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Compressing Gases, Pump for, Cailletet, 308
Conder (Capt.) and Lieut. Mantell, Campaign in Eastern Pales-
tine, 231

Conics, Collection of Examples and Problems on, and some of
the Higher Plane Curves, Ralph A. Roberts, 197

"Conic Sections Treated Geometrically," S. H. Haslam and J.

Edwards, 7

Conroy (Sir John), Spectrum of Light emitted by Glow-worm,

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Cuckoo Singing at Night, 88

Culley's Practical Telegraphy, Translation of, Berger and Bar-
donnant, 557

Cumberland Association for the Advancement of Literature and

Science, 161

Cunningham (D.), Recent Unseasonable Weather, 222

Cunningham (J. T.), Darwin Memorial, 124
Cunningham (Major Allan), "Treatise on Rivers and Canals,"
L. F. Vernon-Harcourt, 5; "Report on the Irrawaddi River,
172; Hydraulic Experiments at Roorkee, 495

Cups and Circles, Chas. Rau, 126


Letters, Francis Darwin, 104; Alph. de Candolle on, 183;
Commemoration in honour of, 183; Prof. Haeckel on
Darwin, Goethe and Lamarck, 533

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Darwin (Francis), Chas. Darwin's Letters, 104
Darwin (G. H.), Lunar Disturbance of Gravity, 458; On a
Misprint in the Tidal Report for 1872, 465
Davis Lectures Programme of the Zoological Subjects, 112
Davison (W.), Collections in Malaiasia, 305

Dawkins (Prof. W. Boyd, F.R.S.), Address at the British
Association in the Department of Anthropology, 434

Daylight observation of Comet, 1882a, 210

Dead Heat, A, Edward Muybridge, 81
Deaf-Mutes, Felix Hément, 105

Dechevrens (Marc.), Earthquakes in China, 175; "Typhoons of
the Chinese Seas in 1881," 626

Deep-Sea Exploration, 15

Deep-Sea Investigations, The Triton, 230

"Degeneration: an Essay," Reflections on Reading, 603
Delaporte on Cambodean remains, 280

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'Cuprous Chloride Cell," A. P. Laurie, 126

Currents of Moderate Strength, Dynamometer for Alternating, Dundee, New University College of, 415
Dr. W. H. Stone, 201

Cuttle-Fish, Colossal, 542

Cyclones, E. Douglas Archibald, 9, 31 ; Is the axis of a Cyclone Dunsink Observatory, R. S. Ball, F.R.S., 236
vertical? J. A. W. Oliver, E. D. Archibald, 222

Ducks, Domestication of, in America, 113

Dudgeon (R. E., M.D.), "The Sphygmograph; its History and
Use as an Aid to Diagnosis in Ordinary Practice," 29

Dufour (Prof.), on the Hailstorm, August 21, 1881, 530

Dumas, Summary of works of International Commission of

Weights and Measures, 583

Dusts, some of the Dangerous properties of, Prof. F. A. Abel,

F.R.S., 19

Dutch Society of Sciences at Harlem, Medals awarded by,


Duvaux (M.), New French Minister of Public Instruction,

Dynamo, Relation between Waste and Useful Work in Shunt,
Prof. O. J. Lodge, 311
Dynamo- elektrischen Maschinen, Die Magnet und, Dr. H.
Schellen, 318

Dynamometer for Alternating Currents of Moderate Strength,
Dr. W. H. Stone, 201

Ear, diseases of, Statistics concerning, 185
Ears, Function of the, in the Perception of Direction, Consul
E. L. Layard, 176

Earth, Mean Temperature of the Atmosphere at the Surface of
the, as Determined by Observations and by Theory, O.
Reichenbach, 150

Earth's Internal Heat, Utilization of, 210
Earth-Tremors in Japan, John Milne, 125
Earthquakes: at Karpathos, 89; at Fayal, 113; in Naples, H.
J. Johnston-Lavis, 151; in China, Marc Dechevrens, 175; at
Lulea (Sweden), 209, 231; at Laibach and Trieste, 280; at
Geneva, 281; at Ardon, Valais, 281; at Chios, 351; at
Dijon, 415; Report on Japanese, 464; at St. Louis, &c., 556;
Isthmus of Panama, 583; at Panama, 611; at Verona, 634;
Earthquakes and Mountain Ranges, Rev. O. Fisher, 7; New
Seismatic Apparatus for Indication of Earthquake-motions,

