Infant and Toddler Mental Health: Models of Clinical Intervention With Infants and Their Families

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J. Martín Maldonado-Durán
American Psychiatric Pub, 13 авг. 2008 г. - Всего страниц: 424

Countless studies have demonstrated the power of early intervention to permanently alter the course of a child's life. Yet -- heightened by the past decade's research breakthroughs in genetics -- the nature vs. nurture controversy rages on.

This volume dispels some of the persistent myths surrounding this controversy. Unlike largely theoretical texts that describe infant behavioral and emotional difficulties and other psychosocial challenges affecting young children, this eminently practical guide illustrates what to do in numerous clinical situations with actual patients. Written by clinicians who work with infants and children and their families every day, this reality-based approach addresses the most common and important problems in infant psychopathology (e.g., trauma, sleep, feeding, excessive crying, attachment disruptions), covering models of intervention from pregnancy through infancy, attachment issues, and transgenerational themes.

Here, you'll find topics rarely addressed elsewhere: The theoretical and clinical implications of trauma during early childhood and its effects on emotional regulation, cognition, and attachment, including potential disruptions of attachment -- a topic widely overlooked in the life of young children, perhaps because of the distress it produces in adults to think that infants can be subject to violence, witness major traumatic events, and experience consequences from such events

Techniques, such as multimodal parent-infant psychotherapy, for working effectively with families -- once considered "unreachable" -- who are under severe stress and have endured multiple disruptions, disappointments, and marginalization

A timely discussion of a rarely addressed problem on the importance of early intervention and the effects of day care for infants, from the point of view of the infant exposed to multiple caretakers, addressing the very difficult questions of the effects on infants of changes in caretakers

How young children use their bodies and its functions to manifest their difficulties, focusing on sleeping, crying, and eating with practical suggestions that can be widely applied by health care professionals

Unique commentaries on two case examples by a diverse international panel of clinicians and researchers -- from countries such as Argentina, Canada, France, Japan, Mexico, Switzerland, the UK, and the U.S. -- illustrating the differences of opinion, approaches, and perspectives that together generate more effective assessment and treatment

This thought-provoking clinical reference is a "must read" for developmental, child, and adolescent psychiatry educators and practitioners -- and nurses, pediatricians, occupational therapists, and clinical social workers -- as they help the youngest members of our community through theoretical understanding and practical intervention.

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The Place for Infancy
Understanding of Mental States MotherInfant
Promoting Maternal Role Attainment and Attachment
Treatment of Attachment Disorders
Multimodal ParentInfant Psychotherapy
The Therapeutic Consultation
The Transgenerational Transmission of Abandonment
The Challenge of Multiple Caregivers
Sleep Disorders in Infants and Young Children
J Manuel SaucedaGarcia M D
A 3YearOld Monster
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Стр. 16 - Then should we stand appalled to know, that where we generate disease to strike our children down and entail itself on unborn generations, there also we breed, by the same certain process, infancy, that knows no innocence, youth without modesty or shame, maturity that is mature in nothing but in suffering and guilt, blasted old age that is a scandal on the form we bear.
Стр. 33 - In every nursery there are ghosts. They are the visitors from the unremembered past of the parents; the uninvited guests at the christening.
Стр. 43 - Clearly, essence and meaning consist in the subject's estimation of his own strength compared to the magnitude of the danger and in his admission of helplessness in the face of it — physical helplessness if the danger is real and psychical helplessness if it is instinctual.
Стр. 19 - ... or to visit the toilet. Strongly aroused drives, pain, and anxiety, however, can be conceived as overriding the effectance urge and capturing the energies of the neuromuscular system. But effectance motivation is persistent in the sense that it regularly occupies the spare waking time between episodes of homeostatic crisis.
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J. Martín Maldonado-Durán, M.D., works at the Family Service and Guidance Center in Topeka, Kansas. He is also an investigator for the Child and Family Center at the Menninger Clinic, an adjunct professor for infant psychopathology at Kansas State University, and a clinical professor at the University of Kansas in Topeka, Kansas.

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