a reasonable ground of expectation that it will be effectually eradicated in the course of two or three weeks.

Nov. 7th. The king of Spain has ordered that a calculation should be taken of the number of inhabitants in the city of Madrid, which are stated as follows:

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The following statement of the quantity of sweets or British wines made in this country during the last four years, ending the 5th of July, 1793, may be relied upon as accurate.

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Total 32,877 barrels of 314 gallons each, the duty on which is

30,2361. 19s. 94d. average yearly 7,5591. 4s. 114d. into his ma

jesty's treasury.

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appears, that that most valuable branch of naval commerce has within these few years suffered an alarming decrease. In 1788 the total of ships fitted out from the ports of England amounted to 302; in 1789, to 267; in 1790, to 256; in 1791, to 242; and in 1792, to 230.

The following loans have been lately contracted for, and taken up at Amsterdam.

By Prussia 5,000,000 Dutch florins.
Russia 6,000,000

Austria 2,000,000
America 3,000,000

Total 16,000,000

The conditions are to pay annual interest of five per cent. except the United States of America, who promise, at the expiration of ten years, six and a half per cent.

24th. The number of bankrupts from the 25th of June last to this day, amounts to 502; a considerable falling off from the enormous number of failures that happened in the last half year.

Found murdered in his chambers in Clifford's-inn, Mr. Slaughter. Having lived servant in a gentleman's family, he was an extremely retired man, saw no company, frequented no place of public resort, except a certain club, which met once a week, and which, for many years, he regularly attended. His absence on the night of meeting was immediately imputed to sickness, or some uncommon accident. Some of the party hearing of the life he led, never suffering any person to make his bed, or clear up his room, agreed to call at his chambers. After repeatedly knocking at the door, and receiving no answer, they broke it open,


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ley, esq. a son and heir. Sept. 29. At his house at Bromley

5. The lady of the rev. Mr. Twopenny, two daugh


Mar. 31. The lady of Theophilus

Cock, esq. a son. Lately, the lady of W. White, esq. a daughter. Lady of lord Le Despencer, a daughter.

April 1. The lady of Henry-Augustus Leicester, esq. a son. At Edinburgh, the marchioness of Tweedale, a


19. At Vienna, her Imperial Majesty, a prince; who was baptised, the next day, by the names of

common, in Kent, the lady of George Norman, esq. high-sheriff of that county, a son and heir. Oct. 25. Mrs. Cooke, wife of Mr. Cooke, alderman of Grantham, co. Lincoln, a son: It has been an ancient custom at Grantham, that, if the alder man has a child born to him during his being in that office, the members for the borough stand god-fathers.

28. At Copenhagen, the princess royal of Denmark, a princess.

Ferdinand,Charles, Leo- Nov. 28. The lady of Charles Chad

pold, Joseph, Francis,


29. At Lisbon, her royal high

ness the princess of Bra

zil, a princess; who was

name of Maria.

wick, esq. a son and heir. The lady of sir H. Harpur,

bart. a daughter.

The lady of major Mercer,

a son.

baptised, May 6, by the Dec. 1. The marchioness of Wor

May 31. At Basle, in Switzerland,

lady Robert Fitzgerald,

a son.

cester, a son.

2. The queen of Naples, a

princess, since named


Dec. 4.

Dec. 4. The lady of Samuel Bod

dington, esq. a daughter.

Wm. Young, bart. M. P. to Miss Barbara Talbot.

7. The lady of Henry Tim- May 23. Herbert Newton Jarrett,

son, esq. a son.

10. The lady of Beeston Long,

esq. a daughter.

17. The lady of Edw. Grove, esq. a daughter.

18. The lady of Thomas Fauquire, esq. a daughter.

21. The lady of John - Paul Paul, esq. a daughter.

esq. to miss Berners. Barwell Browne, esq. to

miss Coffen.

26. Viscount Milsington,eldest son of the earl of Portmore, to lady MaryElizabeth Bertie, only daughter of the duke of Ancaster.

22. The lady of sir Stafford June 18. At Reading, lord Charles

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Murray, brother to the duke of Athol, to miss Aynsley, of Littleharletower, co. Northumberland. His lordship has obtained his majesty's permission to take the name of Aynsley.

July 1. Francis Dashwood, esq. to lady Anne Maitland, sister of the earl of Lauderdale.

Samuel Eastwick, esq. son of Samuel Eastwick, esq. to the hon. miss Hawke, daughter of lord Hawke.

the University of Cam- Aug. 14. Sir Gilbert Heathcote,

bridge, to Miss Stout, of

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bart. to Miss Manners, daughter of the late John Manners, esq. of Grantham.

29. The earl of Pomfret to miss Brown, of Pall-mall. John earl of Breadalbane, to miss Gavin, eldest daughter of the late David Gavin, esq. of Langton.

Hopetoun. Mr. Pitt act- Oct. 24. James Bulkely, esq. to miss

ed as father.

The earl of Ancram to lady

Henrietta Hobart.


lady was lately viscount- Nov.

ess Belmore of Ireland.

21. At the house of the mar

quis of Buckingham, sir

Hare, daughter of the rev. Nathaniel Hare, of Hurstmonceaux-castle. Charles Mordaunt, esq. eldest son of sir John Mordaunt, bart. to miss Louisa Chester, second daughter

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