Eaton (Rev. A. E.), Aurora, 626

Eclipse, the Total, 40, 52, 75, 82, 83; Eclipses, Total Solar of,
1883 and 1885, 512; English Eclipse Expedition, 63, 129;
Eclipse, Janssen's Photographs of, 88; Eclipse Notes, J.
Norman Lockyer, F.R.S., 51, 100; Scientific Results of the
Eclipse, 181

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Epping Forest, 34; and the Essex Field Club, 159
Equatorial Coudé, Loewy, 414

Erck (Wentworth), the Comet of 1882, 573, 597, 622
Erratic Blocks, the B.A. Report on, 460, 481

Essex Naturalists' Field Club, 41, 67, 159; Cryptogramic Meet-
ing of the, 411

Etheridge (Robert, F.R.S.), Opening Address in Section C of
the British Association at Southampton, 422

Ethnology, Korean, A. H. Keane, 344; Aino, A. H. Keane,

Euclid, Sequel to first six books of, Dr. Casey, 219
Europe, the International Geological Map of. 464

Evans (John, F. R.S.), Unwritten History and How to Read it,
513, 531

Evershed (S.), the Recent Aurora, 548

Eddystone Lighthouse, Opening of new, 89
Edinburgh Royal Society, 23, 47, 95, 167, 264, 287, 335
Edison's Tasimeter, Influence of Time on the Carbon Disk of,
Prof. T. C. Mendenhall, 309

Evolution, Permanence and, Dr. G. J. Romanes, F.R.S., 265
"Evolution by Force Impossible," Dr. Jas. Croll, 556
Excitability of Plants, Prof. Burdon Sanderson, F.R.S., 353
Exhibition, International Fisheries, 89

Edison Electric Light in "Press" Department of Telegraph Exhibition, Copenhagen International Geographical, 231
Office, 415

Exploration, Deep-Sea, 15

Edmonds, F. B., Sunspot Period, 292

Edwards (J.) and S. H. Haslam "Conic Sections treated Geo-
metrically," 7

Egypt, Eclipse Expedition to, 40; Scientific Exploration in, Gen.
Pitt-Rivers, F.R.S., 364; Maps of, 310, 378, 415; Woolwich
Balloons sent to, 471; the Injurious Parasites of, Dr. Cobbold,
F.R.S., 492; the Oldest Tombs and Tenants, 57; Uganda
and the Egyptian Sudan, Rev. C. T. Wilson and K. W.
Felkin, 79; Funeral Tent of an Egyptian Queen, Villiers
Stuart, 193

Eisner (Prof. Th.) Existence of a Voice in Lizards, 29
"Eira," Search for the, 208, 387; C. R. Markham, F.R.S.,

Eldridge (G. Morgan), A New Thermograph, 163.

Electric Light, Earliest Use of the Incandescent, 62; "Le
Lampe Soleil," 208; Fire Risks from, 272;
Illumination," Vol. I., 305; Electric Lighting by Incandes-
cence, J. W. Swan, 356; Domestic Use of Incandescent,
470; Electric Lighting of Kösen, 611; New Arc Electric
Lamp, W. H. Preece, F.R.S., 526.
Electricity at the Crystal Palace: IV.
"Submarine Tele-
graphy," 60; E. Mascart and E. Joubert's Electricity
and Magnetism, 147; Electric Railway, 156; Kabath's
Electric Accumulators, 180; Electricity on Pike's Peak,
260; Modern Applications of Electricity, E. Hospitalier,
289; Electrical Units, Maurice Lévy, 308; Congres of
Electricians, 306, 414; Electricity of Flame, Elster and
Geitel, 308; Electric Properties of Flames, 320; Electro-
technical Exhibition at Munich, 330, 556; Electric Develop-
ment, Exhibition of Practical, 351; Accidents from Electricity
in Paris, 378, 415; Lord Kayleigh on the Absolute Measure-
ment of Electric Currents, 465; Lord Rayleigh on the
Duration of Electric Currents in a Conducting Cylinder, 465;
Lord Kayleigh on the Equilibrium of Liquid-conducting
Surfaces charged with Electricity, 465; B.A. Report on
Electrical Standards, 488; Electric Navigation, Prof. S. P.
Thompson, 554; Electric and Gas Exhibition at Crystal
Palace, 556; Traité Pratique d' Electricité, C. M. Gariel, 570;
International Conference for Establishing Technical Uni-
formity in, 583, 611; Electrical Congress in Paris, 633; Experi-
ment of Janin and Maneuvrier on Inverse Electromotive
force in Voltaic Arc, 308; Hartleben's "Elektro Bibliothek,"


