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bad raysd; made up what she had ruind; by closing her eyes opend mine, and by her last breath upon me, inspird me with comforts I had not beene acquainted with all; tooke my hart with her, and gave it a relysh of those cèlestial ioyes she here with such assurance allways lov'd, and there with so much comfort everlastingly inioyes. I no sooner receaved this sad knowlidge from the phisitian, but wee dispatcht him to his lodging, and brought doune to her the phisitian that was proper to her condition. Now it was about nine of the clocke, and she grew shorter and shorter breatht, and her fever increasd; yet she was very present to herselfe in a sweet tranquillity of mind and body, and as often askt how she was, she allwayes sayd well, and in noe paine. I doe easily believe it, and I conceave you will think no less when you consider what I very well know, her soule often in her life time so overflowd with the effects and highest operations of devine love, that she felt ioyes and delights thereby not to be expressed. How impossible was it then she could be sensible now of any thing but ioyes when she was so neere the possession. for ever of them, of wch formerly the very hope

and expectation did so often seze and transport her. The good man who assisted her, putt into her mouth and thoughts many devout jaculatoryes, pious acts, and devine considera tions; such as were short, she sayd after him; such as by her shortness of breath she could not reach unto, by her action all along, and by her assent when he had done, she exprest her hart had gone along with him, though her voyce fayled her: then did wee all pray with her, and for her, round about her bed, most part of the night.

Now in an intervall, that the good man gave her for her rest, wee all quiett, about eleven a clocke as I take it, she of a sudden spoake out, with a loud voyce. The good man stept to her, encouraging her with such devout sayings as he thought necessary, which she repeated as before, keeping the same peace of mind, without shew of the least disturbance, the same speach and readiness to answeare to what, was spoke to her, the same perfectness of sense, though visible that she was neerer her end by the drawing of her breath. In another cessation of prayer wch was betweene 1 and 2 of the night, she spoake out againę. Oh how crafty the devil is, how crafty

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to deceave men: then resting a little first; but Jesus is to me a Jesus. Then the good man interposed: 'tis well, sayd he, sweet cosen, encouraging her to take comfort in that blessed Hame, and amonst other things repeated to her her owne saying, as wee thought, Jesus be to me a Jesus (for wee then understood not she sayd, is.) She tooke the word somewhat hastily out of his mouth, and with great earnestness, at first againe repeated divers times, Jesus is to me a Jesus. One that was by, and had beene pertaker with her, and an eye wittness in all her great sicknesses and sufferings, these 15 years past, first understood her, and eryd out, she says, Jesus is to me a Jesus. Wee all then clearly perceaved it, and with joy exprest so much to her. She seemed pleased wee did so, and taking that comfortable saying into her mouth againe, she repeated it, as long as she had breath to pronounce a word; and in this expression of her love to us, and assurance in God, without the least strife or motion of her body, iust as she used to dropp a sleepe, she delivered her blessed soule to her deare Saviour, a perfect holocaust to his love, on the 9th of July, a little after 2 of the clocke


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in the morninge, a little after day breake. And if it be true that in the combustion of windes, and horrid tempests, the evill spiritts are abroade, then this morning was an evidence of the blessed attendance that accompanyd this happy soule in her ascent into heaven: for a more calme, serene, pleasant, or more glorious morning then this, could not be. A true mirrour, that represented to us, both that lovely serenity of mind, that sweet creature allwayes enioyed here on earth, and that transcendent glory she now possesceth in Heaven. God gave her here so cleare an insight and knowlidge of Heavin, that she consumed in the desire of a full fruition; and had allwayes that violent aversion, and just sadness at the vaine amusements and seduced condition of most in the world, that she languished away in this holy resentment; so that she did not only, all her life time, exactly observe the devine precept of love to God, and our neighbour, (the compendium of all our religious dutyes) but dyed a martyr to both..


Sent after Seraphina in glory by her distressed supplyant.

BLEST SERAPHINA! now you owne the name
You would not here, altho you did their flame.
You triumph now in glory, in love's fires
Rapt by fruition now, here by desires.
Join'd to that amorous hierarchy, you find
The joy'd enlargment of your loving mind;
There you may love without your fear'd exces,
Or limitation of your happines:

Eternity the scope, God the extent,

Your loves' and joys' only accomplishment.
While here on earth, knowledge and love combind
With an unknown exces t'enrich your mind;

Exalted now to those supreamest quires,
In knowledge, or in love's celestiall fires
Absorbed from ever, from your blessed height,
Vouchsafe one ray of intellectual light,

One spark from your full blaze, that I may know
No joys but yours, and spurn all here below.
Grant the example of your life and death,
Prove fruitfull in my soul, may your last breath,
Sweet as the soul and body it disjoin❜d,
Inspire my understanding, warme my mind,

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