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Pray note the fop-half powder and half

Nice, as a bandbox were his dwelling-place :
He's the gilt-paper, which apart you store,
And lock from vulgar hands in the 'fcrutoire.

Mechanics, fervants, farmers, and so forth,
Are copy-paper, of inferior worth;

Lefs priz'd, more useful, for your desk decreed,
Free to all pens, and prompt at ev'ry need.

The wretch whom av'rice bids to pinch and

Starve, cheat, and pilfer, to enrich an heir,
Is coarfe brown-paper; fuch as pedlars choose
To wrap up wares, which better men will use.

Take next the mifer's contraft, who deftroys Health, fame, and fortune, in a round of joys. Will any paper match him? Yes, throughout, He's a true finking-paper, past all doubt.

The retail politician's anxious thought Deems this fide always right, and that stark



He foams with cenfure; with applause he


A dupe to rumours, and a tool of knaves;

He'll want no type his weakness to proclaim, While fuch a thing as fools-cap has a name.

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The hafty gentleman, whose blood runs high, Who picks a quarrel, if you step awry,

Who can't a jeft, or hint, or look endure: What's he? What? Touch-paper to be fure.

What are our poets, take them as they fall, Good, bad, rich, poor, much read, not read at all?

Them and their works in the same class you'll

Whose thoughts, whose deeds, whose maxims

are his own,

Form'd on the feelings of his heart alone:
True genuine royal-paper is his breast;
Of all the kinds most precious, pureft, best.



In anfwer to fome enquiries of M. Dubourg* on the fubject.

I AM apprehenfive that I shall not be

able to find leifure for making all difquifitions and



The diving bell is accurately defcribed in our Tranfactions.

When I was a boy, I made two oval pallets, each about ten inches long, and fix broad, with a hole for the thumb, in order to retain it faft in the palm of my hand. They much resemble a painter's pallets. In fwimming I pushed the edges of these forward, and I struck the water with their flat furfaces as I drew 1, I remember I fwam fafter

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