Ellis (William), Magnetic Storm of 1882, April, 175
Eloy, Aeronautical Ascent by, W. de Fonvielle, 88
Elster and Geitel, Electricity of Flame, 308
Emin Bey (Dr.), Journey in East of Bahr-el-Jebel, 282

Encyclopædic Dictionary, Cassell, Petter & Galpin's, 510
"Encyclopædia der Naturwissenschaften," 530
Ende (W. am), Proposed Bridge over the Forth, 624
Energy, Solar Conservation of, J. J. Murphy, 31

Engineering, Visit of Society of Telegraph Engineers to School
of Military, 257

English Plant-names, Old, Jas. Britten, 243
Entomological Society, 95, 192, 496, 616

[blocks in formation]

Field Clubs, London, 612

Fijian and Maori Comparative Vocabulary, Thurston and Wild,

Findlater (Andrew), "Chambers's Etymological Dictionary of
the English Language," 7

Finlay (Sept. 8), Comet 18826., 614

Fireballs in Netherlands, Dr. Groneman, 245
Fire risks from Electric Lighting, 272

Fish, Destruction of, by River Pollution, 281; New and Very
Rare from the Mediterranean, J. Yate Johnson, 453; Inter-
national Fisheries Exhibition, 89, 279, 305, 480; Swedish
Fisheries, Gerhard von Yhlez, 57; United States Report of
Fisheries, T. B. Ferguson, 474

[blocks in formation]

Food-plant Improvement, Majr Hallett, 91

Forbes (G.), on the Velocity of White and Coloured Light,

Forbes (H.O.), Stamens with Different Functions in one Flower,
386; Arrival of, at Larat, 611
Forbes (W. A.), Expedition up Niger, 305
Forth Bridge, B. Baker on, 494

Fowler (John, C.E. F.G.S.), Opening Address in Section G at
the British Association at Southampton, 441

Forel (Prof.), Le Grain du Glacier, 89; On Glaciers, 67
Forest, Subterranean, at Crossland, 160

Forest Cultivation, Memorial for School of Colonial, 280
Forth Bridge, The Proposed, Sir G. B. Airy, 598; Prof. G.
Reynolds; B. Baker; M. am Ende; Wm. H. Johnson,

Fossils, Silurian, in the North-West Highlands, Henry Hicks, 7
Fossil Cephalopods, British, a Monograph of, J. F. Blake, 25
Fossils, Moore Collection of, 280


Foster (Dr. M.), Francis Maitland Balfour, 313, 365
Fouqué (F.) and M. Lédy, Synthèse des Mineraux et des
France: Asssociation for the Advancement of Science, 17, 350,
466, 470; Prize offered by the French Government for most
u-eful Application of Volta-pile, 184; Number of Public
Teachers in France, 281; First Superior School for Females
in, 585

Frankland (Dr.), Climate in Town and Country, 380
Free Libraries in America, 329
Freshwater Sponges, New, 43
Fries (Prof. Elias), proposed Purchase of his Botanical Collec-
tions by the Upsala University, 113
"Funeral Tent of an Egyptian Queen," Villiers Stuart, 193
Fungi of Huddersfield, Exhibition of, 612

"Galeni Pergamensis de Temperamentis et de Inæquali Intem-
perie Libri tres, Thoma Linacro Anglo Interprete," 1521, 6
Gallo-Roman Town near Poitiers, 635
Galloway (R. L.), a History of Coal Mining, 509
Galloway (W.), "Getting" Coal by Means of Caustic Lime,
298, 365; Colliery Ventilation, by Alan Bagot, 339
Galton (Fras.), Rapid-View Instrument for Momentary Atti-
tudes, 249
Galvanometers, Graded, Sir William Thomson's A. Gray,

