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in prosperity and adversity, in life and death. Let but the heart be full of trust towards God, calmed and strengthened by habitual devotion, with gratitude for his love and reverence for his power, what a lofty freedom does it gain from the base trammels of the world! what steadiness of purpose, which no clashing interests can move ! what a noble courage in resisting temptation; in spurning the ways of evil; in

upholding itself in the course of christian honour and christian virtue! 66 The world itself is to pass away, and the fashion of it"-s0 feels the Christian ; and he scorns to be the slave of aught so vain. He stayeth himself upon his God; whose word standeth fast, and who knoweth no change, but is the same yesterday, to day, and for ever.

When thus your children are thoroughly persuaded that there is a mightier power than any on earth to shield them; a stronger arm ready to defend them than ever drew mortal sword"; they are strong, though not in their own strength; they fight the good fight, though their armour be the armour of God, and their weapon the sword of the Spirit of God; they gain the victory, though another fight for them; they conquer-nay, they are more than conquerors—though it be through Him that loved them”. Even when the light of life shall fade away, and the soul must pass swift and alone unto the yet unknown future world, the faithful soldier of Christ will fear no evil. His Judge is his Saviour-his God, his Redeemer—and Jehovah himself, his exceeding great reward."

1 Ps. xli, 6 ; xcviii. 1.

2 Gal, ü, 20.

I N D E X.

Bread, spiritual, 113. 220.
Burial of the dead, service for, 467.

the study of it a salutary exer-

cise for the Christian, 468.


ABSOLUTION, 308. 439.
ADAM," the old,” its meaning, 90.
Adversity, its uses, 518, note.
Affections, not destroyed by the

Gospel, but regulated, 127, note.
Afflictions, sent in love, 414 and

note, 431.
by them the righteous tried as

in a furnace, 430.
Christ our example in them,

Angels; the faithful communicant

joins in their services, 314.
Apostles' Creed, 134.
Arian, heresy so called, 276.
Armour of God, 110, n.
Ascension of Christ, its proof, 320

and n.
Association of time, place, and cir-

cumstance—its power, 315 and
n. 328. 399 and n.


Baptism of infants, 43.

of Jesus, 53.
the object of our prayers in, 71.
its form appointed by Christ,

by immersion or sprinkling,

96, n.
Belief, the articles of, 82. 122. 134.

275. 434.

rest on God's word, 88, n.
Believers, the faithful, in Christ,

never die, 469.
Birth, new, 45, n.
Blessed, who are the, 501, 504.

who are in death, 505.
Blessing, the scriptural forms of,

363 and n.

CANAAN, the heavenly, 177, n.
Catechism, the Church, 130.

to be taught early, 239.
Changes and chances,” the term
explained, 354, n.
Charity, Christian; its extent, 237.

its necessity, 301.
Children, numerous, a blessing, 20.

called to baptism, 57. 60. 99, n.
teach them early to forgive, 114.
pray for them in sickness, 452.
remind us of our own child-

hood, 452, n.
the care of the Church, 446.
have special interest in the Re-

deemer's death, 165 and n.
this thought is a special call

upon the parents' gratitude

to God, 166.
their early sorrows, 285, n.

342, n.
death of, 489 and n.
undutiful, a sorrow to their

parents, 391, n.
undutiful, threatened by God

for their parents' sins, 163

and n.
CHRIST, always God as well as man,

136. 351 and n.
an example, 175. 264. 350.

his intercession availing, 344.
died for all men, 333, note.

А а

Communion, holy, 266.

renewal of baptismal covenant,

364, n.
guarded in its offers of bless-

ing, 286.
who are called thereto, 301.
partaker of in faith, 234.
partaking thereof, a reasonable

act, 235,

of the sick, 465.
Confession to God, 288. 304.
Confirmation, 243.

preparation for, 245.
its occasion very affecting, 250.

in the Jewish Church, 244.
Conscience, a wounded, its misery,

Consolation, 442.
Contentment, necessary for the at-

tainment of Christian peace, 193,
Coveting, the source of wrong and

robbery, 193.
Cross of Christ, his servants' trust,

Cup of blessing, in the communion,




Christ died for sinners, 311.

pitieth our infirmities, 299.
his cruel suffering, 101.
his agony, 112.
his death, 138.
his resurrection, 84.
his ascension, 139. 320. 344.
his promises sure, 73.
his promises conditional, 74.
through Him we

can do all
things, 433.
his piety in youth, 61. 173.

his sacrifice offered once for all,

his second coming, 521.
Christmas-day, 315.
Christian; his inheritance, 131.

his life a trial and struggle, 91

and n. 120.
never ashamed of Christ, 101.
his soldiership, 103. 110, n. 259,

n. 280. 364.
the faithful welcomed, 521.
principles, their inestimable va-

lue, 527.
Christian and Jewish dispensations,

the analogy between them, 244,
Christians, the sons of God, and


fellow-citizens with the saints,

109, and n.
Church; she teaches what the word

of God commands, 242.
the cross of Christ her glory,

her humility, 104. 117. 354.

the faithful love her worship,

121 and n.
her maternal anxious care, 124.

353. 365. 458.
Christ's holy Catholic, 144.
in its welfare the people deeply

interested, 146, n.
prays for children, 446.
built upon Christ and his apo-

stles, 407. 426. 429, n.
militant, the prayer for, 280.
her charity, 366.
eminently scriptural, 367.
she faithfully warns the wicked,

Churching of women, 7.
Circumcision of infants, 57, n.
Commandments, the ten; their his-

tory, 157.
response after each, 271.

