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Eli and his family. Samuel and his parents. Samuel is chosen to succeed Eli in the high-priesthood and government of the people. The Israelites demand a king. Saul is anointed king. The government and wars of Saul. Of his son Jonathan, and his valour. Saul's disobedi ence to God's command. Saal is deprived of the kingdom, and David is anointed by Samuel in his stead. Davidkills Goliah, Saul endeavors to destroy David, who flies, and is pursued. Saul consults the witch of Endor, and sees the ghost of Samuel. The defeat and death of Saul and Jonathan.




The succession in Israel after the death of Saul. David is chosen king of Judah; and Ishbosheth king of Israel. The wars between these two kings. The death of Ishbosheth; and David's election by all the tribes of Israel. Jerusalem taken, and made the metropolis of his kingdom, by David. Description of Jerusalem. David's wars with the Phillistines, Ammonites, and their allies. His adultery, and murder of Uriah. His marriage with Bathsheba. How punished for his sin. The death of his son Amnon, and the rebellion of his son Absalom. Absalom's councils betrayed to David, and his defeat and death. Joab's disgrace. Sheba's rebellion and defeat. A three years famine demands satisfaction to the Gibeonites. A plague; how it stopped. David settles the government and succession. Adonijah's conspiracy, and Solomon's advancement to the throne. David's death and character. Prophane history during this period. Page 207


Solomon's accession to the throne; and petition to God for wisdom. Ho defeats the stratagems of Adonijah, &c. Punishes Shimei. Marries the daughter of Pharaoh-Vaphnes. Renews the alliance with Hiram, &c. Settles the officers of his court, and civil list. Builds and dedicates the temple; and builds several palaces, fortresses and cities. Establishes trade and navigation. His riches and magnificence. His apostacy and punishment. Jeroboam appointed by God to succeed SoloSolomon's wives, children, and death.




Jeroboam succeeds Solomon by the choice of the people of Israel; and Rehoboam chosen to regn over Judah. Jeroboam seduceth Israel to idolatry. The prophecy concerning Josiah. The priests and Levites retire to Rehoboam. Rehoboam falls into idolatry; and is punished by the invasion of Shishak king of Egypt. He dies, and is succeeded by Abijam ; who dies, and is succeeded by Asa. The death of Jeroboam, who is succeeded by Nadab. Baasha raised to the throne of Israel, Asa's defeat, sickness, and death. The death of Baasha; and the revolutions in Israel under Elab, Zimri, Tibni, and Omri.


Jehoshaphat; and his death. The Moabites miraculously defeated. Ahaziah succeeds Ahab. His reign and sickness. Elijah foretels his death. He is succeeded by Joram. Elijah's translation into Heaven. Of the prophet Elisha, and his cure of Naaman the leper, &c. The siege of Samaria by Benhadad. His enmity against Elisha. The death of Jehoshaphat. The character of his son Jehoram, and his death.. Elisha's travels, &c. during seven years famine. The death of Joram, king of Israel, and of Ahaziah king of Judah, by Jehu.



The reign of Jehu in Israel. He destroys all Ahab's race and family. Athaliah usurps the government of Judah. Her reign and murder. Jehoash proclaimed king of Judah. His government, crime, and punishment. The reign of Joash in Israel, and his success against the Syrians. Amaziah succeeds Jehosh in Judah; reduces the Edomites; attacks the Israelites, but routed by their king. His restoration, idolatry, and murder. The advancement of his son Azariah to the throne. His wars, victories, and inventions. His sin, punishment, and death. Of the prophets Hosca, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, and Isaiah. Jeroboam reigns in Israel. The revolutions in Israel after his death. Israel invaded by the Assyrians. Hoshea reigns in Israel, revolts from the king of Assyria, is defeated, and kingdom destroyed.

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Jotham reigns in Judah. Ahaz succeeds him. His idolatry and wars. Hezekiah and his piety. His wars with the Assyrians, and miraculous deliverance. Of Manasseh, his cruelty, impicty, bondage and restoration. The murder of Ammon, and accession of Josiah. Of Josiah's devotion, and war with Pharaoh- Necho. Of Shallum's advancement to the throne, and the change of his name to Jehoahaz. His defeat and imprisonment. Of Eliakim or Jehoiakim, and his abominations, defeat, bondage and restoration. Jeremia foretels the Babylonish captivity. Of Jehoiachin, Zedekiah, and the imprisonment of the prophet Jeremiah. Nebuchadnezzar takes Jerusalem, and carries the Jews captives to Babylon. Prophane history during this period. 261.