Gamgee (Prof. Arthur, F.R.S.), Opening Address in Section
D at the British Association at Southampton, 405
Gardner (J. S.), Phylloxera, 38; a Chap'er in the History of
Coniferæ-the Abietineæ, 106; "Madeira: its Scenery," 363;
the Cause of Elevation and Subsidence of Land, 468
Gardner (H. D.), the Watchmaker's Handbook, by Claudius
Saunier, 319

Gariel (M.), Traité Pratique d'Electricité, 570

Gas Mixture, Absorption of Heat by, Heine, 308
Gas-condensing Pump, Cailletet's, 308; P. J. Lecky, 343
Gases, Absorption of Radiant Heat by, Prof. Tait, 639
"Gasteropoden der Meeres-Ablagerungen der Ersten und Zweiten
Miocanen Mediterran-Stufe in der Oesterreichisch-Ungarischen
Monarchie," von R. Hörnes und M. Auinger, J. Gwyn
Jeffreys, F.R.S., 149

Gee (Geo. E.), Hall-marking of Jewellery, 89
Gegenbaur's Morphologisches Jahrbuch, 616

Geiger (Lazarus), "Contributions to the History of the Develop-
ment of the Human Race," 103

Geikie (Dr. Archibald, F.R.S.), in Arran, 39; the Geology of
China, 241

Geitel and Ekster, Electricity of Flame, 308
Geminorum, Variable Star u, 114

Geography: Geographical Notes, 19, 90, 139, 162, 512, 543;
International Geographical Exhibition at Copenhagen, 231;
Proceedings of Royal Geographical Society, 231; Geography
in Russia, 211; Geography in New South Wales School
Books, 279; Geographische Bildertafeln, Oppel and Ludwig,

Geology Geologists' Association, 17; Summer Excursion of,
230; Geological Collections in Oxford University Museum,
Index Guide to, Prof. Prestwich, 378; Swedish Geological
Expedition to Spitzbergen, 447; International Geological
Map of Europe, 464; Geological Explorations in New
Forest, 556; Geological Society, 46, 95, 263; Proceedings

[blocks in formation]

Gilder (W. A.), Schwatka's Search: Sledging in the Arctic in
quest of the Franklin Records, 7

Gill (Theo.), Chiasmodon Niger and Notacanthus Rissoanus,

Gilpin's "Forest Scenery," 612

Giraud (Lieut.), African Expedition, 309

Gizzard, Contents of some Oceanic Birds, H. B. Guppy, 12

Glacial Phenomena, Pseudo, Rev. T. E. Tenison-Woods, 81

Glaciers, Prof. Forel on, 67; Commercial Utilisation of, 185;
Le Grain du Glacier, Prof. Forel, 89 旦

Gladstone (Dr. J. H.) and Dr. A. Tribe, F. R.S., Chemistry of
Planté and Faune Cells, 251, 342, 603

Glandular Secretion, Prof. Arthur Gamgee on, 407, 411

Glasgow, the Kelvingrove Museum, 67; the Mitchell Library,

[blocks in formation]

Gre-ham College, Exhibition of Objects from Iserlohn Tech-
nical School at, 257

Griffith (G.), on F. M. Balfour, 365

Grimshaw (Mr.), the Microscope, 531

Groneman (Dr.), Fireballs in Netherlands, 245

Grote (A. Radcliffe), Illustrated Essay on the Noctuidae of
North America, with "A Colony of Butterflies," 281, 500
Guiraud (P. L.), Particulars of History of, Feil, 350; Major
Herschel, 573

Guinea Pig, Dr. Fraser on the, 493

Guns, Resistance of the Air in, Prof. D. Colladon, 353
Guppy (Surgeon-Major H. B.), Gizzard Contents of some
Oceanic Birds, 12; Extension Seawards of the Waters of the
Chinese Rivers, 38

Gyula (Prof. Schaarschmidt), Researches on the Division of the
Chlorophyll-Granules, and upon the Occurrence of Hypo-
chlorin in the Cyanophyceae and Bacillarideæ, 476

[blocks in formation]

