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some ruffian in the crowd, and so severely hurt, that he was not afterwards able to appear on the hustings. On the 10th day another riot took place, and order was not restored, until a party of the Horse Guards dispersed the mob. Mr Brougham contested the county of Westmoreland against the Lonsdale interest, but was unsuccessful. -A riot took place in Dublin after Mr Grattan and Mr Shaw had been re-elected for that ; the populace attacked the car on which the members were chaired, and tore it to pieces. The venerable patriot, Grattan, was struck on the head by a stone, and took shelter from the violence of the mob in a bookseller's shop; till Mr Phillips, the celebrated barrister, coming up, persuaded the populace, by a friendly speech, to disperse. There was also some rioting at the Drogheda election, and the military was called out. One man lost his life by a shot which was fired; according to the coroner's verdict, by some person unknown. In Scotland, a very interesting contest took place for the county of Lanark, between Lord Archibald Hamilton, the former member, and Admiral Sir Alexander Cochrane. The influence of the administration was used in every way that could be devised for the latter candidate, but such was the merited popularity of the former, in this county, that, on the day of election, he headed his adversary by eleven votes. Sir John Dalrymple again contested the county of Edinburgh with Sir George Clerk, but lost it by 30 votes.


was advised by the Second Division of the Court of Session, on a condescendence and answers, given in, in terms of the interlocutor of 10th March last, requiring from the defenders" a pointed and articulate condescendence of the facts which they aver, and offer to prove, as to the existence of an usage in this burgh, altering or modifying the regulation in the set of the burgh, which requires for persons be chosen Councillors or Magistrates, the qualification of actual trafficking merchants or maltmen." The Magistrates condescended on sixty-four individuals, from the year 1680 downwards, who were councillors, and, as alleged by them, not qualified in terms of the set. In the answers, all these instances, with the exception of the parties complained of, were expressly controverted-in other words, it was asserted, that the persons fixed upon were duly qualified, and that the set, up to the late deviations, was in viridi observantia. To ascertain the fact, their Lordships decided, that it was expedient to send an issue to the Jury Court, and the following interlocutor was accordingly pronounced: The Lords declare, that it is expedient in this cause to send an issue or issues to be tried by a jury in terms of the statute, and direct the Clerk of the Jury Court, in preparing the issue or issues, to pay attention to the facts set forth in this condescendence, and the answers thereto, without regard to the specification of individual cases annexed thereto."

Scottish Burgh Reform.-Perth, June 24.—A general meeting of the guildry in.corporation was held this day in their hall, to consider of the propriety of petitioning the Convention of Burghs, which meets at Edinburgh early next month, on the situation of the Incorporation with respect to its having no voice the election of the dean of guild, nor any vote in the election of the members who pretend to represent the Incorporation in the Town Council, who only elect themselves. The meeting was numerously attended, and a vote being taken on the subject of petitioning, it was carried unanimously (with the exception of the Provost, Dean of Guild, and three Merchant Bailies) that a memorial and petition should be presented to the Convention; thereafter a draught of a petition was read and approved of by the whole members, with the same exceptions. The Provost was then asked whether he would present it to the Convention, as he was the usual delegate from the burgh, who answered he would not, but would oppose it whenever it appeared. It was therefore left to the committee to apply to some other member of the Convention who would present it, and give it his support.

Inverness. On Saturday the 27th, the complaint at the instance of Mr James yon, against the Magistrates of Inverness,

Ed nburgh. On the 3d instant, the Second Division of the Court of Session advised the reclaiming petition for the Lord Provost and Magistrates of Edinburgh, in the action at the instance of Deacon Law. rie and others against them, praying for an alteration of the interlocutor reducing and setting aside the last election of the Town Council. The whole of the Judges were of opinion that it would be necessary to take an answer to the petition. Mr Cranstoun, counsel for the complainers, stated, that he was aware, from the statements made in the petition, that their Lordships would wish an answer; and as he was quite ready to refute these statements, he prayed the Court to allow him to put in his answers by an early day, so that the cause might be decided this session. The Lord Justice Clerk stated, that, from the immense pressure of business, and weight of the roll, it was impossible to advise the case this session.

