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Bills of any specie-paying bank in the United States or Canadas received at par for subscriptions. We have no traveling agents. Any one wishing to receive THE TRIBUNE need not wait to be called upon for his subscription. All that is necessary for him to do is to write a letter in as few words as possible, inclose the money and write the name of the subscriber with the Post-Office, County and State, and direct the letter to

GREELEY & MCELRATH, Tribune Office, New-York.


Persona residing at points where mails arrive oftener than once a week are requested to ex amine the Semi-Weekly. We regard it as the cheapest paper, all things considered, published in the United States.






The Postage on the Daily Tribune one year is..
The Postage on the Weekly Tribune for one year is..
The Postage on the Semi-Weekly for one year is..
Payable quarterly in advance, at the office where the paper is received.



.11 25

$1 56


GREELEY & MCELRATH, Tribune Office, New-York.

Opinions of the Press.

The New-York Tribune will soon commence a We are rejoiced to see the growing prosperity new volume, and we commend it to the support of the Tribune, for it is eminently deserving of it. of all who know how to appreciate a truly inde- It is a self-sustaining and independent institution pendent Journal. A recent exposition of its of which Americans may well be proud, and business exhibits its real and sterling prosperity, which they ought to cherish as a standing monuwhich is most richly deserved, and shows, too, ment of the greatness and intelligence of the that the same bold and manly policy which has Nation.-Spirit of the West, Columbus, Ohio. marked its career hitherto will be continued, no The New-York Tribune notices a threat that matter what may be its effect upon its circulation the Know-Nothings will "stop their papers," and and receipts. The Tribune is the ablest and most secretly combine against its circulation and supcomplete Journal which the country can boast, port: To this, it replies in the usual gallant style and is edited with an ability which gives it a with which Greeley has always faced his enemies. great and commanding influence through the Up to the eyes, as he is, in isms of all sorts, country. Far above the reach of those cor- there is hardly an editor in the land who can rupting influences which too frequently destroy rival him in frankness and fearlessness, and we the moral power of a Journal, it is ever found on wish him all success. In this instance particu the side of Humanity and Progress. Take it for larly so. We think it matters little whether a all in all, its excellences are so great that its free press is silenced by a Papal censor, or by a defects are lost sight of. Its noble course in secret society. We are equally opposed to the arousing the popular mind to a due appreciation tyranny of Jesuits and of Senior Sachems or of the evils of Slavery, and its dominant rule over grand "Mums." In such a contest our sympathe policy of the country, is deserving of the thies are entirely with the Tribune, and we are highest praise. On other questions, too, it has sure of his eventual victory.-N. Bedford Mer. been found ever true and faithful to the nobler We are happy to learn, that, despite of the instincts of Humanity, and to those great reforms "hard times" and the crusade of Know-Nothings which are destined to exert so glorious an influ- against the Tribune, that the establishment ence upon mankind. We trust that its circula- never was in a more flourishing condition. tion in our city will be increased rather than rejoice at this, not because we approve of all the diminished during the ensuing year, for we feel principles and views enunciated by the paper, confident of the intellectual and political growth but for the simple reason that we regard it as of that community which habitually reads the the ablest, the boldest, and most independent Tribune.-Newark (N. J.) Daily Mercury. daily newspaper in the country. There is a The New-York Tribune. - This invaluable freshness, a vigor, and an earnestness in its journal possesses an unrivalled reputation-there columns, that is not to be found in any other is not a nook or corner in our country where it Journal in the Republic. In our judgment the is not known and its worth appreciated. The Tribune stands at the head of the American great ability manifested in its columns and the press.-Albany Daily Knickerbocker. reasonableness of its terms of subscription, to- INDEPENDENCE OF THE PRESS.-We cut the folgether with the liberal yet independent views of lowing from an article in the N. Y. Tribune of its conductors,unite in making it the great favor- the 23d inst., headed "Ourselves." A true Editoite among the American People. The fact that rial spirit pervades it. Heaven save any commuthe Weekly Tribune has a circulation of near nity that is afflicted with an editor who will, for 120, 000 and that the united circulation of the the sake of a temporary success, cater for pridaily, semi-weekly and weekly reaches near 160,-vate interests at the sacrifice of the public good, 000 is evidence sufficient to show that it is the or who will lend himself to the furtherance of paper for the million.-Athens (Ohio) Messenger. unworthy ends.-Beloit (Wisconsin) Journal.


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