The Ultimate Dilemma: Creationism Vs. Science

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Nova Publishers, 2003 - Всего страниц: 137
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Technology and science have done irreparable damage to the theory of evolution in the last few decades. Yet it is still taught in our schools as a fact. This book takes the argument of the ages to a new level. Using facts, not faith, the authors prove that man's explanation for our inception just doesn't work! And the more knowledge expands, the more we shoot holes in all of those unproven, longstanding theories of evolution, Big Bang, punctuated equilibrium and others. As DNA and fossil evidence seem to betray man's best efforts to come up with proof, the Biblical account comes into clearer focus.

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Fossil Evidence Fact or Theory?
Other Evidence Does It Support Evolution?
The DNA Story
The Validity Of The Bible And The Historical Jesus
Creationism Prior Creation Theory
Why Do We Believe the Evolution Lie?
The Big Bang Theory
A Time For All Seasons
Putting It All In Perspective
A Personal Note
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