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17. At Ditchly Park, Oxfordshire, Lady Normanton, a son and heir.

At Paris, the Right Hon. Lady James Hay, a daughter.

19. The Lady of James Ker, Esq. younger of Blacksheills, a son.

In London, the Right Hon. Lady Sinclair, a daughter.

21. At Deebank, the Lady of William Gordon, Esq. a daughter.

22. At Rockville House, the Right Hon. Lady Eleanor Balfour, a son and heir. 23. At the house of the Right Hon. the Lord Advocate, Mrs Maconochie, a son. Mrs Erskine of Amondell, a son. 25. At Glasgow, the Lady of Captain Hugh Mackay, of the 27th regiment, a daughter, who is christened Charlotte Agusta Cobourg.

27. At Edinburgh Castle, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Macgregor, 83th regiment, a son.

30. At Newbattle Abbey, the Marchioness of Lothian, a son.

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Lately, At Bishop's Court, Isle of Man, the Right Hon. Lady Sarah Murray, a


rion, only daughter of the late Roderick Neil Maclean, Esq. and niece of Alexander Maclean, Esq. of Coll.

12. At Tenterden, James Grant, Esq. of Austin Friars and Brixton, to Caroline, fifth daughter of the late John Neve, Esq. of Tenterden.

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September 7. At Lausanne, Robert Sutherland, Esq. of St Vincent, youngest son of the late Colonel Sutherland of Uppate, to Katherine Janetta, eldest daughter of Colonel Robert Macgregor Murray.

At Stranraer, Captain John Henderson, of the royal engineers, to Anne, the only daughter of John Fergusson, Esq.

At Burntisland, John D. Anderson, Esq. to Elizabeth Louisa, daughter of the late John Ogilvy, Esq. of the revenue service.

16. At Halline, Lieutenant Thompson, of the 79th regiment, British infantry, son of Joseph Thompson, Esq. of Jedburgh, to Miss Horne, only daughter of J. Horne, Esq. of Halline.

-At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Rymer, Edinburgh, to Eliza, third daughter of William Calder, Esq.

17. At Edinburgh, James Kerr, Esq. Judge of the Courts of King's Bench and Vice-Admiralty at Quebec, &c. to Isabella, eldest daughter of the Rev. Alexander Kerr, minister of Stobo.

22. At Ayston, the Earl Brownlow, to Caroline, second daughter of George Fludyer, Esq. M. P. of Ayston, in the county of Rutland, and niece to the Earl of Westmoreland.

8. At Hutton, Lieutenant-Colonel D. Forbes, of the half-pay of the 78th Highlanders, to Maria Isabella, eldest daughter of James Forbes, Esq. of Hutton Hall, Essex.

23. At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Edward Touch, minister of Madderty, to Penelope, second daughter of John Gray, Esq. George Square.

28. At Peterhead, George Anderson, Esq. Madras Establishment, to Miss Elizabeth Alexander, only daughter of Gilbert Alexander, Esq. of Peterhead.

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At Glasgow, John Aytoun, Esq. of Inchdarney, to Margaret Ann Jeffray of Craigton, &c. eldest daughter of Dr James Jeffray, Professor of Anatomy in the University of Glasgow.

At Invermorriston, Thomas Fraser, Esq, of Balmain, to Miss Henrietta Ann Grant, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenant-Colonel John Grant of Glenmorris

At Montrose, Alexander Ross, M.D. surgeon of the royal navy, to Sarah, youngest daughter of the late John Lingard, Esq. of Heaton Norris, Lancashire.

Lately, At the manse of Monivaird, the Rev. Dr Henry David Hill, Professor of Greek in the University of St Andrews, to Mary, daughter of the Rev. Mr Baxter.


9. At Edinburgh, Thomas Richardson, Esq. writer to the Signet, to Isabell, daughter of the late James Heggie, Esq. younger of Pitlessie.

10. At Paisley, David Reid, Esq. of the "Hon. East India Company's medical service, to Miss C. N. Simpson, youngest daughter of the Rev. Dr Alex. Simpson, Pittenweem.

At Ballymaber, Captain Graham, of the half-pay of the 37th Regiment, to Frances, only daughter of the late John Wright, Esq. and niece of Lieut.-General Wright of the Royal Artillery.

Mr T. J. Wooler, (editor of "The Black Dwarf,") to Miss Elizabeth Pratt, daughter of John Pratt, Esq. late officiating collector at Bristol.

11. At Edinburgh, William Swinton Maclean, eldest son of Dr Maclean, to Ma

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Calder, Esq. son to the Rev. John Calder, distressed. Dr Melville's wife died at the late minister of Rosskeen.

same hour on the 10th.