On the 14th inst. the Convention of the Royal Burghs of Scotland met in this city, and on that and the two following days took into consideration petitions from the burghs of Dundee, Nairn, Stranraer, Queensferry, and Whithorn, upon which some interesting discussion took place,but this our limits oblige us to defer till next month.

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Acts passed in the 58th Year of the Reign of Geo. III. or in the Sixth Session of the Fifth Parliament of the United Kingdom.

CAP. XX. For more effectually discovering the longitude at sea, and encouraging attempts to find a northern passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and to approach the Northern Pole.-May 8. Commissioners may propose three scales of reward to persons making discoveries regarding the longitude. Commissioners may expend L. 1000 a year in making experiments, &c.; and a like sum in ascertaining the latitude and longitude of places.

Rewards may be allowed to persons making improvements in former inventions.

Persons first finding and sailing through any passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans shall receive a reward of L. 20,000.

Persons first approaching within one degree of the Northern Pole entitled to a reward of L. 5000. Commissioners may reward attempts to approach the same. Commissioners may cause nautical almanacks, &c. to be made and published.

No unauthorized persons to publish the nautical almanack.

Cap. XXI. To revive and continue, until the 5th of July 1819, several laws relating to the duties on glass made in Great Britain, and to prohibit the making of smalts within a certain distance of any other glass-house, or by the maker of any other kind of glass.-May 8.

Cap. XXII. For fixing the rates of subsistence to be paid to innkeepers and others on quartering soldiers.-May 8..

Cap. XXIII. For raising the sum of three millions, by the transfer of certain three pounds per centum annuities into other annuities, at the rate of three pounds ten shillings per centum; and for granting annuities to discharge certain Exchequer bille-May 8.

Subscribers of not less than L. 2000, 3 per cent. consols or reduced annuities, with a payment of L. 11 for every L. 100 annuities, shall be entitled to annuities at the rate of 3 per cent.


The payments of L. 11 on each L. 100, per cents. not to exceed L. 3,000,000. Subscribers having transferred L. 15 per tent. to the commissioners for the reduction of the national debt by May 4, shall transfer the remaining L. 85 per cent. by November 27, 1818.

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JOHN DYSON, of Watford, Hertfordshire, for certain apparatus for the culture and tillage of land. May 26, 1818.

CHARLES GREENWAY, of Manchester, Lancashire, cotton-spinner, for an improvement in the operation of opening raw cotton or cotton wool previous to the carding and spinning the same, and by which improvements suc will be facilitated operation May 26.

GEORGE MICHAEL, of St Austle, Cornwall, builder, for improvements in the method of opening and shutting windows or sashes; and also in the application of machinery to the opening and shutting window-shutters, and in other cases where the aforesaid improvements may be applied. May


HENRY TAYLOR, of Kingston, Surrey, gentleman, for improvements on machines or apparatus for catching and destroying rats and other vermin. May 26.

THOMAS HOMFRAY, of the Hyde, Kinfare, Staffordshire, iron-master, for a new kind of b


June 5.--The honour of Knighthood, conferred upon Charles Brown, of Margaretta Farm, Knight of the Royal Order of the Red Eagle of Prussia, (of the third class,) and late First Physician to the Prussian Court and Army.

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27.-Rev. James Gibson, to the Rectory of Warlington, Suffolk.

Brevet Capt. B. Harvey, 1. F. to be Major in the
16th May 1818.



15.-The Right Honourable George Canning, the Right Honourable Sir Robert Stewart, (commonly called Viscount of Castlereagh,) Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter; the Rightiionourable Henry Earl Bathurst, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter; and the Right Honourable Henry Viscount Sidmouth, his Majesty's three Principal Sceretaries of State; the Right Honourable Robert Banks, Earl of Liverpool, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter; the Right Honourable Nicholas Vansittart, Chancellor of his Majesty's Exchequer; the Right Honourable John Lord Teignmouth; the Right Honourable John Sullivan; the Right Honourable Thomas Hamilton, (commonly called Lord Binning;) the Right Honourable William Sturges Bourne; James Mordaunt William Cecil, Esq. (commonly called Viscount Cranborne;) and Horatio Walpole, Esq. (commonly called Lord Walpole:) to be his Majesty's Cominissioners for the Affairs of India.

bin or bobbins used in spinning and other manufactories. May 28.

