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destroying the property of the citizen by summary process ; has been accomplished only by the united and persistent effort of parties banded together for such purposes.

Believing that the effect of such action can be overcome only by a corresponding unity of purpose and action of all parties interested, or in favor of liberal legislation, and that the present is a time requiring all good citizens to ignore party, and to act with a single eye to restoring liberal and healthy legislation, an association has been formed for that purpose, the immediate object of which is to procure the repeal of the present prohibitory law, and the enactment of a License Law in this State.

Concluding you to be in favor of the objects named, you are invited to join in the proposed movement, accepting which invitation, please communicate name and address to

John H. SMITH, Secretary, 20 Exchange St., or to
WALTER D. RICHARDS, President, 87 State St.
Thos. B. WILLIAMS, Vice-President, 185 State St.

S. Q. COCHRAN, Treasurer, 30 Congress St. P.S.This Notice is intended as confidential, to you individually, or to known friends of the cause.

The Massachusetts Temperance Alliance met the counsel for the Petitioners at the State House in the persons of Wm. B. Spooner, Esq., the President, and Rev. A. A. Miner, D. D., a member of its Executive Board. They represented, also, thousands of remonstrants, from every part of the Commonwealth. No effort was made to secure remonstrances until February 4th, and yet, on the first day of April, 258 remonstrances, from 182 cities and towns, had been presented to the Legislature. Two hundred of these remonstrances represented more than sixty thousand citizens, while the remaining fifty or sixty represented Christian Conventions, Churches, Lodges of Good Templars, Divisions of the Sons of Temperance, and other organizations, whose membership was not stated, but numbering, no doubt, twenty thousand persons. And since the first of April, they have

continued to pour into the General Court at about the same rate.

The Petitioners examined 110 witnesses, and devoted an evening session, in addition, to hearing the officers and trustees of the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy; which hearing may very properly be classed with those of the petitioners for a license. At this hearing ten witnesses were examined; which, added to the foregoing, make the total 120.

The Remonstrants examined only 75 witnesses. So much time was consumed by the Petitioners' counsel in cross-questioning, that as many days were spent in the examination of these 75, as the other side consumed with 110. Many important witnesses for the Remonstrants were thus excluded.

In opening the case for the Remonstrants, Mr. Spooner introduced Hon. ASAHEL HUNTINGTON, of Salem, who volunteered his services for the occasion, because of his deep interest in the cause of temperance. Mr. Spooner followed him in further setting forth the claims of Prohibition against License.

The following are the names of the witnesses called by the counsel for the Remonstrants :

EBENEZER ALDEN, M. D., of Randolph,

(Member of the Board of Trustees of Amherst College.) NATHAN ALLEN, M. D., of Lowell,

(Chairman of the State Board of Charities.} Hon. OLIVER AMEs, of North Easton,

(President of the Union Pacific Railroad Company and the Boston,

Newport and New York Steam-boat Company.)
Hon. John I. BAKER, of Beverly,

(State Liquor Commissioner.)
JOSIAH BARTLETT, M. D., of Concord.
ALBERT J. BELLOWS, M. D., of Boston,

(Professor of Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene.)

Hon. NEHEMIAH BOYNTON, of Chelsea,

(Ex-Member of the Governor's Council.) Hon. David BURSLEY, of Barnstable,

(High Sheriff of Barnstable County.) Hon. 0. R. CLARK, of Winchester. HENRY G. CAREY, Esq., of Malden,

(Professor of Music.) Rev. GEORGE J. CARLETON, of Charlestown,

(Chaplain of the State Prison.) Rev. CHARLES CLEVELAND, of Boston,

(City Missionary.) Hon. Otis CLAPP, of Boston,

(U. S. Assessor of the Fourth District.) Rev. N. E. COBLEIGH, D. D., of Boston,

(Editor of Zion's Herald.) Rev. J. G. COCHRAN, of Buffalo,

(Missionary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign

Missions to Persia.)
Hon. NATHAN CROSBY, of Lowell,

(Judge of the Police Court of the city.)
Hon. WILLIAM E. CURRIER, of Newburyport,

(Judge of the Police Court of the city.) ANDREW CUSHING, Esq., of Boston,

(City Missionary.) Hon. WOODBURY DAVIS, of Portland, Me.

(Ex-Judge of the Supreme Court of Maine.) ALBERT DAY, M. D., of Boston,

(Superintendent of the Washingtonian Home.) T. R. DENNISON, Esq., of New Bedford,

(City Missionary.) Hon. CHARLES A. DEWEY, of Milford,

(Judge of the Police Court of the town.) FRANCIS D. ELLIS, Esq., of Boston. Hon. BENJAMIN EVANS, of Amesbury,

(Member of the Governor's Council.) Deacon Ezra FARNSWORTH, of Boston. Hon. GEORGE O. FAIRBANĘS, of Fall River,

(Mayor of the city.) Hon. Rufus S. Frost, of Chelsea,

(Mayor of the city.) Hon. WILLIAM H. Fox, of Taunton,

(Judge of the Police Court of the city.) Rev. Justin D. Fulton, of Boston,

(Pastor of the Tremont Street Baptist Church.)


