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Agriculture in the Public Schools, Walter H. French....
American Schools as Seen by a Belgian Educator, Frank A. Manny... 322
Child-Labor Legislation, Sophonisba P. Breckinridge.

511 Conservation of Childhood, The, Fritz Koch..... Consolidation and Transportation: A Rural-School Problem, Albert F.

Constructive Activities as an Essential and Important Factor in the
Elementary School Course, Euphrosyne Langley.....

32 Current Educational Literature in the Periodicals, Irene Warren

284, 338, 395, 443, 489, 527 Decorative Designing as a Study for Children, Ruth Raymond...

94 Dr. Meyer on the Dangers of Knowing Things without Doing Things, James H. Tufts.....

153 Editorial Notes: Broader Interpretation of Technical Training, L. C. Cushman...

269 Elementary School in the School of Education of the University of Chicago, Chas. H. Judd.

520 Industrial Training, George H. Mead... Industrial Education in the Cleveland Platform, J. H. Tufts.

108 Industrial Nature-Study, O. W. Caldwell... Moral Training in the Schools, George H. Mead.

327 N. E. A. Resolution on Industrial Education, George H. Mead.... 156 Problem of History in the Elementary School, George H. Mead... 433 Reconstruction of the Kindergarten Movement, Patty Smith Hill...

Subnormal and Defective Child in School, J. R. Angell...... Elementary School and Industrial Occupations, The, Ernest B. Kent 178 Field Notes in Reading, I, Mary E. Laing.

504 Function of the Farm School, The... Fundamental Factors in the Making of a Kindergarten Curriculum, Earl Barnes.....

57 Geography, The Individual Assignments in, Luna E. Bigelow.

250 Geography, Social Life in, Luna E. Bigelow....

..113 Helen Keller and the Language-Teaching Problem, Jean Sherwood

History Stories Written by Third-Grade Children, Gudrun Thorne-

70 Individual Assignments in Geography, The, Luna E. Bigelow.

250 Industrial Education, Getting Our Bearings on, Jesse D. Burks..

445 Industrial Education, the Working-Man, and the School, George H. Mead


46 476


84 455



PAGE Industrial Occupations, The Elementary School and, Ernest B. Kent.. 178 Kindergarten Programme, The, Bertha Payne......

257, 309 Kindergarten Programme, The Relation tween the Ideal and the Practical in the, Luella Palmer...

25 Language-Exercise in Dramatization, Emma Siebel.

463 Mathematics, The Seventh to Tenth Grades a Unit in, R. L. Short..

471 Medical Inspection in English Primary Schools, Herbert Leather.... Michigan's Preparation of Teachers for Rural Schools, Ernest Burnham 138 Moral “Controls” in the Nursery and the Kindergarten, Alice H. Putnam

493 Morning Exercise, A, Pearl Backus Carley.... New Demand upon Professional Schools for Teachers, A, Jesse D. Burks

17 “New School” in America, A, Marion Foster Washburn. Notes and News....

:51, 11, 158, 215, 271, 329, 386, 435, 478, 522 Occupations of the Kindergarten, The, Alice Temple...

397 Open Schoolhouse: Its Part in the Vacation of the Stay-at-Home, Florence K. Griswold.

517 Outline for the Presentation of a Country-Africa, Robert M. Brown 293 Physical Needs of the Grammar-School Girl, The, Nellie Comins Whitaker

287 Play Festival by the Seventh Grade, A, Michalena Carroll..

76 Plays and Games of the Kindergarten, The Present Point of View of the, Mary Boomer Page.

341 Poultry-Raising as a School Occupation, W. A. Baldwin...

359 Preparation in the Elementary School for Industrial and Domestic Life, A. Watson Bain...

167 Primitive Songs and Dances: A Second-Grade Assembly, Mabel Ray Goodlander

65 Reading-Leaflets, Francis Parker School, Jennie Hall.... 43, 106, 146, 202 Relation between the Ideal and the Practical in the Kindergarten Programme, The, Luella Palmer.

25 Religion in the Public Schools, Harry Pratt Judson...

223 Report of the Second Annual Meeting of the National Society for the Promotion of Industrial Education, Lillian S. Cushman.

233 Rural-School Problem, A, Albert F. Probst.... School Club: Its Relation to Several Educational Ideals, A. Monroe Stowe

364 School Club: The School Garden, and Correlated School Activities,

A, Monroe Stowe..
Sentence and the Verb, The, Jean Sherwood Rankin..

410 Social Life in Geography, Luna E. Bigelow...

II3 Value and Limitations of Froebel's Gifts as Educative Materials, The, Patty Smith Hill......

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Angell, J. R., Editorial Notes....
Bain, A. Watson, Preparation in the Elementary School for Industrial

and Domestic Life.....



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