ROBERT WINCH, of Shoe-lane, London, Printers' carpenter and press-maker, and RICHARD HOLDEN, of Stafford-street, St Mary-lebone, Middlesex, gentleman, for machinery to communicate motion and power to various other machinery which requires reciprocating or alternating motion. June 18.


WILLIAMLESTER, of the Commercial Road, Middlesex, engineer, for a method of increasing and projecting light produced by lamps or other

means. June 2.

WILLIAM EATON, of Wiln Mills, Derby shire, cotton-spinner, for improvements in certain parts of the machinery employed in the roving and spinning of cotton and wool. June 18.

GEORGE ATKINSON, of Leeds, Yorkshire, canvas manufacturer, for a combination of ma terials to produce an article resembling bombaJune 10.


Bt. Maj. B. Harvey to be Lt.-Col. on the Cont. of Europe only

6 Drs.

5 Dr. Gds. Lieut. C. Frost to be Capt. by purck. 16th May 1818. vice R. Storey, ret. 14th do. Cha. Hall to be Cornet by purch, vice Dames, pro. 21st do. Wm. Inge to be Cornet by purch. vice Seymour, 25 Dr. 14th do. Cornet H. Cochrane to be Lieut. by purch. vice Pottinger, ret. 21st do. Cornet and Adj. Wm. Glanville to have rank of Lieut. 7th do. Gent. Cadet R. Hare to be Cornet. vice Broadhead, cancelled 28th do. Lieut. R. Williams to be Capt. by pur. vice Dalrymple, ret. 11th do. Cornet F. Seymour, to be Lieut. by purch. vice Williams do. StaffC.Cav. Ass. Surg. J. W. Watson, from h. p. 38 F. to be Ass. Surg. vice Foster, 5 Dr Gds. 16th Apr. Colds. F. G. Ass. Surg. T. Maynard to be En. Surg. Vice Rose, 61 F. 28th do. S. Gilder to be Ass. Surg. vice Maydo. John Temple to be Ensign by purch. vice Coleman, cancelled 14th May Gent. Cadet R. Minty to be Ensign by purch. 21st do. Capt. T. H. Light, from 14 F. to be Capt. vice Dallas ret. on h. p. 14 F. rec. diff. do. Gent. Cadet Wm. Goodes to be Ensign do.











1 F.



▬▬▬▬ E. Moore to be Ensign do. Lieut. M. J. Jenkins is reinstated in his former rank, viz. 14th Oct. 1812. Gent. Cadet B. J. Carnie to be Ensign 21st May 1818. Capt. T. Hall from h. p. 14 F. to be Capt. vice Light do. Gent. Cadet R. Battersby to be Ensign

do. Gent. Cadet J. Carruthers to be Ensign do. D. Munro to be Ensign by purch. vice Dowbiggen, 19 F. 7th do.

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E. C. Spencer to be Ensign by pur. vice Netterville 14th May 1818. Gent. Cadet G. Murray to be Ensign 21st do. 84 F. Lieut. W. Campbell from h. to be Paym. vice Payne, do. 28th do. Lieut. J. W. Plunkett, from h. p. 50 F. to be Lieut. vice Pratt, h. p. 19th do. H. Boldero, from h. p. 10 F. to be Lieut. vice Rawstone, h. p. 20th do. M. M'Leod, from h. p. 79 F. to be Lieut. vice White, h. p.

21st do. Gent. Cadet D. Vandergee to be Ensigu do. Gent. Cadet T. Hadwin to be Ensign do. Lieut. Emerson's Commission is dated the 11th May 1809. Gent. Cadet H. Coghan to be Ensign 21st May 1818. Bt. Lt. Col. E. Miles to be Lt. Col. 7th do. Bt. Major T. Evans to be Major, vice Miles do. Lieut. W. H. Wrench to be Capt. vice Evans do. Capt. R. Power, from h. p. 75 F. to be Capt. 28th do. Ensign J. H. Law, to be Lieut. vice Wrench 7th do.