Rev. NAHUM GALE, D. D., of Lee,

(Member of Board of Trustees of Williams College.) Rev. E. S. GANNETT, D. D., of Boston,

(Pastor of the Arlington Street Unitarian Church.) Rev. STEDMAN W. HANKS, of Lowell,

(District Secretary of the American Seaman's Friend Society.) Rev. GILBERT HAVEN, of Malden,

(Editor of Zion's Herald.) AUGUSTUS A. HAYES, M. D., of Boston,

(State Assayer for Massachusetts.) SAMUEL W. HODGES, Esq., of Boston,

(Member of the City Government.) Rev. MARK HOPKINS, D. D., of Williamstown,

(President of Williams College.) EDWARD JARVIS, M. D., of Dorchester,

(President of the Department of Health of the American Social Science

Association, and Corresponding Member of the British Social Science

WILLIAM E. JACKSON, Esq., of Boston,

(Visitor of the Boston Provident Association.) Hon. JOHN L. LADD, of Cambridge,

(Judge of the Police Court of the city.) G. F. LEWIS, Esq., of Cleveland, Ohio. Rev. JACOB M. MANNING, of Boston,

(Junior Pastor of the Old South Church.) Rev. E. P. MARVIN, D. D., of Medford,

(Editor of the Boston Recorder.) Hon. GEORGE MARSTON, of Barnstable,

(District-Attorney of the Southern District.) E. L: MITCHELL, Esq., of Boston. Hon. EDWARD MELLEN, of Wayland,

(Ex-Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas.) Rev. John W. OLMSTEAD, D. D., of Roxbury

(Editor of the Watchman and Reflector.) Rev. EDWARD OTHEMAN, of Chelsea,

(Treasurer of the Massachusetts Temperance Alliance.) Deacon JULIUS PALMER, of Boston. Hon. ANDREW J. PEABODY, of Lowell,

(Ex-Mayor of the city.) Deacon DAVID PERIAM, of Chelmsford. Hon. ROBERT C. PITMAN, of New Bedford,

(Ex-Judge of the Police Court of the city.) Rev. A. H. PLUMB, of Chelsea.

Rev. ANDREW POLLARU, D. D., of Taunton.
Hon. Z. L. RAYMOND, of Cambridge,

(Ex-Mayor of the city.)
Mr. CALVIN A. RICHARDS, of Boston,

(Liquor-dealer and Petitioner for a License Law.) HENRY L. SABIN, M. D., of Williamstown,

(Member of Board of Trustees of Williams College.) Rev. SAMUEL T. SEELYE, D. D., of Easthampton,

(Member of Board of Trustees of Amherst College.) Rev. WILLARD SPAULDING, of Salem. HORATIO R. STORER, M. D., of Boston,

(Professor in the Berkshire Medical College, and ex-Professor of the

Harvard Medical School.)
Deacon CHARLES STODDARD, of Boston,

(Member of Board of Trustees of Williams College.) Hon. VALOROUS Taft, of Upton,

(Chairman of County Commissioners for Worcester County.) Rev. ELI THURSTON, D. D., of Fall River. Hon. ELIPHALET TRASK, of Springfield,

(Ex-Mayor of the city, and ex-Lieutenant-Governor of the State.) Rev. WILLIAM S. TYLER, D. D., of Amherst,

(Professor of Greek Language in Amherst College.) Rev. GEORGE TRASK, of Fitchburg. JAMES H. UPHAM, Esq., of Dorchester,

(Chairman of Board of Selectmen.) Hon. ROLAND USHER, of Lynn,

(Mayor of the city.) Hon. AMASA WALKER, of North Brookfield,

(Ex-Secretary of State, and ex-Member of Congress.) Hon. GEORGE A. WALTON, of Lawrence,

(Member of the City Government.) Rev. J. M. WILLETT, of Taunton. Rev. GEORGE P. Wilson, of Lawrence,

(City Missionary.) Hon. HARTLEY WILLIAMS, of Worcester,

(District-Attorney of Worcester County.) Rev. WILLIAM F. WARREN, D. D., of Wilbraham,

(Professor in the Methodist Biblical Institute.) Hon. JOSEPH WHITE, of Williamstown,

(Secretary of the State Board of Education.) Rev. Horatio 'WOOD, of Lowell,

(City Missionary.)

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