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MANY of the authorities indicated in the marginal references are too technical or detailed for use outside of the college class-room. Such books, moreover, are not available in the usual school or town library. Students of high school grade should be assigned a course of supplementary reading descriptive of the industry most familiar to them or illustrating the economic development of the city or state in which they live. Biography and fiction may serve to rouse interest in the bread and butter aspect of human history and may actualize a difficult industrial problem more effectively than a scientific treatise. Some of the best illustrative readings known to the author are listed below.


BOLLES, A. S., History of Pennsylvania.
BRUCE, P. A., Economic History of Virginia.
DRAKE, C. D., Pioneer Life in Kentucky.

FISKE, JOHN, Old Virginia and her Neighbors.
Dutch and Quaker Colonies in America.

MCCRADY, EDWARD, JR., History of South Carolina.

WEEDEN, W. B., Economic and Social History of New England.

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BAGNALL, WILLIAM, Textile Industries of the United States.

BROCKETT, L. P., Silk Industry in America, published by the National Silk Association, 1876.

DAVIS, J. P., The Union Pacific Railway.

HOUGH, E., Story of the Cowboy. D. Appleton and Company.

INMAN, HENRY, The Great Salt Lake Trail.

—, The Old Santa Fé Trail.

LAUT, AGNES, Story of the Trapper. D. Appleton and Company.

MARVIN, W. L., The American Merchant Marine.

NICOLLS, W. J., Story of American Coals.

NORTH, S. N. D., A Century of Wool Manufacture. Bulletin of the

Association of Wool Manufacturers, 1894.

Roberts, Peter, The Anthracite Coal Industry.

SHINN, C. H., Story of the Mine.

SMALLEY, E. V., The Northern Pacific Railroad.

SWANK, J. M., History of the Manufacture of Iron in All Ages. WARMAN, CY, The Story of the Railroad. D. Appleton and Company.


DU BOIS, W. E. B., Souls of Black Folk.

FRANKLIN, BENJAMIN, Autobiography.

SHERMAN, JOHN, Recollections of Forty Years in the House, Senate,

and Cabinet.

TALBOT, EDITH ARMSTRONG, Samuel Chapman Armstrong. (Industrial education for the negro.)

Van Vorst, B. and M., The Woman Who Toils. (Factory operatives.) WASHINGTON, BOOKER, Future of the Negro.

Up from Slavery.

WOOLMAN, JOHN, Journal. (The Society of Friends in trade and philanthropy.)


BISLAND, ELIZABETH, A Candle of Understanding. (A sugar plantation in Louisiana.)

CHURCHILL, WINSTON, The Crossing. (Pioneer days in Kentucky.) DANA, R. H., JR., Two Years before the Mast. (The voyage around

the Horn.)

FOOTE, MARY HALLOCK, Cœur d'Alene. (The silver miners of Idaho.) GLASGOW, ELLEN, The Deliverance. (A tobacco plantation in Virginia.)

KEMP, MATT. STAN., Boss Tom. (The anthracite coal miners.) KINGSLEY, CHARLES, Westward Ho! (English buccaneers on the

Spanish Main.)

Norris, Frank, The Octopus. (The wheat ranches of California.) The Pit. (The wheat market of Chicago.)


PARKES, ELIZABETH R., The Magnetic North.

(Gold seekers in


STIMSON, F. J., King Noanet. (Indentured servants in colonial Virginia and town lands in Massachusetts.)

WILLIAM, F. BENTON, On Many Seas. (The American sailor's experi


WINTER, ALICE, A Prize to the Hardy. (Wheat farmers of the Dakotas.)


Physiographic Map of the United States. Tarr and McMurry,
Complete Geography.

Old and New Trade Routes

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Routes of the Explorers
French Settlements in the Mississippi Valley. Adapted from
Semple, American History

European Claims in North America

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La Salle's Ship, "The Griffin," the first sailing vessel on the
Great Lakes.

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The Colonial Grants

Map of the Dedham Divident. Records of the Dedham His

torical Society

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Penn's Wampum Belt. Repplier, The Peace and the People
Fishing Banks of the North Atlantic Coast. Massachusetts State

Census, 1885

Jamestown in 1622. Tyler, Cradle of the Republic

Tobacco Culture, Hampton, Virginia. The Southern Workman
Rice Plantation in South Carolina. Photographs furnished by
Reid Whitford, Esq.

Balance of Trade between the American Colonies and Great Brit-
ain, 1697-1775. Based on Hazard's Statistical Table
Colonial Roads of New England.
Colonial Exports, Annual Average, 1763-1773. Based on statis-
tics in American Husbandry

Population of the Colonies, 1754 and 1775.