Ensign P. Bain, to be Licut.

3d June Lieut. D. J. Conway, from 61 F. to be Lieut. 4th do. Fred. Money to be Ensign, vice Law 7th May Gent. Cadet W. H. Rogers to be Ensign 21st do. W. Markham to be Ensign by purch.

vice Bain

3d June

Ensign J. O'Meara, from h. p. 27 F. to be Ensign, vice Lloyd 4th do. B. Lloyd to be Qua, Mas, vice Wainwright, ret. on h. p. 27 F.

do. E. G. O. Keppel to be Ensign by do. purch. vice O'Donell, 75 F. B. Satterthwaite to be Ensign by purch. vice Nestor, pro. 7th May Gent. Cadet R. Taggart to be Ensign 21st do. Lieut. T. Foreman to be Capt. by purch. vice Gregory, ret. 14th do. Ensign E. J. Chauvel, to be Lieut. by purch. viec Foreman do. W. Ouscley to be Ensign by purch. vice Chauvel 20th do. Gent. Cadet W. Hewetson to be En

Ensign T. Andrews to be Lieut. vice do.


H. Vaughan to be Ensign, vice Andrews do. Lieut. W. L. Maberly, from 9 Dr. to be Capt. by purch. vice Thomson, ret. 14th May John Pursord to be Ensign by pur. vice Walsh, pro. 4th June 4 W. I. Reg. James Bassett to be Ensign, vice Drayton, W. I. Rang. do. R. Af. Corps Ensign T. M'Rae to be Lieut. vice Bryant, dead 14th May R. Cheator to be Ensign, viceM Rae do. R. Yk. Ra. Ensign C. Mills, from 73 F. to be Ensign, vice M'Donagh, ret. 7th May R. W. I. Ra. Ensign H. Drayton from 4 W. I. R. to be Ensign, vice M'Neil, dead 11th June Hosp. Assist. C. Whyte, to be Assist. Surg. vice O'Bryan, dead 14th May Assist. Surg. I. Hoatson, from h. p. 3 Ceyl. Reg. to be Assist. Surg. vice Kennedy, dd. 10th Dec. 1817. Royal Military College. Lieut. G. Procter, from h. p. 5 F. to be Adj. vice Abraham, pro. 24th Feb. 1818. Hosp. Staff. Staff Surg. Q. M'Millan to be Dep. Insp. of Hosp. by Brevet 14th May John Walker to be Dep. Insp. of Hosp. by Brevet 21st do. Assist. Surg. A. Nicol, M. D. from 80 F. to be Surgeon to the Forces 28th do. Hosp. Assist. B. O'Beirne, from h. p. to be Hosp. Assist. vice Whyte 14th do. J. Hoey, from h. p. to be Hosp. Assist. do.


Gent. Cadet A. Murray to be

21st do. Ensign 21st May Lieut. R. Read, from h. p. 38 F. to be Lieut. vice Conroy 38 F. 4th June

A. Stanford to be Ensign by purch. vice Mitchell, 19 Dr. 14th May Gent. Cadet G. G. Warden, to be Ensign 21st do. Ensign A. O'Donnell, from 43 F. to be Ensign, více Donald, dead

4th June Gent. Cadet R. Janns, to be Ensign 21st May H. Jelf, to be Ensign do. Lieut. Robert Law to be Adj. vice Anderson, res. Adj. only 14th do. G. H. Smith, to be Ensign by purch. vice Milis, York Rang. 7th do. Ensign J. O. Lloyd, to be Lieut.

14th do.

vice Herry, dead Brinsley Eyre, to be Ensign, vice Lloyd do. Surg. J. Lightbody, from h. p. 28 F. to be Surg, vice Browne, ret. upon h. p. 28 F. 7th do. Lieut. J. Dale to be Capt. vice B. Dale, dead 4th June

J. Dale


Yk. Chass.

