The Discovery of Spoken Language

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A Bradford Book, 1997 - Всего страниц: 314

The Discovery of Spoken Language marks one of the first efforts to integrate thefield of infant speech perception research into the general study of language acquisition. It fillsin a key part of the acquisition story by providing an extensive review of research on theacquisition of language during the first year of life, focusing primarily on how normally developinginfants learn the organization of native language sound patterns.Peter Jusczyk examines the initialcapacities that infants possess for discriminating and categorizing speech sounds and how thesecapacities evolve as infants gain experience with native language input. Jusczyk also looks at howinfants' growing knowledge of native language sound patterns may facilitate the acquisition of otheraspects of language organization and discusses the relationship between the learner's developingcapacities for perceiving and producing speech.

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