Women and Science: Social Impact and Interaction

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ABC-CLIO, 2004 - Всего страниц: 409
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A contemporary study of Western views on women scientists from 1700 to the present and how the extraordinary accomplishments of these women helped change those views.

Women and Science: Social Impact and Interaction looks at the complex relationship between science, women, and society as it has evolved from the late 1600s to the present. As the story unfolds, readers meet a number of extraordinary women who crashed the men's club of science, from Maria Merian, a 17th century pioneer in the study of metamorphosis to Barbara McClintock, 1984 Nobel prize winner for work that had been dismissed 30 years earlier.

More than a series of biographical sketches, this book is an insightful look at how some highly accomplished women overcame preconceived notions about their capabilities and their proper place and succeeded in contributing extensively to, and at times contesting, modern science.

- Brief biographies of some of the most accomplished women scientists in history, from Maria Merian and Margaret Cavendish to Ruth Hubbard

- Primary documents written by women scientists, including reflections of their work and personal lives and discussion of the challenges women scientists have faced

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Social Impact and Interaction 1 Constructing a New Science The Masculine Tradition
Social Impact and Interaction 2 Womens Bodies Womens Minds The Science of Women
Social Impact and Interaction 3 Women Doing Science Multiple Avenues
Social Impact and Interaction 4 Womens Education in Science
Social Impact and Interaction 5 Professionalizing Women Scientists
Social Impact and Interaction 6 Womens Advancement in Science since World War II
Social Impact and Interaction 7 Creating a Future for Women in Science
Social Impact and Interaction Chronology
Social Impact and Interaction Glossary
Social Impact and Interaction Documents
Social Impact and Interaction Bibliography
Social Impact and Interaction Index
Social Impact and Interaction About the Author
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Стр. 257 - What is now called the nature of women is an eminently artificial thing — the result of forced repression in some directions, unnatural stimulation in others.
Стр. 13 - For you have but to follow and as it were hound nature in her wanderings, and you will be able, when you like, to lead and drive her afterwards to the same place again.
Стр. 296 - The very law that moulds a tear, And bids it trickle from its source : That law preserve» the earth a sphere, And guides the planets in their course !' All this, I grant, is not positive evidence, but it removes, at least, all improbability.
Стр. 239 - For the subtlety of experiments is far greater than that of the sense itself, even when assisted by exquisite instruments ; such experiments, I mean, as are skilfully and artificially devised for the express purpose of determining the point in question. To the immediate and proper perception of the sense therefore I do not give much weight ; but I contrive that the office of the sense shall be only to judge of the experiment, and that the...
Стр. 239 - ... that the office of the sense shall be only to judge of the experiment, and that the experiment itself shall judge of the thing. And thus I conceive that I perform the office of a true priest of the sense (from which all knowledge in nature must be sought, unless men mean to go mad) and a not unskilful interpreter of its oracles ; and that while others only profess to uphold and cultivate the sense, I do so in fact.
Стр. 284 - Platte, and between us and them lay glories of mountain, canyon, and lake, sleeping in depths of blue and purple most ravishing to the eye. As we crept from the ledge round a horn of rock I beheld what made me perfectly sick and dizzy to look at — the terminal Peak itself — a smooth, cracked face or wall of pink granite, as nearly perpendicular...
Стр. 285 - Jim' severed it with his hunting-knife, upon which I fell into a crevice full of soft snow. We were driven lower down the mountains than he had intended by impassable tracts of ice, and the ascent was tremendous. For the last 200 feet the boulders were of enormous size, and the steepness fearful. Sometimes I drew myself up on hands and knees, sometimes crawled; sometimes 'Jim...

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Suzanne Le-May Sheffield is assistant professor in the Department of History at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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