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Events which followed from the Murder of Louis XVI. Correspondence between
Lord Grenville and M. Chauvelin. The Departure of M. Chauvelin. M.
Maret's Return to England. Conference proposed between Lord Auckland
and General Dumourier. France declares War against England and Holland.
Reflections on that Event. The Convention threatens to address the People
of England. Dumourier proposes to take possession of Maestricht. His Re-
turn to the Army. Plan for attacking Holland. Breda besieged and taken.
Klundert and Gertruydenberg besieged and taken. Williamstadt besieged.
The French Army evacuates Klundert, and retreats to Antwerp. Maestricht
besieged. New Constitution of France. Cagliari attacked by the French
Fleet, which is repulsed. Advantages obtained over the French by the Im-
perial Army. France declares War against Spain. The Siege of Maestricht
raised. The Battle of Neerwinden. Negotiation between the Austrian Gene-
ral and Dumourier. The latter retreats to Tournay, &c. Jacobin Deputies



Leading Parties in France. Proceedings of the National Convention. Establish-

ment of a Revolutionary Tribunal for trying Offences against the State. Decree

for the Protection of Property. Decrees for inflicting Punishment on Publica-

tions in favour of Monarchy. The Sentence of Outlawry decreed against all

Persons attempting a Counter-Revolution. A Committee of Public Safety ap-

pointed. Its Powers specified. The Bourbon Family arrested. Decree re-

specting the Paper-Currency of France. Violent Contests between the Gironde

and Jacobin Parties. Petitions presented by one of the Sections of Paris against

certain Deputies. The Commons of the forty-eight Sections of Paris demand

that certain Deputies should be impeached and expelled the Convention. Va-

rious Accusations brought against the Convention by a Deputation of the

Fauxbourg of St. Antoine. Marat sent to the Abbey Prison: is tried, and

acquitted. The Convention enter upon a Consideration of the new Constitu-

tion. A Commission of twelve Members of the Convention appointed for in-

specting the Commonalty of Paris. Distracted State of the Convention. Forced

Loan proposed. The Proceedings of the Commission of Twelve irritate the

People. Its Dissolution decreed. Decrees respecting Public Instruction, and

the Regulations of the Army. Paris in a State of Insurrection. A Deputation

from the Revolutionary Committees appear at the Bar of the Convention. New

Commotions in Paris. The Convention compelled to arrest certain Deputies:

The New Constitution. Declaration of the Rights of Man. Observations.

Report respecting the imprisoned Deputies. The Southern Provinces in a

State of Revolt. Marat assassinated. Decree against Foreigners. Decree for

rising in a Mass. Occurrences in the West Indies. Capture of Pondicherry. 254


[blocks in formation]

Average Prices of Corn for 1793.



[blocks in formation]

Letter from the same to the same, ordering his immediate Departure from the
Realm, Jan. 24


Message from his Majesty to the Houses of Lords and Commons, Jan. 28 128

Protest in the House of Lords against the Address, voted in answer to the pre-
ceding Message


Preliminary Declaration by Admiral Lord Hood to the Inhabitants of Toulon 171

Proclamation by Lord Hood to the Inhabitants in the Towns and Provinces of
the South of France

Declaration made to Admiral Lord Hood



Memorial presented on the 8th of October 1793, to M. De Serristori, Minister for Foreign Affairs at Florence, by Lord Hervey, the English Minister 186 Answer


Declaration of the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta to the Court of Naples, dated September 12, 1793




Address of the Proscribed Deputies of the National Convention, ordered to be put under arrest, to the French Nation Address of the National Convention to the French, printed by its order, and sent to all the Departments, and to the Armies Memorial addressed by the Arch-Duke Charles to the States of the Austrian Netherlands, requesting a Supply from the Subjects of the Emperor in those Provinces, for the purpose of defraying the Expences of the War 195 Proclamation issued by Lieutenant-Colonel Whitelocke, Commander of the Expedition from Jamaica to St. Domingo, on his arrival at that Island Declaration sent, by his Majesty's Command, to the Commanders of his Majesty's Fleets and Armies employed against France, and to his Majesty's Ministers residing at Foreign Courts. Oct. 19, 1793 .






Note transmitted by Lord Robert Fitzgerald, Minister Plenipotentary of his Bri-
tannic Majesty to the Swiss Cantons, to the Helvetic Body
Answer of the Swiss Republic to Lord Robert Fitzgerald's Declaration 204
Official Note from the Ministers of the Allied Courts to M.Count de Bernstorff,
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to the King of Denmark
Answer of the Danish Minister, Count de Bernstorff
Reply of the British Minister to the Answer of M. de Bernstorff
Speech of the Earl of Westmoreland, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, to both Houses
of Parliament, on opening the Session, Jan. 10, 1793 .
Protest in the House of Lords of Ireland against the Bill for preventing unlawful
Assemblies, July 10






Speech of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to both Houses of Parliament, on closing the Session, August 16 Manifesto or Public Declaration of the Court of Spain, explanatory of its Sentiments towards the French Nation


Proclamation by the President of the United States of America


A second Proclamation of the President of the United States of America Citizen Genet, Minister Plenipotentiary of the French Republic, to Mr. Jefferson, American Secretary of State



Address of the President of the United States of America to the House of Representatives, Dec. 3, 1793

214 Message from the President of the United States to both Houses of Congress 218 Declaration of the King of Prussia respecting the March of his Troops into Poland 219

Protest of the Serene Confederated Republic of Poland against the violent Entrance of the Prussian Troops into its Territories


Edict of the Empress of Russia, addressed to her Senate on the 8th of February, 1793


Manifesto and Declaration of his Prussian Majesty to the City of Dantzick 226
Declaration of the Emperor of Germany respecting the Affairs of Poland ibid.
Ukase of the Empress of Russia relative to the Partition of Poland
Prussian Declaration on the same Subject
Russian Declaration




Note delivered on the 28th of April, by the Illustrious General Confederation, to H. E. Mr. De Sievers, Ambassador Extraordinary of her Majesty the Empress ́of Russia, in answer to those of this Minister, under date of the 18th ult. 233 Universal, published in the name of the Empress in the heretofore Polish Provinces, now under her Dominion



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