1 Ceyl. Reg.


Brevet Lt. Col. Evatt, from 55 F. with Brevet Major Morris, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn.

Briscoe, from 63 F. with Major Le Geyte, h. p. Brevet Major P. Campbell, from 52 F. with Capt. Cross, h. p.

Maxwell, from 50 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Scott, h. p. 62 F.

Gomersall, from 58 F. with Capt. Johnson, h. p. 2 Gar. Bn. Capt. Dowbiggen, from 38 F. with Capt. Burke, h. p. 5 Gar. Bn.

Mackay, from York Chass. with Brevet Major Poitier, h. p. 7 W. 1. R.

Sir F. Barton, from 2 F. with Brevet Major O'Shaughnessy, h. p. 101 F.

Grimstead, from 2 F. G. with Capt. Armytage, R. York Rang.

Bell, from 72 F. with Capt. Somerset, h. p. 81 F. Lieut. Dowd, from 21 Dr. with Lieut. Collins, 3 W. I. R.

Coulthard, from 17 Dr. with Lieut. Fisk, h. p. 1 Dr. G.

Jeffries, from 1 F 1ec. diff. with Lieut. Carter, h.

43 F.

Meagher, from 7 F. with Lieut. Brownlow, Wilkinson, from 40 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Garner, h. p.

Ensor, from 3 W. I. R. with Lieut. Brown, h. p. 82 F.

Constable, from York Rang. with Lieut. Anderson, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

Siripson, from 25 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Anderson, h. p.

Joyes, from 95 F. with Lieut. Fergusson,

h. p.

Layton, from Rifle Brigade, with Lieut Fraser, h. p. 95 F.

Williams, from 8 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Wharton, h. p. 21 F.

Loppinot, from 37 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. T. Vincent, h. p. 12 F.

Moore, from 64 F. rec. diff. with Lieut Mair, h. p. 7 F. Corner Willison. from 3 Dr. rec. diff. with Cor. net Philips, h. p. 23 Dr.

2d Lieut. Geddes, from 21 F. with Ensign Lewis, h. p. 103 F. Ensign Dernzey, from 12 F. with Ensign Stirke, h. p. Browne, from 26 F. rec. diff. with Ensign Maxwell, h. p. 104 F.

Innes, from 37 F. with Ensign Bentham, h. p. 52 F.

St Lawrence, from 64 F. with Ensign Hoehne, h. p. 60 F.

Barter, from 85 F. with Ensign Cole, h. p. 60 F.

Macbean, from 79 F. with Ensign Græme, h. p. 89 F.

Cliffe, from 93 F. with Ensign Hume, h.


Quarter Mast. Crabtree, from 12 F. with Quarter Mast. Grady, h. p. 87. F.

Sanderson, from 40 F. with Quarter Mast. Jackson, h. p. 47 F. Surg. Collins, from 58 F. with Surg. Cathcart, h. p. 60 F.

Barlow, from 32 F. with Surg. Bulkeley, h. p. 62 F.

Waite, from 83 F. with Surg. Punshon, h. p. 93 F. Assist. Surg. Macleod, from 1 F. G. with Assist. Surg. Johnson, h. p. 100 F.

[blocks in formation]
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Thos. Briggs

Hon. G. P. Campbell
Wm. Ramsden
Sir Geo. Collier

Officers killed and wounded in the late ope rations in India, from the 19th to the 24th December 1817.

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Prendergast, h. p. 60 F. Coulthard, 87 F.


Admiral-Sir George Campbell, Commander in Chief at Portsmouth.
Rear-Admiral-Sir Josias Rowley to Cork.
Vice-Admiral-Sir Chas. Hamilton, Bart. to be Commander in Chief at Newfoundland.

[blocks in formation]


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15th May 1818. 26th May 1818. Brunswick Inf.

John R. Lumley

Edward Hacket
P. G. Panton
Jas. Cheape
Chas. Fraser
E. W. C. Astley
C. T. Phelp

Fred. Chamier
Thos. D. Stewart
Thos. Blackiston, F. L.

1st Nov.

11th Nov. 19th Nov.

[blocks in formation]
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