27. Killed at the storming of the Fort of Talneir, in the East Indies, Major John Gordon of the 2d battalion of Royal Scots, eldest son of the late Mr John Gordon of Mill of Laggan, Glenrineas, Banffshire.

March I. At Maheidpoor, in the East Indies, Captain Harry Norton of the 19th regiment Madras Native Infantry.

April 10. At Calcutta, Georgiana, third daughter of Colonel Macleod of Colbecks.

August 5. At Bombay, Lieutenant Fraser, 2d battalion 4th Bombay Native Infantry.

20. At Paris, Sir Francis Goold, Bart. 24. At Keith, aged 61, Miss Ann Grant, third daughter of the late John Grant of Gallovie, Esq.

25. At Valenciennes, Colonel Sir William Douglas, K. C. B. 91st regiment."

27. At Edinburgh, Lady Ann Hope Johnstone of Annandale, wife of Rear-Admiral Sir William Johnstone Hope, K.C.B. At Leith, Mr Mungo Henderson, merchant there.

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At Muircoat, near Alloa, William Geddes, Esq. one of the partners and chief manager of the late Alloa Glass-house Company.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Dundas, widow of the Right Hon. Robert Dundas of Arniston, Lord President of the Court of Session.

11. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Cunningham Macvicar, youngest daughter of the late Neil Macvicar, Esq. of Fergushill.

14. Mrs Park, wife of Mr Arch. Park, collector of customs, Tobermory, Mull.

At Newton, Ayr, William Wood, Esq. late in Balony.

16. At Ashtead Park, Surrey, in the 73d year of her age, the Hon. Frances, wife of Richard Howard, Esq., daughter of William Viscount Andover, and sister to Henry, the 12th Earl of Suffolk.

17. The day of his birth, at his seat, Uffington House, near Stamford, Lincoln shire, in the 74th year of his age, the Right Hon. Albemarle Bertie, Earl of Lindsey, Governor of Charlemont, in the kingdom of Ireland, and General of his Majesty's forces.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Congalton, relict of Dr Charles Congalton.

19. At Campbelltown, Capt. Alexander Buchanan.

At Newton-upon-Ayr, aged 85, Mrs Ross Wallace, widow of Mr Robert Wallace, late of his Majesty's dock-yard, Woolwich.

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28. At Murrayshall, John Murray, Esq. of Murrayshall.

29. At Bonnington, Matthew Wilkie, Esq. of Bonnington.

Oct. 3. In the Charity Workhouse of Edinburgh, Lachlan Macbain, commonly known here by the name of Roasting Jacks, aged upwards of 102 years. This very old man retained his faculties, and was even cheerful to the last. He was a native of Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire, was bred a tailor, and had been in the army, but had no pension.

Lately, At Cheltenham, Sir Gilbert King, Bart.

At Richmond, Lady Hervey.

At London, in the 67th year of his age, George Smart, Esq. of London. He was one of the founders and treasurer to that excellent institution the New Musical Fund.

At London, David Ogilvie, Esq. aged


At the Holt, Admiral Sir Robert Calder, Bart. in the 74th year of his age.

At Littlecot, Colonel William Kelly, C. B. and Lieut.-Colonel of his Majesty's 24th regiment of foot. His death was occasioned by a wound he had received at the battle of Vittoria, from the effects of which (though subsequently commanding a brigade in India) he never recovered.

At Hampstead, aged 79, Lady Colebrooke, relict of Sir George Colebrooke,


John Oldmixon, once known in fashionable life, but having retired from this country from pecuniary embarrassment about 25 years ago, he sunk into obscurity, and died neglected and forgotten.

At the village of Leeds in Kent, Mr James Barham, aged 92 years; a gardener to the late Lord Fairfax of Leeds Castle, and an eminent change ringer and peal conductor, who has assisted to ring 115 peals, each being composed of more than 5000 changes. He was one of the fourteen who completed the whole revolution on eight bells, viz. 4320 changes in 27 hours, on the 7th and 8th days of April, 1761, on Leeds bells. The deceased stood at one time 14 hours and 44 minutes.

At Rome, in his 21st year, the Right Hon. Lord Henry de Roos.

At Ewshot, in Surry, Henry Maxwell, Esq. who bequeathed his valuable estates, estimated at L. 150,000, to the Rev. George Lefroy, Rector of Limerick.

At Paris, Mr Monge, one of the greatest geometricians of the age, and a distinguished member of the French Institute, in his 70th year. Lie was one of the men of science who formed part of Buonaparte's expedition to Egypt.

In the 69th year of his age, the Count of Oxynstein, the father of the Swedish nobility. This nobleman translated Paradise Lost, and was estecmed one of the first poets of his country.