Iron Dinner Pot, cast at the Lynn Foundry. Swank, Iron in All

Distribution of English Population in America, 1774. Adapted
from Roosevelt, Winning of the West.
Trade between the American Colonies and Great Britain, 1764-

1776. Based on Hazard's Statistical Tables Continental Currency, Emissions and Depreciations. Based on Schucker, Revolutionary Finances, and Webster, Political Essays Spinning Wheel and Reel still in use in the Kentucky Mountains To face 115

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✓ Boone's Ferry, Powell River. Photographs furnished by Mrs. J. H. Larry

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To face 122 Actual Occupation and Treaty Boundaries, 1783. Adapted from Roosevelt, Winning of the West.

Bryant's Station. Plan drawn by George Rogers Clark. duction furnished by Colonel R. T. Durrett . ✓Grinding Corn with Sweep Mill in the Kentucky

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A Pioneer Pilgrimage. Empire of the South
Distribution of Population in 1790.

States Census, 1900

Early Steamboats. Fitch's Models. United States Census, 1880
Whitney's Cotton Gin. Hale, Memories of a Hundred Years
Cleaning Cotton with Roller Gin, still in use in the Kentucky
To face 148
Stocking Loom, still in use in Highlandville, Massachusetts
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Spinning Room in Slater's Mill. White, Memoir of Samuel

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State Claims to Western Lands

Map of the Ohio Lands. Western Reserve Tracts

Roads and Trails into the West. Imlay, Description of the West

ern Territory

An Ohio River Flat Boat. Hart, Source Readers of American


To face 164

Explorations in the Louisiana Territory

169 Conestoga Wagon. Hart, Source Readers of American History 170 'From the Forest to the Ship 178

Breaking Flax in the Kentucky Mountains.

To face To face 192 copyrighted by

Travelling by Packet Boat, Erie Canal. Original

A. B. Yates .

To face 199

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Statistical Atlas. United

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Cotton Traffic at Mobile

Trails into the Far West. Adapted from Inman's maps
Exports, Imports, and Tonnage, 1789-1860

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Distribution of Population in 1830. Statistical Atlas.

States Census, 1900

Post Roads and Canals in 1830. Based on Tanner, Interna!


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✓ Early Canals still in use
Horse-Power Railroad. Brown, History of the Locomotive
The Cotton Kingdom and its Dependencies. Olmsted, The Cot-

ton Kingdom

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⚫ Railroad Construction, 1830-1860. The Eastern and Southern

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Early Railroad Trains. Brown, History of the Locomotive
Railroad Construction, 1830-1860. The Mississippi Valley

To face 238

✓ Evolution of the Reaper. Photographs furnished by the International Harvester Company To face 244


To face 251 254

The Fall Line

Primitive Iron Furnace. Cumberland Gap

Sailing Car. Brown, History of the Locomotive
Cotton Farmers. Calhoun, Alabama. Photographs furnished

by Charlotte R. Thorn

Distribution of Population in 1860.

States Census, 1900

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To face 258

Cotton Gin and Warehouse, Mobile. Photograph furnished by
H. W. Farnham .

To face 258
Statistical Atlas. United

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Relation of Imports, Sales of Public Lands, and Railroad Con

struction to Financial Crises.

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Hauling Fertilizer on to Dead Lands, Calhoun, Alabama To face 294 Threshing Wheat with Traction Engine, North Dakota. Photo

graphs furnished by the International Harvester Company

To face 294

Rice Fields in the Hawaiian Islands. Chinese Laborers. Photographs furnished by Professor Henshaw To face 296


An Old Time Clipper. Hart's Source Readers
Logging in the Cascades. Photographs furnished by Warneck
To face 304

306 308

Exports, Imports, and Tonnage, 1860-1904
Principal Exports and Imports for 1904
Pine Apple Plantation. Photographs furnished by Hawaiian
Pine Apple Company
To face 309
Ratio of Silver to Gold, 1780-1904
Modern Machinery in the Corn Belt.


Photographs furnished by

the International Harvester Company .
Principal Railroad Combinations, 1904
Anthracite Coal Miners. Photographs furnished by C. O. Thurs-

To face 317
To face 322


To face 329


Wages and Prices prevailing in the United States, 1840-1900
Slavic Immigrants
To face 339
Population of the United States, 1790–1900. Rural and Urban.


Native white, foreign white, and colored Sugar Plantation in the Hawaiian Islands. Japanese Laborers. Photographs furnished by Professor Henshaw To face 342


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