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Стр. 118 - On the shore, dim - ly seen thro" the mist of the deep, Where the 3. And where is that band, who so vaunt-ing - ly swore, Mid the 4. Oh ! thus be it ev - er, when...
Стр. 117 - Sweet free - dom's song ; To Thee we sing; Land where my fa - thers died ! Land of the I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and Let mor - tal tongues a - wake ; Let all that Long may our land be bright With free-dom's Pil-grim's pride ! From ev - 'ry moun-tain side Let free - dom ring.
Стр. 117 - ry moun - tain side Let free - dom ring ! tem -pled hills: My heart with rap - ture thrills Like that a - bove. breathe par-take; Let rocks their si - lence break, The sound pro- long, ho - ly light; Pro - tect us by thy might, Great God, our King! \ Q»n — ir~ 1 — П F 1 Г J — 1 H f* i 1 /T^ti \ КПГ4 — a ¿— — J — -±-— ¡===¿r-:« i — ¿-^= Ц — 7 J ] 1 . My coun 2.
Стр. 118 - Praise the ram - parts we watched were so gal - lant - ly stream-ing ? And the fit - ful - ly blows, half con - ceals, half dis - clos - es ? Now it blood has wash'd out their foul foot-steps' pol - lu - tion ; No pow'r that hath made and pre-served usa na - tion ; Then, Francis Scott Key.
Стр. 119 - JЧ 1 r* h" 119 rock - ets' red glare, the bombs burst -ing in • air, Gave catch - es the gleam of the morn-ing's first beam ; In full ref - uge could save the hire - ling and slave From the con - quer we must, when our cause it is just ; And proof thro...
Стр. 118 - On the shore, dimly seen thro' the mists of the deep, Where the foe's haughty 3. And where is that band, who so vannt-ing-ly swore That the hav - oc of 4. Oh, thus be it ev - er when freemen shall stand Be - tween their loved hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Стр. 121 - Co what it cost, . Ev - er grate - ful for the prize, man - ly trust, That truth and jus - tice shall pre - vail, And fear - ful hour Of hor - rid war, or guides with ease The lum - bia's day, His stead - y mind,from chang - es free, Re CHORUS Let its al - tar reach the skies.
Стр. 122 - The boast of the red, white and blue. The boast of the red, white and blue; With her flag proudly floating before her. The boast of the red, white and blue.
Стр. 119 - And proof thro' the night that our flag was still there : glo ry re - flect - ed, now shines on the stream ; ter - ror of flight, or the gloom of the grave; this be our mot - to, "In God is our trust...

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