The Montreal Snow Shoe Club: Its History and Record, with a Synopsis of the Racing Events of Other Clubs Throughout the Dominion, from 1840 to the Present Time

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Beckett Bros., 1882 - Всего страниц: 521
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Стр. 218 - Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon!
Стр. 487 - Shalt show us how divine a thing A Woman may be made. Thy thoughts and feelings shall not die, Nor leave thee, when grey hairs are nigh, A melancholy slave ; But an old age serene and bright, And lovely as a Lapland night, Shall lead thee to thy grave.
Стр. 360 - Glory and love to the men of old, Their sons may copy their virtues bold, Courage in heart and sword in hand, Ready to fight or ready to die, for Fatherland! Who needs bidding to dare, by a trumpet blown? Who lacks pity to spare, when the field is won? Who would fly from a foe, if alone, or last? And boast he was true, as cowards might do When peril is past?
Стр. 485 - As when the moon, refulgent lamp of night, O'er Heaven's clear azure spreads her sacred light, When not a breath disturbs the deep serene, And not a cloud o'ercasts the solemn scene, Around her throne the vivid planets roll, And stars unnumber'd gild the glowing pole ; O'er the dark trees a yellower verdure shed, And tip with silver every mountain's head...
Стр. 79 - ... few rails down, so that there is no obstruction. But a tramp is as tame without a tumble as without a fence, so here goes for your five feet ten ! Never was there charger could take a high fence like a snow-shoer ! As an old song of the Montreal Snow-shoers' Club runs : — " Men may talk of steam and railroads, But too well our comrades know We can beat 'the fastest engines In a night tramp on the snow. " They may puff, sir, they may blow, sir, They may whistle, they may scream — Gently dipping,...
Стр. 368 - Kts. separated, highly gratified with the proceedings of the day, which will be long remembered by those who had the good fortune to be present.
Стр. 52 - ... they are fastened firmly to each other. The total length is about 39 inches, and the width from 13 to 16 inches. Across the oval, and fitted into the inside of the framework by mortices, are two battens of wood, 5 or 6 inches clear of both ends. Over the front one at an open space a deerskin thong is fastened, forming an aperture for the reception of the great toe. The thong is then crossed over the top of the foot, passed round and tied to the sides. This leaves the heel free to move up and...
Стр. 291 - After the Reading of the Reports of the Secretary and Treasurer, the club elected the following gentlemen as Office Bearers for the year ; C.
Стр. 259 - Pluck comes nobly to the fore Gaining he is, more and more, Nerves all braced he dashes on Another spurt, — the race is won. Hearty cheers then rent the air Beaten men admit all fair, Winners from all boasts refrain, Losers say they'll try again. Moralists who disesteem The joys that in snow shoeing teem, Let the moral in our race 259 Perseverance is our word " Giving in" is never heard, Men can't follow in our track, With beer in belly or crime en back.

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