Haller (Dr. G., and Cie.), North German Museum for Natural
Science, 329

Hallett, Major, Foodplant Improvement, 91

Halo, A Curious, Prof. J. P. O'Reilly, 268, 344; Prof. S. P.
Thompson, 293: W. A. Sanford, 320
Hamburg Geographical Society Expedition to Central East
Africa, 615

Hampshire, Robert Etheridge, F.R.S., on the Geology of,


Hannay (J. B.), Limit of Liquid State of Matter, 370
Hart Testimonial, 232

Haslam (S. H.) and J. Edwards "Conic Sections Treated
Geometrically," 7

Hawkshaw (J. Clarke), The Channel Tunnel, 494
Health Resorts; Scottish Highlands, 297

Havre, Telephony at, 352

Hawes (A. G. S.) and E. M. Satow, Handbook for Travellers Hydrometer, Herr Fleischer's, 18
in Central and Northern Japan, 290

Heat, Absorption of by Gas Mixtures, Heine, 308
Heat Developed in Dielectrics, Prof. Bellati and Naccari,


Heine, Absorption of Heat by Gas Mixtures, 308
Helms (Ludwig Verner), "Pioneering in the Far East, and
Journeyings to California in 1849 and the White Sea in
1878," 476
Hélouis (N. A.), Patent for Manufacture of Hydrogen and
Oxygen, 585

Hément (Felix), Deaf Mutes, 105
Hemsley (W. Botting), "Marianne North

Gallery of Paint-

ings of "Plants and their Homes," Royal Gardens, Kew,

Henslow (Rev. Geo.), Animal Intelligence, 573

Herring Merchants, Meeting of Swedish, 447
Herschel (Sir W.), Bibliography of his writings, 208
Herschel (Prof.), Pictet's Corpuscular Theory of Gravitation,


Herschel (Major), Orange Culture in Florida, 420; Note on
History of Optical Glass (Guinand), 573; The Comet, 622
Hesse-Wartegg (Chavelier de), "Turis; the Land and the
People," 7

Hicks (Henry), Silurian Fossils, in the North-West Highlands, 7
Highlands, North-West, Silurian Fossils in the, Henry Hicks, 7
High Tides, Hypothetical, Prof. J. S. Newberry, 56
Hilaire (M. Barthelmy St.), Translation of Aristotle's History
of Animals, 509

History, Unwritten, and How to Read it, John Evans, F.R.S.,
513, 531

Hjaltelin (Dr.), Death of, 184

Hockin, Charles, Death of, 40

Holden, E. S., Washburn Chronograph, 368

Holmes (T V.), "Dene Holes," 634

Holub (Dr.), South African Explorations, 310, 558

Hölzel's Geographische Charakter-Bilder fur Schule und Haus.
Herausgegeben unter Pädagogischer und Wissenschaftlicher
Leitung, Dr. Josef Chavanne &c., 476

Hongkong, the Proposed Meteorological Observatory at, 113
Horse in Motion as shown by Instantaneous Photography, &c.,
J. D. B. Stillman, 196

Horse in Motion, Conventional Representation of, F. Galton,
F.R.S., 228

Horticulture, Utilisation of Ants in, Prof. C. V. Riley, 126
Horticulture, Belgian, 280

Hoskyns-Abrahall (Rev. John), Meteors, 125

Hospitalier (E.), Modern Applications of Electricity, 209, 352
Hovgaard (Lieut. A.), “Nordenskjöld's Arctic Voyage Round
Asia and Europe," 29

"Howard Medal," Statistical Society's Prize, 584

Stadents and Practitioners of Medicine, J. C. Dalton, Prof.
J. G. McKendrick, 451
Hungarian Association for the Advancement of Science, G. F.
Rodwell, 456

Howitt (A. W.), Australian Aborigines, 452
Huddersfield Fungi Exhibition, 612

Hufner, Diffusion Experiments with Gases on Hydrophane of
Czernowitza, 309

Huggins (W., F.R.S.), Photographic Spectrum of Comet
(Wells) 1, 1882, 179

Hulme (F. E., F.S.A.), 'Worked Examination Questions in
Plane Geometrical Drawing, 103

Hutton (Prof. F. W.), On Biology in an Arts' Curriculum,


Human Race, Contributions to the History of the Development
of the, Lazarus Geiger, 103
Human Physiology, Treatise on, Designed for the Use of