Death, the fear of, subdued by

religion, 284.
of the righteous, leaves blessing

to their children, 284, n.
reunion of the righteous, after,

of children, 454, n.
unto sin, 479.
always at hand, 492.
the uncertainty of its time, 485.
its sting is sin, 486.
of the body, its preparation for

glory, 482.
frees the righteous from mi-

Devotion, season of, season of safety,

Diligence, spiritual and temporal,

will have God's blessing, 220, n.
Dishonesty of every kind, is sin,

204, n.
Division in families, ruin to peace,

378 and n.
Duties, religious and social unite,

Dying, the Christian, daily, ex-

plained, 479 and n.



Early instruction in religious and

other learning, 239.
Easter-day, 317.
Edify, the term explained, 247, n.
Elect, they must persevere, 104.

Envy, its character and influence,

Eternity, its awfulness, 153. 495.
Evil-speaking, a sin against God,

Example, evil, its danger, 481.



Faith, man's great comfort, 55, 59.

151. 344. 427, n.
without obedience, dead, 88.

119. 123. 198, n.
its unity, 95. 146. 281.
must be uniform and practical,

whereby the soul feeds on the

bread of life, 335, n.
False shame, its danger, 102.
Fearful, the, encouraged, 31).
Filial gratitude, always due to pa-

rents, 126. 154. 199.
Fool; this and other harsh expres-

sions to be avoided, 202, n.
Forbearance, Christian virtue, 372.

Forgiveness, necessary for our

its advantages, 181.
its conditions, 114. 223. 437.

not to be delayed, 5)3.
Friend ; such is God to man, 27 and

God, the supreme moral Governor

of the universe, 208. 355.

393. 426, n.
Lord of death as of life, 424.
the searcher of hearts, 268, n.

present at his holy table, 291.
before Him, no man justified,

his mercy is the communi-

cant's only help and trust,

326. 329. 475.
our friend, 27 and n. 351.
omnipresent, appeal to, 497.
able to create us again after

death, 484.
Godfathers and godmothers, their

responsibility, 43.
Godliness, great the mystery of,

106. 142.
Gospel, called the kingdom of hea-

ven, 73, n.
the gift of its light to this land,

Grace, its several meanings, 210.

of God, continually needed, 118.

251. 254, n. 261. 287, n.
delivers us from evil, 225.
its all-sufficiency, 238, n.
preventing, is our joy, 62. 65.

339. 358 and n.
daily increase in, 254 and n.

special, explained, 210 and n.
Gratitude to God, motive for obe-

dience, 331. 336. 337, n. 364.
Grave, thoughts at the, 488–492.

peace, 222.


n. 351.

grees, 483.

Hall, Bishop, his filial gratitude,


Heart requires cultivation, 221

and n.
Glory, heavenly; its different de- Heaven; its bliss, 36.

our rest in, 502.
God, our duty towards, 196.

the righteous have its foretaste
our only sure trust, 37. 62. 67.

in death, 503, n.
133, n. 400. 447.

Hell, place of departed spirits, 83,
greater than our hearts, 86.
omnipresent, 141. 356.

Holy Ghost the Comforter, 85.
eternal, 360.

322. 444.
incomprehensible, 142.

Honesty ennobles the poorest, 205.
his name; Father, Son, and Honour, filial, never ceases, 176.
Holy Ghost, to be hallowed,

177, n.

HORNE, Bishop, 246, n.

n. 139.

[blocks in formation]

Meet partakers at the Sacrament,

who, 297, n.
Memory of past deliverances, gives

hope, 55.
Mind, its expanded power in a

future world, 155.
in its saddest affliction, how re-

lieved, 463.
Ministers, their labours vain unless

blessed of God, 282.
anxious care for their people,

claim their people's affection,

200, n.
their authority, 286.
plead in Christ's stead, 291.
judge not sin, but leave judg-

ment to God, 295.
Moses communed with God, 285.
Mothers, their love and influence,

4. 69, 92.
their gratitude for safe deliver-

ance after child-birth, 9. 13.
wisely correct their children,
train them to self-control, 121.

127. 181. 223. 342, n.
their instructions surely blest,

Mourners comforted, 507.523525.


Jacob, 165, n.
Jewish and Christian Dispensation,

the analogy between, 244, n.
Judas the traitor, 264.
Judgment-day, sudden in its coming,


52, n.



LEIGHTON, Archbishop, 314, n.
Life, spiritual, must be active, 47.

of soul and body, each God's

gift, and analogous, 113. 255,

its constant changes, 490.
Loyalty, a Christian virtue, 199


and n.

NAAMAN, his leprosy and recovery,

242 and n.
Name, the Christian, 96. 100.

its accompanying responsibili-

ties, 131, n. 132.

a man's good, sacred, 192.
Neighbour, our duty to, 198.
Nicene Creed, 275.

why so called, 276, n.
Noah; his preservation, a type of

baptism, 49.
his obedience, our example, 51


and n.


grace, 209.

Man, his insufficiency without God's
Manna, spiritual, 341.
Marriage Bond, its sanctity and

blessing, 182. 368. 375. 387.

403. 404, n. 406.
its influence upon society as

well as individuals, 370, 371.
represents spiritual unity be-

twixt Christ and his Church,

370. 404.
garment, 288, n.
feast, our Lord present at, 369.

390. 404, n. 406.
Matrimony, solemnization of, 366.

Obedience to God, imperative, 75.

156. 219.
though not meritorious, neces-

sary, how illustrated, 216, n.
rendered easy by the Spirit of

God assisting us, 133. 197.
to the laws of our country, a

Christian bounden duty, 200.

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