Notes for the Use of Persons who Seek for and Collect Shells

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Eastburn's Press, 1850 - Всего страниц: 14
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Стр. 25 - IV. PRESERVING IN LIQUIDS, AND BY OTHER MODES BESIDES SKINNING. 1. GENERAL REMARKS. The best material for preserving animals of moderate size is alcohol. When spirits cannot be obtained, the following substitutes may be used : — I.
Стр. 12 - ... this is practicable. The common names of specimens procured should also be carefully recorded. All facts relating to the habits and peculiarities of the various species of animals should be carefully recorded in the note book, especially those having relation to the peculiarities of the season of reproduction, &c. The accounts of hunters and others should also be collected, as much valuable information may thus be secured. The colors of the reptiles and fishes when alive should always be given,...
Стр. 12 - ... fossils selected should be as perfect as possible ; and especial care should be paid to procuring the bones and teeth of vertebrate animals. Of minerals and rocks, specimens as large as a hickory-nut will, in many cases, be sufficient for identification. Where collections cannot be made in any region, it will be very desirable to procure lists of all the known species, giving the names by which they are generally recognized, as well as the scientific name, when this is practicable. The common...
Стр. 21 - The generative organs will be found tightly bound to this region (nearly opposite to the last ribs), and separating it from the intestines. The testicles of the male will be observed as two spheroidal or ellipsoidal whitish bodies, varying with the season and species, from the size of a pin's head to that of a hazel-nut. The ovaries of the female, consisting of a flattened mass of spheres, variable in size with the season, will be found in the same region.
Стр. 17 - A little camphor may be added to the alcoholic solution. There are no satisfactory substitutes for arsenic but, in its entire absence, corrosive sublimate, arsenical soap, camphor, alum, &c., may be employed. The proper materials for stuffing out skins will depend much upon the size of the animal. For small birds and quadrupeds, cotton will be found most convenient; for the larger, tow. For those still larger, dry grass, straw, sawdust, bran, or other, vegetable substances, may be used. Whatever...
Стр. 11 - Salamanders are found under logs or bark in damp woods, or under flat stones near or in the water. Every stream, and, indeed, when possible, many localities in each stream, should be explored for fishes, which are to be preserved as directed. For these, as well as the other alcoholic collections, the lino bags are very useful. The stomachs of fishes and other vertebrates will often be found to contain rare animals not otherwise procurable, and should be carefully examined.
Стр. 21 - The breast bone with its attachments, of at least one specimen of each species, should be cleaned and preserved. For transportation, each skin of mammals as well as of birds should, when possible, be wrapped in paper, or else arranged in trays lined with cotton, and the interstices filled with the same material. 2. MAMMALS. The mode of preparing mammals is precisely the same as for birds, in all its general features. Care should be taken not to make too large an incision along the abdomen. The principal...
Стр. 34 - ... crown of the hat when without a collecting-box, and placed in paper at noon or at night. Great care should be taken to keep the papers dry and free from mould. When there is not time at noon to dry the papers in the sun, they should be dried at night by the fire, when, also, the dried specimens are 3 placed at the bottom of the bundle, making room on top for the next day's collection.
Стр. 9 - A great obstacle in the way of making alcoholic collections while on a march, has been found in the escape of the spirits and the friction of the specimens, as well as in the mixing up of those from different localities. All these difficulties have been successfully obviated by means of the following arrangement: instead of using glass jars, so liable to break, or even wooden kegs, so difficult of stowage, a square copper can should be procured, having a large mouth with a cap fitting tightly over...
Стр. 30 - ... and blowing or sucking out the contents. Should hatching have already commenced, an aperture may be made in one side by carefully pricking with a fine needle round a small circle or ellipse, and thus cutting out a piece. The larger kinds should be well washed inside, and all allowed to dry before packing away. If the egg be too small for the name, a number should be marked with ink corresponding to a memorandum list.

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