Hurricane at Manilla, 634

Hydrates (Crystalline) of Phosphoretted and Sulphuretted
Hydrogen, Ammonia, and Carbon Dioxide, 614
Hydraulic Experiments at Roorkee, Major Allan Cunningham,
Hydrocarbons, Prof. Mendeleef on Heat of Combustion of,

Hydrogen and Oxygen, Hélouis' Patent for Manufacture
of, 585

"Hydrographical Surveying," Capt. W. J. L. Wharton, 195

Hydrophane of Czernowitza, Diffusion Experiments with Gases
on, Hufner, 309

Hydrophobia and Snake-bite, A. Stradling, 221
Hygiene of School-children, French Commission, 634
Hypochlorin in the Cyanophyceae and Bacillariacea, Researches
on the Division of the Chlorophyll-Granules, and upon the
occurrence of, Prof. Schaarschmidt Gyula, 476
Hypothetical High Tides, Prof. J. S. Newberry, 56

Ice, Curious Formation of, H. Worth, 81

Iceland, Meteorology of, in Winter and Spring of 1881-82, 322
"Summer Travelling in, by Coles," G. F. Rodwell, 363
Oswald's, "" By Fell and Fjord," G. F. Rodwell, 363
"Ideality in the Physical Science," Benjamin Peirce, 104
Imperial Dictionary, 3rd Vol. of Blackie's, 258
Incandescent Electric Light, Earliest use of, 62
Incandescent Lamp, non-Electric, 108; F. M. Sexton, 176;
British Electric Light Company's, 230; Domestic use of,

Index Guide to Geological Collections in Oxford University
Museum, Prof. Prestwich, 378

India, Land and Freshwater Mollusca of, Dr. J. Gwyn Jeffreys,
F.R.S., 53

India, the Salt Supply of, Prof. V. Ball, 468
India-rubber Plants, 237

Indigo, change of Ornithological Propiolic Acid into, 614
Induction, Willoughby Smith, 267

"Ingenieurs des Arts et Manufactures," Paris Central School
for, 446

Inhambane, Discovery of Copal Forest at, 351

Innuit Tribes on Alaska Coast, Petroff on Limit of, 257
Insects injurious to Forest and Shade Trees, A. S. Packard,
78; the tide of travel of noxious, 136; Scudder's Bibliography
of fossil, 159; Fertilisation of Flowers by Dr. H. Müller,
307; Respiratory movements of, 454; an Insect attacking
a Worm, Edwin Lawrence, 599; Prof. W. Swan, H. Rix,
J. Shaw, 574

Institute of Chemistry, First Provincial Dinner of, 634
Institution of Civil Engineers, 71, 95

Institution of Mechanical Engineers, 375

Intelligence, Animal, C. Lloyd Morgan, 523
International Polar Observatories, 294
International Meteorology, 370

International Hygienic Conference, Proposed, in Geneva, 67
Intestinal Movements, Peristaltic, 43

Invertebrate Zoology, Handbook of, W. K. Brooks, Prof.
Lankester, F.R.S., 548

Iridium, Process for Melting, 585

Iron and Steel Institute, Annual Meeting of, 17; Autumn
Meeting of, 351, 509, 530

"Irrawaddi River, Report on," Major Allan Cunningham, 172
Iserlohn Technical School, Exhibition at Gresham College of
objects from, 257

Isomeric and Metameric Compounds, Comparative Action of,
on the Growth of Plants, 43

Isomorphous substances, Dilatation of, M. Spring, 306; Pettersson

on Spring's Researches on Expansion of, 568
Italian Census, 258

Italian Antarctic Expedition, Wreck of, 378
Ivory, Artificial, 585

Jacamars and Puff-birds, A Monograph of, or Families Galbu
lidae and Bucconidæ, 8; Dr. P. L. Sclater, F.R.S., 499

Jackson (Lewis D'A.), "Modern Metrology," 55
Jackson (B. Daydon) Guide to the Literature of Botany, Jas.
Britten, 417; Vegetable Technology, Jas. Britten, 417
Jahn, Density of Bromine Vapour, 567
Jamaica Petrel, Consul E. L. Layard, 177

