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When I first essayed to give to the friends of the "Montreal" a history of the Club, I had an idea that a small pamphlet would suffice.

As time went on and the history was being written up, it became evident that it would be necessary--in order to the completeness, so desirable in works of a like na ture to embrace accounts of races and meetings held under the auspices of other organizations, at which members of the "Tuque Bleue," or those who subsequently joined its ranks, took part.

This entailed more labour than was anticipated, though, happily, I was partly prepared for the task, having had in my youth the usual boyish desire to "keep a scrap book"; and my fancy turning to legitimate Amateur Athletic sports I was enabled to compile from these scraps, detailed reports of all the recorded snow-shoe racing events which have taken place in Canada, since the year 1840.

In many instances, my personal observation is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this Book, and it is believed the records may be accepted as thoroughly trustworthy.

Appeals have been made by me to the veteran members of the Club, for reminiscences of the early days of the club's existence, but the great treasure house from which it has been my privilege to draw, has been the vigorous memory of our oldest member and Honorary President, Nicholas H. Hughes, Esq.

To Messrs. W. L. Maltby, D. E. Bowie, W. G. Beers, W. H. Whyte, R. D. McGibbon, John K. Reid, John Horn, John Leslie (Ottawa) and T. A. Anderson (Quebec) I am indebted for much valuable assistance, in the preparation of the work which is now submitted to the public.



On page 31-for "W. Herbert " read "W. Heber," 17th line from top.

On page 94--for " 3 m. 5 sec," read " sec," 5th line from bottom.

3 m. 58

On page 112- --for "Townsend" read "W. Townsend," 15th line from top.

On page 112 for "(M)" in parenthesis read "(A)" 5th line from bottom.

On page 113-see Reports of "Aurora" Club's "walks," in years 1861-1862-1863, and 3 mile running race, 1864.

On page 128-see Errata and Addenda page. On page 156-for "1869" read " 1868," 2nd line from top.

On page 212-For second heat "pipe race," read "third" heat, 11th line from top.

On page 228-for "Thomas Foy" read "W. K. Roy," 12th line from top.

On page 301-for "1876" read "1875" 11th line

from bottom.

On page 318-time in club cup race, read "13 44." 13th line from top.


On page 506-see Report "Levis (Que) Club' Races, partly omitted on page 287.

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On pages 506 and 508-- see Reports "Terra Nova" Club Steeple Chases, omitted at dates.

On page 507-see Report of Annual Meeting of Montreal Club of 1876 7, omitted in Season.

On page 508-see Report, final heat, MowatStarke Race, omitted in Season 1876-7.

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