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which it may draw a fufficient quantity of moisture, to fupply that which exhales from its fubftance, and is carried off continually by the air. Perhaps, however, if it were buried in quickfilver, it might preferve, for a confiderable space of time, its vegetable life, its fmell and colour. If this be the cafe, it might prove a commodious method of transporting from diftant countries thofe delicate plants which are unable to sustain the inclemency of the weather at fea, and which require particular care and


I have seen an instance of common flies preserved in a manner fomewhat fimilar. They had been drowned in Madeira wine, apparently about the time when it was bottled in Virginia, to be fent to London. At the opening of one of the bottles, at the house of a friend where I was, three drowned flies fell into the first glass which was filled. Having I 3 heard

heard it remarked that drowned flies were capable of being revived by the rays of the fun, I propofed making the experiment upon thefe. They were therefore expofed to the fun, upon a fieve which had been employed to ftrain them out of the wine. In less than three hours two of them began by degrees to recover life. They commenced by fome convulfive motions in the thighs, and at length they raised themselves upon their legs, wiped their eyes with their fore feet, beat and brushed their wings with their hind feet, and foon after began to fly, finding themselves in Old England, without knowing how they came thither. The third continued lifelefs until fun-fet, when, losing all hopes of him, he was thrown away.

I wish it were poffible, from this inftance, to invent a method of embalming drowned perfons, in fuch a manner that they might be recalled to life at any period,


however diftant; for having a very ardent defire to fee and obferve the ftate of America an an hundred years hence, I should prefer, to an ordinary death, the being immersed in a cask of Madeira wine, with a few friends, until that time, then to be recalled to life by the folar warmth of my dear country! But fince, in all probability, we live in an age too early, and too near the infancy of fcience, to fee fuch an art brought in our time to its perfection, I must, for the prefent, content myfelf with the treat, which you are fo kind as to promife me, of the refurrection of a fowl or a turkey, cock.

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PRECAUTIONS to be used by those who are about to undertake A SEA VOYAGE.

WHEN you intend to take a long voyage, nothing is better than to keep it a fecret till the moment of your departure. Without this, you will be continually interrupted and tormented by vifits from friends and acquaintances, who not only make you lofe your valuable time, but make you forget a thoufand things which you wish to remember; fo that when you are embarked, and fairly at fea, you recollect, with much uneafinefs, affairs which you have not terminated, accounts that you have not fettled, and a number of things which you proposed to carry with you, and which you find the want of every moment. Would it not be attended

with the best confequences to reform fuch a custom, and to fuffer a traveller, without deranging him, to make his preparations in quietnefs, to fet apart a few days, when these are finished, to take leave of his friends, and to receive their good wishes for his happy return?

It is not always in one's power to choose a captain; though great part of the pleasure and happiness of the paffage depends upon this choice, and though one muft for a time be confined to his company, and be in fome measure under his command. If he is a focial fenfible man, obliging, and of a good difpofition, you will be so much the happier. One sometimes meets with people of this defcription, but they are not common ; however, if yours be not of this number, if he be a good seaman, attentive, careful, and active in the management of his veffel, you must difpenfe with the reft, for these are the most effential qualities. Whatever

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