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To be completed in 20 parts, super-royal 4to, 23. each.

The Carpenter and Joiner's Assistant.

By JAMES NEWLANDS, Borough Engineer of Liverpool. New and Improved Edition. Being a Comprehensive Treatise on the selection, preparation, and strength of Materials, and the mechanical principles of Framing, with their applications in Carpentry, Joinery, and Hand Railing; also, a complete treatise on Lines; and an Illustrated Glossary of Terms used in Architecture and Building. The Illustrations consist of above One Hundred Engraved Plates, containing above Nine Hundred Figures; and above Seven Hundred Figures printed in the text.

Large 8vo (1000 pp.), cloth, 25s., or half-bound, morocco, 28s. 6d. A Manual of Rules, Tables, and Data For MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, based on the most recent investigations. BY DANIEL KINNEAR CLARK, author of “Railway Machinery,” &c. &c. Illustrated with numerous Diagrams.

This book comprises the leading rules and data, with numerous tables, of constant use in calculations and estimates relating to Practical Mechanics :--presented in a reliable, clear, and handy form, with an extent of range and completeness of detail that has not been attempted hitherto in the English language. The volume contains an abundance of formulas of very simple construction, with numerous verbal rules, most of them original, by the aid of which calculations may be effected with certainty and ease. It also comprises above 300 tables, carefully calculated and of manifest usefulness.

"Mr. Clark writes with great clearness, and he has a great power of condensing and summarising facts, and he has thus been enabled to embody in his volume a collection of data relating to mechanical engineering, such as has certainly never before been brought together. We regard the book as one which no mechanical engineer in regular practice can afford to be without.—Engineering.

Foolscap 8vo, bound, 75. 6d.
Peddie's Practical Measurer.

A Series of Tables for the use of Wood Merchants, Builders, Carpenters, Joiners, Sawyers, Plasterers, Painters, Glaziers, Masons, Bricklayers, &c. New edition, greatly enlarged.

To this edition has been added Tables for facilitating calculations of Timber in Deals and Battens; and also for estimating the price of Boards of various thickness, and for other purposes. The Work now presents the most extensive and complete set of Tables of the kind that is in the market, and contains information only to be elsewhere obtained from several books.

Two vols. crown 8vo, cloth, 135.

Our Farm Crops.

Being a popular Scientific Description of the Cultivation, Chemistry, Diseases, and Remedies, &c., of our different Crops, worked up to the high farming of the present day. By JOHN WILSON, F.R.S.E. Numerous Engravings.

" Professor Wilson has, with infinite labour, collected all the information scattered through other publications, condensing and uniting his own practical experience and observation, so as to bring together, under the head of each indi. vidual plant, all that is known up to the present time, either practical or scientific. We confidently recommend the work to the careful perusal of every farmer, and feel that the agricultural world is highly indebted to Professor Wilson for this admirable work."-Irish Farmer's Gazeite.

Foolscap 8vo, bound, 9s.

The Agriculturist's Calculator.

A Series of Forty-five Tables for Land Measuring, Draining, Manuring, Planting, Weight of Hay and Cattle by Measurement, Building, &c. &c.

It is believed that scarcely anything can occur in Farm calculations for which these Tables do not provide valuable assistance; and that the care and labour bestowed on their compilation entitle them to the confidence of the agricultural community.

"I have looked over the tables in your Agriculturist's Calculator, and, without hesitation, give it as my opinion that the Work will be of the greatest advantage to all connected with land. Every Proprietor, Factor, and Farmer should have it.—THOMAS BALMER, Commissioner for His Grace the Duke of Richmond.


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