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THE design of this work is to exhibit, in a Method best adapted to con vey instruction, a rational and candid defence and illustration of the Hely Scriptures; to display their authority, use and excellency; to reconcile and clear up those seeming contradictions, intricacies, and difficulties, which the frequent allusions to particular customs little known, opinions not well understood, the forms of speech, and genius of the language of those times, so very different from our own, have continued in the dark, and made hard to be understood; to ascertain, by the concurrent testimony of prophane history, those facts which are questioned by modern unbelievers; to give a summary view and abstract of the chronology, geography, history, polity, common wealth, laws, manners, and ceremonies of the Jews, and of such other nations as occur in the course of the work, and are properly connected with it; to collect and digest, into one body, what is diffused through several books, and bring the substance of all that is necessary to illustrate the subject, within the compass of every person's study and purchase; to shorten the labor and expense of more severe researches, and to give a competent knowledge of these matters to those who have not leisure or abilities for more voluminous and learned enquiries; and to render it no less, also, a proper introduction to a more large and critical study of the scriptures; and to make the whole a re

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HE Introduction,

Page 11.

CHAP. 1.

The creation of the world. The fall of Adam and Eve, with their exclusion from Paradise, and the nature of their sin.



The murder of Abel, and punishment of Cain. Of the land of Nod. Of Seth, and his family. The translation of Enoch. Of the Antediluvian fathers, their chronology, religion, government, learning, and longevity.



The flood, and Noah's ark. Noah's family, and covenant with God. Noah's sin, and the curse of Canaan.



The confusion of languages; the dispersion of the children of Noah, and their settlement in different parts of the earth.




God's choice, and separation of Abram and his secd to be his peculiar people. The travels of Abram and Lot. Of Melchizedeck. Abra ham's success and children. Destruction of Sodom, &c. Abraham's faith in offering up Isaac. Death of Sarah. Abraham's second marriage, and death.



Of Isaac and his sons. children.

Of Esau and his children. And of Jacob and his 64 СНАР. VII.

The history of Joseph. Jacob's settlement in the land of Coshen: His prophetic blessing of his children: His death, and pompous burial. The death of Joseph. Of the Jewish patriarchal government, &c. 73


The state of the children of Israel in Egypt, from the death of Joseph to their deliverance, under the conduct of Moses: including an account



The number and travels of the Israelites that marched out of Egypt, under the conduct of Moses, to mount Horeb. The loss of Pharaoh and his host in the Red Sea. Quails and manna sent from Heaven. Of the Amelekites, and their opposition of Israel. Of the council established. under Moses. The giving of the law on Mount Horeb or Sinai. The ceremonial law, and the making of the tabernacle, the ark, mercy seat, &c. The molten calf, and Idolatry of the Israelites.





The travels and number of the Israclites that marched from Horcb. cloudy and fiery pillar. Murmurings and idolatries of the Israelites in the wilderness. The punishment of Miriam. Report of the spies that were sent into the land of Canaan. Their repulse by the Canaanites, &c. The rebellion and punishment of Corah, &c. The death of Aaron, and the consecration of Eleazar his son. The battle and victory at Hormah. Of the fiery and brazen serpents. The victories over the Amorites, Moabites, and Medianites. Zimri and Cosbi slain by Phineas. The prophecy of Balaam. The numbering of the Iraelites by Moses. The maintenance of the Levites. Two tribes and a half settled on the east of Jordan. Several pathetic speeches by Moses to the elders and people before he resigned his commission to Joshua. His death and character.



Of the person of Job. Of the author of the book of Job. Of Balaam's Ass. The history of Egypt, Amelekites, Edomites, Moabites, Midiaites, and Sabæ aus, during this period.




The history of Joshua, containing his government, and wars with the Canaanites. The passage of the Israelites over Jordan. The siege of Jericho. The sin of Achan, and his punishment. Of the Gibeonites, and their conquest by Joshua. How Joshua divided the land of Canaan among the Israelites. The government settled in these new conquests by Joshua. The death of Joshua, and his character. The history of Rahab. Of Urim and Thummin. Page 149



The government of the Israelites after the death of Joshua. Their victories and conquests. Their idolatry, and Micah's images. The Benjamites extirpated by their brethren the Israelites. Cushan-Prishathaim subdues the two tribes and a half. Othniel delivers them, and governs Israel. They fall away from God, are subdued by the Heathens, and delivered at several times by the judges, Ehud, Deborah, Barak, Gideon, &c. of Ruth, and of the usurpation of Abimelech.


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Of the judges Tolah, Jair, Jephtha, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, and Samson; in which you have the interpretation of Jephtha's vow and Samson's riddle; the treachery of Delilah; Samson's dealings with the Philistines; the manner how he was taken, and of his death. Prophane history corfirming the history of the judges.


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