The government of Judea, and behaviour of the Jews during the Babylonish captivity. Nebuchadnezzar's dream, and its interpretation by Daniel. Nebuchadnezzar's conquest of Egypt, and death. Of the successors of Nebuchadnezzar, and the overthrow of Babylon by the Medes and Persians. Of Darius and Cyrus. The exaltation of Da niel the prophet; the conspiracy to take away his life, and his miracu.lous deliverance. Cyrus restores the Jews to liberty, and they return to Judea. Of Cambyses, Artaxerxes, and the impostor Smerdis, &c. Of the opposition of the Samaritans to the Jews resettling at Jerusalem, and their protection under the Persian monarchs. Of the prophets Zechariah and Haggai. Of Xerxes and Artaxerxes. Of Esther, Mordecai, and Haman. The Institution of the Feast of Lots. Of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Malachi, 274


The affairs of the Jews from the conclusion of the history of the Old Testament to the coming of Christ. The Samaritan temple on monst


Jesus feedeth five thou

in Judea. The murder of John the Baptist. sand men. Walketh on the sea. Goeth up to the third passover. Condemns the Jewish traditions. Declares hself to be the Messiah; and rebukes Peter. His transfiguration on mount Tabor. Page 356


Christ cures the possessed lunatic. Foretels his death, and recommends humility and, forgiveness. Pays tribute. Preacheth boldly at Jerusalem. Pardons the adulteress. Stateth the true notion of a neighbor. Entertained by Martha and Mary at Bethany. Condemns covetousness Cures the crooked woman, and the man born blind. As

and sedition.

seits his own divinity. Cures a dropsical man. Shews the bad consequence of uncharitableness. States the case of divorces. Recommends humility when addressing God. Shews the danger of riches.



Jesus cures two blind men. Dines with Zaccheus the publican. Raiseth Lazarus from the dead. The Sanhedrim resolve to kill Jesus and LaZarus. Jesus rideth in triumph into Jerusalem. Hosamma explained. Jesus prophesieth the destruction of Jerusalem; driveth the usurers and hucksters out of the temple; preacheth in the temple; curseth the barren fig-tree; driveth the traders a second time out of the temple; and refuseth to give the Pharisees an account of his authority. The Phari sees question concerning tribute to Cæsar; and Christ's answer. The Sadducees question concerning marriages in a future state; and Christ's answer. Jesus shews which is the greatest commandment. Returns a third time to Jerusalem. Reproves the Pharisees in the temple, and fortelleth its destruction. The signs preceding this destruction, and how fulfilled.




Peter and John prepare the passover. Judas withdraws to the rulers of the Jews to betray Jesus. Jesus instituteth the Lord's supper, and disCourseth to his disciples concerning his approaching death. Retires to Gethsamene, and sweats blood; is betrayed, seized, bound and led to the high-priest, &c. is brought before Pontius Pilate and Herod, who bear witness to his innocence; is condemned to die, and is crucified between two thieves. Prodigies attending his crucifixion. 407


The burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. An angel appears to the good woman at the sepulchre. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalen; to the two disciples in the way to Emmaus; to all the apostles except Thomas; to Thomas also. Jesus promiseth to send on them the Holy Ghost. How Christ continues with his church to the end of the world. How long he continued on earth after his resurrection. The ascension of Jesus Christ.




The apostles retire to an upper room, and chuse Matthias in the place of Judas to be an apostle. The descent of the Holy Ghost. How the Holy Ghost operated on the disciples of Christ. The disciples speak strange languages, and work miracles: Are persecuted by the Jewish rulers; imprisoned and whipped. The apostles ordain seven deacons. The martyrdom of Stephen, and life of St. Paul.


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pray, have you no better grounds

WHERE have you past your and motives upon which you pro

time since we parted?

pose to take up this resolution?


I have rambled through the town, and spent my evenings amongst a set of gentlemen, that have talked me almost out of my reason; and yet declare that they are the great asserters of reason.


S. They with one voice denied all revelation; and in particular, the sacred scriptures contained in the Old and New Testament; and asscrted the right of free-thinking so positively, that I am almost persuaded to enter into their society.

T. 'Tis an illusion no less absurd than common, to believe that truth is the acquisition of men of fortune or probity, and of those confident


T. Pray can you recollect any par- pretenders to literature, that know any thing more than ourselves. In should be given to qualities that an enquiry after truth, no authority contribute nothing to the discovery of it. Regard should be had to age, learning, study, experience, exactthese best qualify men for the search ness, diligence, and judgment, as

of, and so are most likely to find out truth; but yet these are to be weighed with care, and afterwards comparison to be made between them and the contrary reasons; for from each of these in particular nothing

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T. This is the trick of that tribe; they lie in wait to caich young, unexperienced youth, flatter their va nity, and then find it easy to draw them from the way of truth. But

S. They are gentlemen of fortune, and reputed to be of sound morals and learning.

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