Jamieson (Jas.), Influence of Light on Development of Bacteria,


Jamieson (T. F.), Oscillations of Sea Level, 319
Jamin and Maneuvrier, Experiment on Inverse Electromotive
force in voltaic arc, 308

Janssen's Photographs of Eclipse, 88
Japan, Seismological Literature of, 17; Earth-Tremors in,
Prof. John Milne, 125; School in, 184; Handbook for
Travellers in Central and Northern, Satow and Hawes, 290;
Asiatic Society of, 306; Japanese Progress, Col. H. S. Palmer,
R.E., 310; Meeting of Japanese Literati, 379; Storm
Warning Service in, 414; Earthquake Phenomena of, Prof.
J. Milne, 464 Japanese Cotton, 542; Seismology in, Prof.
J. Milne; 627

Javanese "Gamelon," 471
Jeannette Expedition, 19, 282; Scientific Results of the, 479
Jeffreys (Dr. J. Gwyn, F.R.S.), "Land and Freshwater Mol-
lusca of India," 53; "Die Gasteropoden der Meeres-abla-
gerungen der Ersten und Zweiten Miocänen Mediterran-
Stufe in der Oesterreichisch-Ungarischen Monarchie," Von
B. Hornes and M. Auinger, 149

Jenisei, "A. E. Nordenskjöld," Expedition to the, 447
Jenkinson (Rev. T. B.), "Amazulu, the Zulus, their Past
History, Manners, Customs, and Language," &c., 522
Jevons (W. S. F.R.S.), Solar-Commercial Cycle, 226; Death
of, 377; Obituary Notice of, 420

Jewellery, Hall-marking of, Geo. E. Gee, 89
"Johns Hopkins University, Studies from the Biological
Laboratory," 70, 331; Mathematics at the, 202
Johnson (James Yate) New and very Rare Fish from the
Mediterranean, 453

Johnson (Prof. Alex.) Newton, Wollaston and Fraunhofer's
Lines, 572

Johnson (W. H.), Proposed Bridge over the Forth, 625
Johnston Lavis (N.), Earthquake in Naples, 151; Diary of
Vesuvius, Jan. 1 to July 16, 1882, 455

Jointing of Rocks and the Channel Tunnel, Prof. W. King, 45
Joubert (E.), and E. Mascart, Electricity and Magnetism, 147
Joule (James Prescott, F.R.S.), J. T. Bottomley (with Portrait),

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Kabath's Electric Accumulators, 180

Kant's (Immanuel), "Critique of Pure Reason," R. B. Haldane,
76; Life of, by Stuckenberg, R. B. Haldane, 361
Karpathos, Earthquake at, 89
Kastner (F.), Death of, 304; the Father of, 415
Keane (A. H.), on the discovery of Stone Implements at Mount
Pisgah, U.S.A., 160; "Unexplored Báluchistan. Survey of
a Route through Mekrán, Bashkurd, Persia, Turkistan, and
Turkey, Ernest A. Floyer," 197; Malayo-Polynesian Lin-
guistics, 225; Asia, Rev. A. H. Sayce, 317; Speechless
Man, 341; Korean Ethnology, 344; "Six Months in Persia,"
Edward Stack, 500; Aino Ethnology, 524
Kepler's Works, Cheap issue of Fisch's Edition, 88
Kew Gardens, "Marianne North" Gallery of Paintings of
"Plants and their Homes," W. Botting Hemsley, 155
Kinahan, G. H., Megaceros Hibernicus in Peat, 246
Kinch (Prof.), Soy Bean, 447

King (Prof. W.), Jointing of Rocks and the Channel Tunnel,


King's College London, Lectures on Agriculture at, 510

Kingsford (Mrs. Anna), Vivisection, 8

Klein (Dr. E.), Cause of Tuberculosis, 13
Koenig's Experiments in Acoustics, 203, 275

Kopp (Dr. Hermann), How may Clouds consisting of Liquid or
of Frozen Water be distinguished? 31
Korean Ethnology, A. H. Keane, 344
Kösen, Flectric Lighting of, 611

Kosmic Order, Law of: An Investigation of the Physical
Aspect of Time, Robert Brown, 79

Kreuzwald (Dr.), Death of, 470
Krichenbauer, "Theogonie und Astronomie, 341

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