In the United States of America, Sir

In Hallgarth Street, Durham, Mr A. Featonby, aged 82. This person, who lived during the greater part of his life in a state of abject penury, is said to have died worth L. 20,000!

At Cobham Surrey, Charles Bartholomew, aged 76. He was the third and last of the family, who were deaf and dumb; and, though possessed of a large estate, and (some say) several thousand pounds in cash, he employed himself in serving bricklayers, catching moles, and any kind of drudgery.

In Richmond county, North Carolina, aged 125, T. Hatchcock. One of his children is 98, a second 87, and a third sixteen years old!

At Calcutta, Sir John Hadley D'Oyley, Bart.

At Greenhill, in the parish of Ruthwell, Andrew Rome, in the 76th year of his age, This old man, with his brother, who still survives, and is about ten years older, is among the last of a daring and enterpris ing race of smugglers, who carried on an extensive contraband trade in Annandale, before the exclusive privileges of the Isle of Man were bought up and regulated by Government. He was a native of the Border parish of Dornock, but for the last forty or fifty years resided in the parish of Ruthwell, where he rented a farm under the Earl of Mansfield. The character of this old smuggler was strongly marked with the peculiar features of his illicit occupation, and would have formed a fine subject for the graphic pen of the author of Guy Mannering.

At Pisa, where she went for the recovery of her health, the Hon. Charlotte Plunkett. She was sister to Lord Cloncurry, and married in 1803, Edward, eldest son of Lord Dunsany, by whom she has left ́ two sons and one daughter.

Matthew Gregory Lewis, Esq. commonly known by the name of Monk Lewis. lie was author of several dramatic works and poems. He fell a victim to a fever caught in Jamaica, and died on ship-board, on his return to this country.

George Ramsay and Co. Printers, Edinburgh.

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An Academic Eclogue
Travels in England in 1641 -----407
Description of a Scottish Penny Wed-



The Field of Waterloo; a Ballad. By
Corporal Underwood...

On the Study of Physiognomy ....................
On Swearing. By Caleb Quotem, Esq.419
Commissary Fergusson's Notes in the

Action of Divorce, Eliz. Cole v. T.
B. Cole, October 2, 1818.............423
Translations from Bürger; with a Pro-
æmium:-No. II. 1. Epistle of Jack
Shears ;-2. Poor Susan's Dream;
-3. Song of a Brave Man
Vindication of Ricardo's Theory of Ex-
changeable Value

Remarks on the Early Scottish Poets.
1. Barbour
Narrative of a Tour through Scotland
in the year 1817. By Charles Dupin,
Corresponding Member of the French

Memoires et Correspondance de Ma-
.......... 445
dame d'Epinay
Robertson's View of the System of
Education, pursued in the public
Schools, and University of Edin-
burgh, &c...


Fearon's Sketches of America...452
Shipwreck of the Oswego




Remarks on the Communications re-
ceived from the Discovery Ships un-
der Captain Ross
The Cabinet, No. V.............................


Glen Ken
Solitary Musings.

LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INTELLIGENCE. Return of the Discovery Ships.--Improvement in Gas-Lights-List of the Periodical Works published in Germany, &c. &c.


425 Works preparing for Publication468
Monthly List of New Publications




Foreign Intelligence.
British Chronicle...
New Patents





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471 473


Appointments and Promotions-Magistrates of Scottish Burghs, &c. Meteorological Report


Agricultural Report...............................
Commercial Report...nawe
Births, Marriages, Deaths

*******... ib.

480 481




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In printing Mr Morison's paper on Ancient Scottish Coins, we accidentally omitted the following Postscript :

"While on the subject of Coins, I shall feel obliged by you or any of your correspondents favouring me with a solution of the following difficulty. Amongst several pennies now in my custody, struck by princes on the Continent, (apparently about the time of Edward I. or II.) bearing various legends, such as I. DVX. LIMBVRGI.COMES ARNOLDVS.-G. COMES FLANDRIC, &c.; there are some with the obverse of I. COMES HANONIE.IOHS COMES HANONI, &c. with va rious reverses, such as MONETA MONTES, &c. But one of those bearing on the obverse IOHS COMES HANONI, has the very singular legend on the reverse of CIVITAS LONDON. The coin is entire, and the inscription perfectly legible. Had the die of the reverse of this coin been procured from England as a model or pattern, or to what cause are we to ascribe such a reverse on a Flemish coin?"

The Correspondents of the EDINBURGH MAGAZINE AND LITERARY MISCELLANY are respectfully requested to transmit their Communications for the Editors to ARCHIBALD CONSTABLE and COMPANY, Edinburgh, or LONGMAN and COMPANY, London, to whom also orders for the Work should be particularly addressed.

Printed by George Ramsay & Co.

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